Thursday, 31 July 2008

Acorn Stair Lifts - A Brief History

Stair chairs have become increasingly popular over the last few years. This is in part because of reductions in manufacturing costs that have been passed down to the consumer. A stair chair, or stair lift, is a device that is used to allow people to easily traverse a set of stairs. It consists of a chair or small platform that travels up and down the stairs via a track that is secured to the stairs or walls. There several companies that sell stair chairs, and one of the more popular companies is Acorn Stair Lifts.

Acorn Stair Lifts is an international company that employs over 800 people worldwide. Established in 1992, Acorn began by buying new and used stair chairs and reselling them. They completely refurbished the used ones at their facility in the UK, but were quickly overwhelmed by the demand for their products. In order to meet demand, and to guarantee that the customer was receiving a quality product, they began manufacturing their own stair chairs, and have not looked back since.

While Acorn Stair Lifts had been refurbishing other company's stair chairs, they had become alarmed by the number of design flaws in these products. By manufacturing their own, they were able to guarantee high levels of safety and reliability. Their goal was to provide a stair lift that was easy to install, simple to use, and required little maintenance. The result was the Acorn SuperGlide Stair chair, which continues to be one of their most well known products.

Until Acorn began manufacturing stair chairs, they had traditionally been powered by AC current. The engineers at Acorn realized that there were many advantages associated with DC, battery, power. DC power many advantages include higher safety, smooth operation, and the ability to still operate during power disruptions. Acorn pioneered this technology, and currently almost all stair chair manufacturers now offer a DC powered stair lift.

Acorn Stair Lift's main headquarters and manufacturing hub is located in Yorkshire, New England. They have facilities all over the world, including distribution centers in Orlando, Florida and Ontario, Canada. With over 30,000 stair chairs manufactured each year, they are the biggest manufacturer in the United Kingdom. They have dealers all over the world and supply stair lifts to customers in over 70 different countries across the globe. Their dealers are located in places like Argentina, Belgium, Japan, France, Ireland, Austria, Africa, and Portugal, and it is safe to say that they are the most diverse stair lift manufacturer in the industry today.

If you are in the market for a stair chair, then you have likely seen the many different manufacturers. Acorn provides quality products that are built to last and can be depended upon to provide many years of safe operation. With over 15 years of experience in the stair chair industry, they have continued to think of the customer's safety first and have largely contributed to developing new and advanced technology that is geared towards creating a safe, reliable, and relatively maintenance free product.

Brad Brubaker is an experienced technical writer. For more information on used stair lifts visit They also have information on new stair lifts and other types of home medical equipment.

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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Used Stair Lifts - A Careful Purchase

If you have trouble traversing the stairs than a stair lift may be for you. It is no longer necessary to contemplate a move, installing an incredibly expensive personal elevator, or hiring someone to help you up and down the stairs. Stair lifts provide a safe, affordable, and easy way to use the stairs again. A stair lift, using a rail that attaches to your stairs, is a device that carries you up and down the stairs. For most people a stair lift that uses a chair to carry them up and down the steps will be the best choice. If you have trouble sitting, however, than there are some models of stair lifts that use a small platform, called a perch, to traverse the steps. The chaired stair lift is really the best choice though for most people though.

Like almost everything, it has become very easy to order stair lifts from the comfort of your own home. It is even possible to do it completely online, but do to the amount of customization that is involved in completing a stair lift order, it is probably a good idea to give them a call. A quality dealer will call up and confirm all online orders anyway, but it is always a good idea to touch bases with them. Most reputable dealers have staff standing by who will answer all your questions and help you find a stair lift that will fit your stairs and your needs. It is imperative, however, that you find a reputable dealer, though. You can still save a good deal of money on a stair lift when you purchase from a reputable dealer and some even offer refurbished models that can save you a great deal of money. It can be tempting to purchase a stair lift from a stranger, either from the newspaper or from an online auction service. For a device that will be used to carry such a valuable load up and down the stairs this is an incredibly risky gamble.

You are going to be relying on the proper and safe service of your stair lift, and by buying it used from a consumer you are very likely inheriting a problem. You have no way of knowing whether the device was installed correctly, used correctly, or if it is even in good working condition. There are many safeguards built into most stair lifts, but if the stair lift has been misused the safeguards may not be enough. The other major disadvantage of buying a used stair lift from a stranger is that it will likely not fit your stairs. The stair lift tracks must be cut to fit your specific stair case and a track that is too short or too long will be incredibly safe.

