Thursday, 30 July 2009

Guide to Different Types of Stair Lifts

With the development of modern sciences, many new inventions have been introduced to the world to make life easier. Since the dawn of humanity man has always been in search of discovering different ways to make life easier - and that quest is still going on. In recent years, many new innovative machines and tools have been introduced to the market, which are specifically designed to help the disabled and allow them more freedom of movement and independence. One such innovative machine is the stair lift, which is used to help the disabled in climbing stairs without the help of another person.

There are different kinds of stair lifts to fulfil the needs of different people with different conditions and disabilities. They can be installed on almost any type of stairway, regardless of the length of the stairway. Whether the stair case is spiral or straight, a stair lift can be installed even in the most toughest spots. They are generally intended for indoor use, however there are lifts that have been specifically designed for out door use.

There are generally two main types of stair lift - standing stair lifts and seated stair lifts. Standing ones are those that can be used by people who have no problem in standing or walking but are unable, or experience difficulty in, bending their legs. These people include those with medical disorders that prevent them from bending their legs. This type of stair lift does not need a lot space to be installed and therefore can be used in tight and narrow spaces with ease. The seated stair lifts are those which are generally used by people who have a problem with standing for long periods, or are completely disabled and cannot stand at all (for example, people in wheel chairs). These stair lifts consist of a seat that runs along the stairs, thus allowing the user to climb up and down the stairs without having to stand at all. Some companies even offer seats with foldable arms to provide maximum support to the physically disabled.

Another type of stair lift is the wheelchair lift, which is designed for those people who cannot get up from their wheelchair with ease. It consists of a mechanism that transports the entire wheelchair along the stairway, thus there is no need to get up from the wheelchair at all. Yet another type of stair lift is the one called preaching stair lift which is designed for those who need just a little support while standing. It is almost the same as the standing lift but with an added support for the back of the disabled person.

It would be difficult for an ordinary person to determine which type of stair lift would be best for him/her, therefore the companies that provide stair lifts also have well trained working staff which can help the consumer choose the right stair lift for an individual. Also, it would be advisable to consult a doctor or therapist as they know the condition of the patient and will therefore be able to give a better suggestion as to which stair lift should be installed. As the stair lifts are machines, the ones with maximum warranty should be considered first to make sure the investment does not go to waste.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Stair Lifts and Electric Stair Lifts

For those elderly, disabled, or handicapped people stair lifts have been a great invention for increasing their feelings of mobility and independence. With an aging baby boomer generation, more and more properties and homes, are being built on one level. That is, without stairs for their occupants to traverse. That being said, not all aging baby boomers are moving into these types of domiciles. Many prefer to stay in the homes have lived in for years, and raised their families in. The majority of these homes, have at least one, or multiple levels of stairs. For these folks, stair lifts our a godsend.

Additionally, they also limit the demands placed on caregivers. Given the short supply of caregivers these days, that can be a very financial advantage. Stair lifts also give those unable to climb stairs, an increased sense of independence. They don't need to rely on someone else to help get them around their own home. Not to mention, stair lifts are available whenever needed, whether it be the middle of the afternoon, or the middle of the night.

Stair lifts are made up of several essential components. A seat, obviously, and some sort of steel guide or rail for moving the seat up or down the steps. There are several different types available, depending on your stair configurations. Curved staircases, will obviously need a mechanism differently, then that of a straight up and down staircase. Earlier versions of stair lifts, only ran out of AC motor. This means, that if the power goes out, stair lifts becomes inoperable. In the case of an emergency, this can be a real hazard. With technological improvements in batter technology, newer stair lifts run on both AC or DC power.

The latest models of stair lifts come equipped with various safety features and several custom options. Some come with sensors, to protect both the equipment, and the rider. If there is more than one person in the house, then it's quite simple to see where there could be problems sharing a stair lifts. If one person takes a chair up, while the other person is still on the lower floor, the person on the lower floor becomes stranded. Newer models have remote mechanisms. A couple of remotes left on each floor, resolve this dilemma.

