Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Factors Affecting Stair Lift Cost

Stair lift is a device that makes it possible for a handicapped person to use the staircase without any assistance. They are a great way to help you go up and down the stairs having no hassle as it offers you a smoother and comfortable ride.

Stairlift as a general view is an expensive type of machine. Its price can be very costly and acquiring for one will let you think twice. But since stair lift can help your love ones to access the stairs and reach inclined places with less or even no assistance at all, purchasing this machine can be a cost-effective solution.

The price can be determined in different factors. It is important to consider first the different pricing and compare them to come up with a less expensive yet quality stairway lift.


One way to determine the cost of stairlift is through its type. There are various types of stairlift out in the market today. One type of stair lift is the straight stair lift. Straight staircase lift is the most popular type of residential lifting machine. They come along with straight rails fitted in straight stair treads. The cost is cheap ranging from $2000-$4000 including the installation.

Another type of stairlift is the curved ones. Apparently, curved stair lifts are fitted in curved staircases. Compared to straight staircase lift, bended lifts are more expensive and quite complicated when it comes to installation. One reason for this is that the lift has to be custom-fitted to the design of the stair so obtaining reconditioned curved stairlift can be very impossible.

The cost of a curved lift can be as high as $15000 including the installation that is why others prefer to get along with two separate straight stair lift rather than opting for a curved lift.

Wheelchair platform lift as it sounds is a type of lift that are use to support wheelchair bound person to ascend and descend inclined surfaces. It is commonly used at public and commercial buildings as well as private house buildings. Its price can range from $3900-$7000 depending on the configurations.


If you want a cheaper stair lift, you can go with used ones. Pre-owned stairlifts are very much helpful when it comes to cost. Their price can range from $500-$2000 including the installation cost. However, careful decision should be made if you are really to buy a reconditioned stair lift. There are some cases that replacing some of used parts can cost you as what a new one does.


Stairlift manufacturer also affects the price of the product. Remember that the more popular the manufacturer the costlier the stairlift unit. But there are firms that offer pricing deduction and suggestions, which can help you, come up with a more affordable lift.

The above pricing factors can help you determine and compare stairlift cost, aiding you to come up with a less expensive stair lift. Other factors include the additional features and characteristics and technology built within the machine. More quality features means costly. Company services can also affect the stair lift pricing.