When you purchase a used stair lift from a reputable dealer you are guaranteed that you are receiving a fully functioning, tested, and refurbished unit that has passed all the factory safety tests. Even though it, a reputable dealer will still supply you with a custom cut track that will fit your stairs. Instead of taking a chance on a used stair lift from a complete stranger, make sure you buy from a reputable dealer and enjoy many years of dependable service.

Whether you are in the market for used stair lifts or a new stair lift the folks over at will take good care of you. They have staff standing by to answer your questions.

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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Acorn Stair Lifts

A stair lift is a device that can help people who are either disabled or elderly to go up and down the stairs in their own homes. There are plenty of different companies who now build stair lifts including Acorn Stair Lifts and each model that they produce will be able to cater to a person’s specific needs and requirements. Most types of stair lifts you see today have been specifically designed for use within the home, but there are some which a person can use for outdoors as well.

Certainly by having some form of stair lift in their home a disabled or elderly person will be able to maintain some sort of independence in their life. But each one of the stair lifts produced by either Acorn or other manufacturers of these devices will allow that person to travel safely and easily up and down the stairs in their home.

Acorn Stair Lifts since their formation have manufactured and installed many hundreds of thousands of stair lifts into people’s homes around the globe. By installing these within a person’s home Acorn have been able to ensure that these people can continue to live in the comfort of their own homes until such time as they feel that they are unable to.

Certainly as we get older and if you suffer from any form of disability (no matter how minor) it can be extremely difficult for you to get up and down stairs comfortably and safely. For many as we grow older or suffer from some kind of disability mobility is a problem and climbing up and down stairs can be a very big challenge as well as a big risk involved. Therefore these people will often turn to having a stair lift installed to help reduce the difficulties that they face of gaining access to the upper levels of their home.

All the Acorn Stair Lifts available today to purchase are powered by batteries and so there are no messy cables to worry about as everything is contained within a box that is built onto the chair. Plus many people who have already had one of these stair lifts installed in their homes have found the ride to be extremely smooth especially when the device is stopping and starting. Plus should there be a power cut in your home at any stage then you will know that your stair lift is going to still be able to get you up and down the stairs in your home.

Ricky runs a stair lift information site. Visit his website today for more information on straight stair lift and handicap stair lift.

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Friday, 25 July 2008

Where to Buy a Used Stair Lift

When you purchase a product used you often have little recourse if it does not work. This is true of many products like used cars and used power tools, which seldom come with an extended warranty. This means that if anything happens to the product than you must pay for the repairs on your own. When you are considering purchasing a piece of home medical equipment used you have the health and wellbeing of yourself or a person you love to think of as well. Buying used items can be a gamble, but when you buy a used stair lift it doesn't have to be a gamble at all.

A stair lift is a device that moves a chair or small platform along a set of tracks that is attached to the stairs. Stair lifts, or stair chairs as they are often called, can be a very big help to people who have difficulty traversing the stairs in their home. When purchased new stair lifts are incredibly reliable and will provides many years of relatively maintenance free service. There is a large potential for abuse and misuse with these kinds of devices so you want to be incredibly careful when you buy one used, but when you buy one from a reputable dealer you can save money without worrying about the condition of your stair lift.

If you decide you wish to purchase a used stair lift, then there are several things you should look for. It is possible to save a good deal of money this way, but you can't just buy them from anyone. First ensure that you are purchasing the stair lift from a reputable dealer. If you make the mistake of buying a used stair lift from an individual you have absolutely no assurance that the device was used, maintained, and assembled properly. With a device that carries the great responsibility that a stair lift does, several times a day up and down the stairs, then you do not want to take any chances. A reputable dealer that carries used stair lifts will thoroughly inspect, refurbish, and then test all products before they ever leave their door. In addition to a warranty of at least 6 months, you are guaranteed that your stair lift will be in the same condition as if it was brand new. This guarantee of course only applies to used stair lifts bought from reputable dealers.

When you purchase a used stair lift from a reputable dealer, you are getting a completely refurbished unit that is like a new model. The other great advantage of buying a used stair lift from a reputable dealer is that the dealer will custom fit your stair case with a set of rails. This will save you money and ensure that your stair lift will be a safe addition to your home. When you purchase a used stair lift from an individual there is a good chance you will need to order or cut your own track. This is because everyone's stair case is a little different, so it is very unlikely that you will find someone who had a stair case that has the same dimensions as yours.