When purchasing a stair lift, it's important not just to satisfy your own sense of safety, but to also adhere to the regulations for the area in which you live. Safety regulations for stair lifts vary by state to state. Stair lifts can be a rather complicated installation. Not necessarily for the amateur do-it-yourselfer. Therefore, it's good to ask around, and check up on many installers you may be considering.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Importance of Stair Lifts For Seniors

For a senior, a fall can mean the loss of independence and mobility. Often due to osteoporosis, a senior's bones are much more fragile, so a low impact fall can quickly turn into a very serious injury. Of all the areas in the home, the staircase is the most frequent place for a fall and is also the most likely place to cause a serious injury among seniors.

Since the stairs are so dangerous, it is common for a senior to become anxious on the stairs, even more so if they have had a previous falls. This anxiousness can also increase the risk of a fall, which is why remaining calm is so important. The senior might also decide to simply avoid areas with stairs or to only use them when there is someone ready to help. While effective to a degree, they do not really or fully address the actual issue at hand, which is being able to use the stairs safely and with confidence. It is for this reason that the stair lift is so often used in homes and businesses across the country.

Stair lifts are a type of home lifting aid that is used to allow an individual full independent use of the stairs. The lift actually carries an individual up the stairs, most attaching directly onto the stairs. A chair or platform is used. In the case of the latter, an individual must remain standing as they use their lift, which is not as safe as the seated stair lift. Most recommend that a stair chair should be used, unless for medical reasons you need a standing stair lift.

No matter if you go with a stair chair or a standing stair lift, they will both use a tracked system. The track is first attached to the stairs, then the chair or platform moves up the track.

There are a few different types of stair lifts to choose from, but they fall into two main categories. The most common type of stair lift used is the battery powered stair life. The main advantage to using these types of lifts is that they work even if the power goes out. This is not the case with AC powered stair lifts, which get their power directly from the home. An AC powered stair lift will cost a little bit less, both in upfront costs and also recurring maintenance costs, but if the power goes out, the lift stops working. For most, the added security of a battery back-up, outweighs the extra cost.

Older battery stair lifts had actually been rather inefficient. Much like a cordless phone, they required that you parked the stair lift in a certain place in order for it to charge. If you missed the point on the track that charged the stair lift, the battery could become worn down. Today, most stair lifts use a continuously charging system, so no matter where the stair lift is on the track, it will be charging.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Stair Lift Rentals - What You Should Consider Before Renting Stair Lifts

Stair liftsrentals are recommended for those people with physical disabilities who can't afford to buy their own stair lift. It is also a great option for people who are not capable of going out of the house due to physical disabilities. However in availing stair lift rentals there are necessary factors that are needed to be considered before making the final decision.

Among these factors include the term of usage if it's for long or short term, if the user is renting for the purpose of financing option and if the stairway in the house is suitable for stair lift rentals.

With the regards to duration or terms of usage it can be both for long or short term. In most cases, the ones who rent for a short term period are those people who have experienced an accident of broken leg or hip replacement surgery. Meanwhile those who rent for a longer term period, the normal case is because of permanent physical disabilities.

If stair lift rentals are much more expensive for you it would be best to avail a financing option from the sales department of the company you have chosen for stair lift rentals. The idea is like a rent-to-own type model. This would be best for long term usage of the stair lift.

Due to varieties and complexities of staircases in some households, the most common rented stair lifts are the ones intended for straight staircases. It is also the most common offered by stair lift companies. Meanwhile, for staircases with curves or without any landing area, the difficulty to find stair lift rentals are always there.

However, if the staircases in the household is straight and yet with a landing in between, the stair lift rentals would be much more inexpensive since you can simply rent two models of stair lifts.

In availing stair lift rentals another factor to consider is the durability. Because of the idea that the device is rented it means that it is frequently used by different customers. Doing proper checking by the company before releasing to the new customers is a must.