A stair lift is a big investment that has a lot riding on it. Rather than take a chance by buying a used stair lift from a private individual, you should seek a quality distributor of used stair lifts. By finding a reputable dealer you will ensure that your used stair lift is as new as if it had just left the factory.

Brad Brubaker has years of experience in the home medical equipment field. is a reputable dealer of used stair lifts and more. Visit their site or give them a call to find out more.

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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Stair Lift Advantages

Many times, when it becomes difficult to use the stairs, the easiest solution appears to be to avoid those areas of your home that require stair access. While this might seem like the best way, it in many instances means that the size of your home is dramatically reduced. The risk though of using the stairs if you can not do so safely are great though and so this might seem like a fair trade. In reality a stair lift can be installed easily and inexpensively in most cases, which will ensure that you are able to use all areas of your home.

Stair lifts are a special type of home mobility equipment that is used to carry an individual up and down the stairs. They usually feature a chair that is attached to an aluminum track, but there are a few models which allow the user to stand as they go up and down the lift. These standing stair lifts are often called perch lifts because of the way they are used and are usually reserved for individuals who can not sit without pain. A chaired stair lift is much more common.

Most modern stair lifts can easily and quickly be installed to a straight staircase. Quality straight stair lifts, like those made by AmeriGlide, are engineered to make the installation process as simple as possible. The installation can usually be done with normal tools in a few hours, but most dealers also have installation teams which can come to your home and install the lift if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself. A straight stair lift will generally be installed directly to the stairs, but in some instances where space is at a premium, they can be attached to the wall. It is far more common for the rail system to be attached to the stairs, however, and the installation can usually be done in an afternoon.

While a straight stair lift can be quickly and easily installed, a stair lift for a curved stair case is very complicated to install. In cases where you must buy a curved stair lift expect to spend at least $10,000 more than you would on a straight stair case. In addition to being much more expensive, a curved stair lift also takes around 6 to 8 weeks to be built and installed, so it is not a quick or practical solution. The other major disadvantage of a curved stair lift is that they can rarely be used in another home. The rail system of a curved stair lift is custom built and so will probably not fit another stair case, unless the staircase has exactly the same measurements. If you have an 'L' shaped stair case, then it is possible to install 2 straight stair lifts, instead of one curved stair lift and this can save a considerable amount of money. Many people, who are unable to install straight stair lifts, instead invest in a residential elevator, which proves to be much more practical and is often around the same price as a curved stair lift would be.

Stair lifts are very important devices that can allow people to retain their mobility and independence, while utilizing all areas of their home. A straight stair lift is very inexpensive and provides a very important service for many who are mobility challenged.

Sean Noughtly is a writer and contributor for If you would like to learn more about heavy duty stair lifts or other types of stair lifts, visit AmeriGlide today.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

User Preferences When Choosing Stair Lifts

The stair lift, after all, is for them. To know their preferences, here are some questions that need answers before you purchase a stair lift.

Would the user prefer to stand, sit or stay in the wheelchair when going up and down the stairs? If the user wants to stand, a standing or perching stair lift would be needed. If the user wants to seat, a seated stair lift is appropriate. And if the user wants to stay in the wheelchair, then a stair lift with a wheelchair platform must be purchased.

How big or small is the user? A stair lift for an adult would not be suitable for a disabled child. Just as buying a second-hand stair lift meant for a child would be disastrous for the adult who is going to use it. If the user is tall, the seat must be lowered and adjusted to accommodate his height.

Most stair lifts would make the user face sideways as it travels up and down the staircase. But when the user has a stiff knee, facing sideways can be difficult and uncomfortable.. He needs to face forward and this means that the seat must be arranged to accommodate this need. It also means that the stair lift must be wider.

Some users might be slightly acrophobic, especially when the reason for their disability is falling from a dangerous height. Besides a seatbelt, additional guard rails must be installed. These might be considered redundant, but the user need not quake in fear every time he uses the stair lift.

Why types of controls would the user prefer and be most comfortable with? Controls may be a panel of push buttons, or a joystick, or toggle controls. The user must be able to use these controls with ease and proficiency. The location of the controls should also be considered. For example, the user may be left-handed or right-handed, or the user’s right hand is in a cast. Placing the controls on the right side of the user would be cumbersome. If, for some reason, the user cannot handle the controls, the caregiver must be able to operate them.

Some users may be blind or have poor eyesight. The stair lift must have a form of audio signal to warn the user that he has reached the top landing or the bottom of the stairs.

And then, there are more trivial considerations such as color and design of seat. Ask the person who will use the stair lift his preferences.

Grace Palce is writing articles about stair lifts and natural remedies.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Residential Stair Lifts

Many Americans whether due to age or disability are not able to use large portions of their homes because they can not safely navigate the stairs. This can be very hard on the individual and their family. A stair lift, using a remote control or set of mounted buttons, carries an individual up and down the stairs. Most stair lifts work by mounting an aluminum track to the stair case and then sending an attached chair up and down the distance of the stairs. For individuals that have trouble sitting, there are models available with small platforms as well. For most though the stair chair is going to provide the most comfort and stability.

When you are in the market for a stair lift there are several things to consider. As long as you have a straight stair case the installation is fairly easy and inexpensive. A curved stair case will usually require a completely custom made track and is a good deal more expensive and needs to be professionally installed. If your stair case is not straight there may still be a way to use a standard stair lift and save money. A common design for stair cases is an L shaped curve. These L shaped staircases are really just 2 straight stair cases with a landing in between. In these instances it is usually considerably less expensive to purchase 2 traditional stair lifts and install them on each stair case. Incredibly narrow stair cases can also prevent problems because if it is too narrow than the stair lift must be mounted to the wall instead of the steps. Wall mounted stair lifts are more expensive and harder to install, so it may be necessary to get it professionally installed. There are a good many low profile stair lifts that do not take up much stair space, though, unless your stair case is very narrow you should not have any problems finding one that will fit perfectly.

Whether you plan on buying a new stair lift or a used stair lift it is never a good idea to buy one second hand from a private individual. When you purchase a used stair lift from a private individual, there is no way to tell if the unit has been completely abused or is unsafe. Stair lifts are made using incredibly reliable and high quality materials, such as high test aircraft cable, but like anything if you misuse it there is no way to guarantee the safeguards will hold up. Instead of taking this incredible risk with yourself or someone you loves life, you should purchase the stair lift from a reputable dealer. A reputable dealer will fully inspect, refurbish, and then test any stair lift they sell you. When you purchase a used stair lift from a reputable dealer it is in complete factory working condition and compliance. In addition they will offer a minimum 6 month warranty. You get not such guarantees from a private individual and could be very well inheriting a headache or an extreme safety hazard.

Brad Brubaker has is a technical writer and has had experience with most types of home medical equipment. For more information on stair lifts visit or call the friendly folks at

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Monday, 21 July 2008

Electric Stair Lift Shopping Tips

Before you go to an electric stair lift dealer, you want to be armed with all the information you can muster to avoid being talked into something you don’t want or something that won’t fit your situation perfectly.

Now if you have a therapist or professional who can advise you on what you or your loved one will need in particular that’s always ideal. So to start off with, it’s a good idea to check out at least three different companies selling electric stair lifts. When you do this, you’ll see why, as prices, quality and service plans can differ. Keep in mind that as in most industries there are always bad apples preying off people’s lack of knowledge.

So get a feel for the company that you feel most comfortable and one that seem reputable. It may help to ask each company to provide you with a list of customers that you can call or even visit.

Usually at the electric stair lift dealership, you’ll be able to personally test their stair lifts. Looking at a stair lift and actually trying one out are two very different things!

Thanks to improved technology, stair lifts are quieter and can be installed on almost all stair cases. Watch out for companies selling older technology disguised as something new.

Most reputable companies will guarantee their electric stair lifts for a year or more. Notice what you’ll have to pay after your one-year warranty expires. You don’t want to be sucker-punched with a big “re-guarantee warranty” fee. You want to make sure that your service plan includes having the stair lift inspected every six months and serviced annually. It would also be ideal to have it in your plan where you can get emergency call-out service.

Written by the How to Buy a Stair Lift Team. Go to to see more free articles, tips and info. Updated weekly! This is the ultimate resource on stair lifts and stair chair lifts.

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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Home Stair Lifts

Adding a stair lift to the home can drastically increase the independence of you or your physically challenged loved one. With so many models and brands to choose from, buying a stair lift for the home can seem like a daunting task especially to the lay person who is unfamiliar with the various lift technologies available. It is important to have a basic understanding of how a stair lift operates so that you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

The basic operation is the same for most all stair lifts. The unit itself includes the seat and an enclosed electric motor that travels up a track which is securely mounted to the stair steps. Stair lifts are grouped into two general categories based on the type of drive train that propels them up and down the stairs. Rack and Pinion stair lifts use a system of gears to climb up the track while Cable Driven lifts use a pulley and cable system. Most stair lifts use the cable driven system due to the ease of maintenance.