The company should ensure that the installation of the features is secured for the new customer.

Discover the best stair lifts rental on the market at my site. Compare stair lifts prices before you decide to buy stair lifts.

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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Home Stair Lifts - Perfect Solution to Home Accessibility

Home stair lifts are the perfect solution for home accessibility, and help your loved ones to move up and down the stairs safely and effortlessly. These devices add value and at the same time provide convenience to your lifestyle. Most of the elderly or physically challenged individuals find it problematic to participate in public events and other occasions where they might have to negotiate stairways. However, modern technology and innovative products such as home stair lifts have proved to be a real blessing for such individuals.

Home stair chair lifts are used to lift people from a lower plane up a flight of steps and vice-versa. The lowering, raising, folding, and unfolding are all done automatically with the help of a switch. Stair lifts come in both AC and DC models. The DC models come with battery back-up and are more expensive. AC models are comparatively less expensive, and don't work in case of power failure. These equipments can be easily installed both inside and outside your home. Home stair lifts for straight stairways are easier to install, and also less expensive than those meant for curved stairways. Apart from the stair mounting models which occupy more space, home stair lift systems are also available in models that can be mounted on the wall.

Several models of home stair lifts are available; each having unique features and these can be easily customized to meet any particular challenge in your home. By installing stair lifts, the risk of accidents such as slipping and falling down from stairs can be avoided to a certain extent. Most of the stair lifts come with armrests and footrests that are positioned on the track and add to the comfort and safety of the person using the stair lifts.

Stair lifts offer many safety features such as seat belts, sensors that stop when any obstacle gets in the path, lock to prevent children from playing with the unit, low battery alarm and more. The lift stops by itself on finding an obstruction, thus preventing damages to the equipment and the user. Home stair chair lifts can be folded when not it use, allowing more space for others to walk by.

Considering the expense involved in shifting the house and hiring a nurse, buying a stair lift is a better option. Installing home stair lifts in your home is extremely beneficial since these are the perfect solution to home accessibility, especially in the case of disabled members of the family.

Monday, 13 July 2009

How to Compete to Other Stair Lift Manufacturers

Many manufacturers invest big amounts of money to produce a product. They study carefully what are in demand product and very useful for the people. So they know that their products are hit on the market.

Stair lift are also called stair chair lifts which is a product that is very useful and helpful for those handicap people who have trouble in their legs. Their condition affects their physical capabilities to perform an activity like in climbing on a stair.

Stairs can found everywhere, in school, house, private and public places. Stair lift manufacturer are really smart because they know that those handicap people needed this product.

Now many stair lift manufacturers study on how they can compete to others manufacturers as well in order for their product to be more salable. They consider many things, which can help to produce a good quality stair lifts.

Factors in Competing with Other Stair Lift Manufacturers

  • Unique- being unique is important aspect in a product. So the consumer can easily know their product.
  • Design- the design of stair lift are available in two options namely: 1. Straight stair lift and 2. Curved stair lift
  • Versatility- is also important for many consumer of stair lift. It's a reason why many manufacturers offer a variety of colors of stairlift.
  • Safety- this very important for many consumers in buying a product. So many lift manufacturers offer a different safety option. Like the safety belt attach on chair lift.
  • Quality- The quality of product is major factor to become well known of their company name because all consumers seek for those products which has a high quality.
  • Power option- many stair lift manufacturers offer a battery option in using a stair lift. So the user can continue to use it even power outage occurs.
  • Accessories- Many manufacturers offer a variety of accessories, which can attach on their machines.
  • Manufacturer name- once a company becomes well known in their stairlift products.

They can assure that many people in need of stair lifts will buy on them. So they do other things which can enhance the designs and quality of their product, it's a reason why innovation is really important on every product and not just stair lifts.