Despite the increase in demand and the decrease in stair lift prices in recent years, it is still quite difficult to find a brick and mortar store that sells them. Nearly 90 percent of stair lifts purchased in the United States are purchased from online dealers and distributors. Purchasing online or by telephone can save you thousands of dollars without any sacrifices in service or warranty. When purchasing online, make sure that the dealer is authorized by the manufacturer to sell you a stair lift. This will insure that you are dealing with a factory trained representative that is familiar with the product.

Prices for new stair lifts can range anywhere from $1800 to as much as $3000 for heavy duty models. You will also need to add anywhere from $500 to $1000 for the installation of your new stair lift. If installing yourself, make sure that the instructions are viewable online or have them sent to you before finalizing your purchase. This will give you an idea of the difficulty involved and whether it is beyond your own abilities.

Richard Stark
Freelance writer and reviewer of mobility products. To learn more about stair lifts visit

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Monday, 14 July 2008

Smart Way In Buying Portable Stair Lifts

Portable stair lift is something that more and more people are willing to invest into because of their more valuable benefits. Because of their conveniences, many will expect to get them. Portable stair lift doesn't require extra effort when you access, every user is happy and comfortably flight in the stair.

Many types of stair lifts need a professional technician to install. In certain circumstances there is technical problem occur like power outage. Portable lifts uses electricity to function and carry every passenger up and down stair. Portable ones are easy to access than other stair lift products.

The following will guide you in choosing a good portable stair lift.

Company-If you are not aware to the lift you are choosing, you are free to inquire to a sales dealer for more instruction about the product choose from. Not all company is equal when it comes from selling promotions. Choose the product that has a longer warranty but with lesser price.

Feature- Make a design of the lift attractive, blend to the structure and color of the stair. Whoever comes at your home will be amazed to see the stair lift.

Cost- Various products come from the different prices, don't let your mind that the expensive one are the quality one. Choose the best products that are affordable and yet reliable.

Lifting capacity -It refer from how we lift or raise person in the chair, be sure that the portable stair lift has an enough capacity to lift or raise a passenger and their belonging safe and secure depending on the floor or place you were going to climb

Reliability- What is good about home stair lift systems is that the system is extremely reliable. The company will then keep the maintenance of the lift to ensure that it stays great working.

Learning the different factors will gain a smart way in buying a useful portable stair lift. It enhances your productivity so that whatever product you were able to buy you are wise enough.

Ramir is an IT professional and a web marketer as well. He writes and publish information on various topics covering portable stair lift and many more. Check out his articles on for more comprehensive and related portable stair lift topics.

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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Reliability and Safety of Stair Lifts

One of the inescapable realities in the life of every individual is that of getting old as years pass by. In old age, climbing stairs of one's own home can become a difficult task. As a solution for the mobility problems caused by physical challenges, one can opt for stair lifts designed for helping the elderly and disabled individuals to move up or down the stairs of their homes with ease. Chair lift is another name for stair lift, because a motorized chair is used to lift people up and down the stairs. It is highly reliable and safe and sans any risk of the user getting injured. There are different models of stair lifts suitable for straight, curved and spiral staircases.

The reliability and safety of stair lifts are considered with top priority, while they conform to the ASME standards. To ensure reliability and safety of stair lifts many additional safety-oriented facilities are incorporated apart from their inbuilt features; they include,

• Safety sensors to avoid the chances of the stair lift hitting the objects on its path and thus avoiding accidents
• Reliable and foolproof mechanism to prevent the lift from operation until the seating is correct
• Seat belts with locking facility, and
• Safety breaking system.

All AC and DC models of stair lifts are designed with armrests and footrests which are intentionally placed on tracks as an extra measure to ensure reliability and safety of stair lifts. Thanks to this safety feature the stair lifts can be used by the aged and the disabled without fear of getting injured by accidents. As an added measure to ensure reliability and safety of stair lifts, they are provided with protective covers to avoid damage when not in use. Stair lifts are highly reliable for residences because they require only little maintenance. When considering the cost-factor, stair lifts, apart from home elevators and platform lifts, are the least expensive mobility solutions. To provide the disabled with reliability and safety, many models of stair lifts are built with battery backups to tackle unexpected power breakdowns.

A stair lift helps you overcome your mobility problems. You can find stair lifts which can provide you with reliability and extra safety in a variety of models which can be customized according to your budget and needs.

Jaxon Rivera is working as a design consultant at Day Elevator & Lift, a premier provider of stair lifts, home elevators and wheelchair lifts for residential and commercial applications throughout the tri-state area, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.

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Friday, 11 July 2008

Tips To Find The Best Stair Lift

It is usually seen that a multi-storied office or hotel uses stair lifts that help in solving the problem of mobility that can save time in unnecessary movements in ordinary stairs. The best stair lift will understand the need of an organization that can be home, office or hospital depending upon the needs.

A best stair lift that is installed in the hospital will help in taking the patients from one floor to another without causing any pain or discomfort to the patient. The lifts that are installed in the hospital are big enough to accommodate the stretchers, wheel chairs and beds so that there is no problem in transporting all the equipments from one place to another. In offices, lifts help in saving time while one moves from one floor to another.

The best stair lift will also help in reducing the over all tiredness that is caused by regular movement from staircase. Similarly in houses, where there are older members who have restricted movements can be helped out with best stair lifts.

Thus a best stair lifts can be a highly useful alternative for various needs. Such lifts will be spacious according to the need of the person or an organization that is installing it. It will be positioned in a strategic place that will not cover the entire area. Nowadays, there are many advanced lifts that can be managed by joysticks and seats that can be a comfortable option in lifts.

One should also remember that best stair lifts are an expensive solution. They can be customized as per the requirements to match the interiors and the theme of a place. Thus, it is very important to make a proper study of the kind of stair lift that is required in order to solve all the stair hassles.

Ricky highly recommends using stair lift rental as they are cheap and affordable. Visit his stair lift website for the stair lift prices.

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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Basics of Home Stair Lift System

Are you having problems going up and down the stairs because of disability? This would be very hard especially if you are always alone and your family goes out for groceries. You can ask help from someone for you to be able to access up and down the stairs but we must remember that their presence will not always be there or they may not always have the patience in helping you.

Well now you don't have to worry about it. Stair lift systems are built to fix your problem. A home stair lifts system is a kind of motorized elevation machine that is attached to the staircase. They are installed on railing system to direct the home stair lift itself to go up and down the stairs.

Home stair lift includes built-in seating systems with rubberized feet support. It may vary from different designs depending on your taste. Home stair lift systems can be loaded for up to three hundred kilograms and they work slowly for the convenience of the patient.

These systems can be installed by yourself (depending on the company's instructions) but it would be better if you let the company to install the said home stair lift systems, besides they are more knowledgeable and trained to do so when it comes to stair lift installations.

In America, the demand for on-line stair lift products have increased for up to eighty five to ninety percent of the total range. This is because on-line transactions are much cheaper than the actual negotiations to the home stair lift company dealers.

This brought some technical stair lift problems to the customers because they did not see the actual features of the home stair lift. They just based their stair lift qualifications on the posted on-line advertisements. In the first place, visiting the company dealer will guarantee you about what home stair lift systems is right for you.

Now you and your family can live life more fully. With the right home stair lift at hand, you don't have to think about their situation.

Ramir is an IT professional and a web marketer as well. He writes and publish information on various topics covering home stair lifts and many more. Check out his articles on for more comprehensive and related home stair lift topics.

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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

General Information on Outdoor Stair Lifts

Outdoor stair lifts can help you gain independence in your own home. Do you have outdoor steps which you have to use to get into your front door or back door and struggle to get up and down them.

You can get an outdoor stair lift which will give you not only independence but safety as well especially if it has been raining or a frost the steps can be dangerous and you could slip.

The stair lifts have been designed to be fitted outside and withstand the outdoor elements. They are designed to be waterproof with most components made from aluminum which are powered coated for protection. If there are plastic components they should be treated to also protect them from the weather. You can purchase a cover for extra protection if needed.

To ensure your stair lift has a longer life you need to carry out regular servicing which will keep it in good working order and decrease the risk of a faulty stair lift.

Features you can get on the inside stair lift can be found on the outside as well, for example safety stop sensors, soft start/stop and lockable box for the controls.

If you decide to purchase an outside stair lift it might be necessary for the company to visit your home so they can check the conditions and measure to ensure you order the correct stair lift and is fitted correctly. When buying a stair lift always check the price, warranty and what are you covered for i.e. is there a backup service.