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Friday, 10 July 2009

Recycled Stair Lifts

A stair lift is a lift that is used for lifting up the handicap chairs. While it is difficult for a disabled person to move from one place to another it is even more difficult for him to climb the stairs as well. For this purpose, a stair lift is useful. So if you have a physically challenged person in your family, stair lift is a must for you. Nevertheless, if you have an elderly person in your family, stair lifts are useful then as well. While buying a stair lift might not be convenient for your pocket you might want to go for recycled stair lifts.

Used stair lift should be chosen by you if you know that stair lifts have an occasional use. Often people have to shift their house because they of incapability to climb the two stories up. Shifting a house may be possible for few but it always is a costly affair and so in that case you can end the problem by buying recycled stair lifts.

So once you have decided to buy a stair lift you need to delve into the various options which can provide you with good quality recycled stair lifts, you should also consider the latest technology. However, you may find that latest stair lifts are not within reach but it may be might be a chance that you get to buy a latest technology recycled stair lift for yourself.

A recycled stair lift can help solve your problem nicely and is also available at modest prices. So, if you feel like you will have to change your house because your broken leg is not allowing you to climb up to your bed room at the second floor, you can easily say good bye to the idea by saying yes to a recycled stair lift.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Straight Stair Lift

A straight stair lift is a powered driven stair lift that travels in a straight track. It is mostly used in homes where the stairs have no curves or bends. It is also often used in the outdoors for example the garden.

Straight stair lifts are mostly installed in homes to carry the disabled and the elderly up the straight flight of stairs. It can be used for other purposes as well such as carrying heavy loads. Examples can be grocery or heavy luggage.

Most stair lifts nowadays uses remote control that will take the chair to another floor which provides more convenience.

Before installing a straight stair lift, stair lift manufacturers will have to do an assessment of your home to determine if your home can install a straight stair lift. For instance, some straight staircases have a projection at the top of the stairs and it may not be possible to install a straight stair lift. This is particularly so if you plan to install a stair lift that lifts a wheelchair instead of the turnaround seat.

Generally speaking, a straight stair lift takes the shortest time to install and is also cheaper than curved stair lifts. The other factor that determines the cost of installing a straight stair lift is the length of the track that needs to be installed.

I would recommend if you want to install a straight stair lift to get several quotes from stair lift manufacturers or dealers if deciding. You might want to consider a second hand stair lift if you do not have the budget to buy a new stair lift since it can be expensive.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Stair Chair Lift: Factors to Consider in Buying the Right One

So you’re ready to buy your first stair chair lift. As you might already know there are many makes, models and styles. It’s enough choices to make your head spin. But, there are also individual factors to take into consideration when buying a stair chair lift. Unfortunatlely some of these considerations are overlooked by people. Here’s what to consider when buying your stair chair lift:

· Would the user of the stair chair lift rather stand or be seated as they go up and down the stairs? For people wishing to stand as they go up and down the stairwell, a perching stair lift is right for them. If they prefer to stay seated, a seated stair lift is ideal. Now if the user of the stair lift is seated in a wheelchair, then something called a wheelchair platform is what they need.

· Size is an important consideration in what type of stair lift you will buy. Obviously a stair lift fitting an adult wouldn’t be safe for a disabled child. So the seat of the stair lift you buy must fit the user right.

· If the user of the stair lift has a stiff knee, he or she will probably needs what’s called a stair chair lift that faces forward instead of sideways like most stair chair lifts are designed. Usually a wider stair chair will be more appropriate for a person with a problem knee.

· If the user of the stair chair has a problem with heights, in addition to the chair’s seatbelt, additionally guardrails might be needed to assuage the user’s anxiety.

· There are different types of controls for stair chairs. That’s important to note, because some people because of their age or condition may not be able to work the controls of a particular chair properly. So make sure you have the stair chair lift user test out the controls and get used to them before you leave them on their own.

· In cases where the user of the stair chair lift is blind or suffers poor eyesight, an appropriate chair is required. One that sounds off with an audio signal to alert the user he or she has reached the top landing or the bottom of the stairwell.