Sunday, 31 May 2009

9 Quick Tips To Buying A Stair Lift

Stair lifts provide more than just a means of getting from the downstairs floor of a house to the upstairs – they also represent mobility and independence to an ageing generation.

As time goes by, it is only natural that we find certain everyday activities, such as climbing the stairs, becoming increasingly difficult. For someone with limited mobility due to injury, disability or chronic diseases such as arthritis and angina installing a stair lift is a low-cost common sense solution.

And with today’s advanced technology nearly every home can be fitted with a stair lift, even if it has a curved staircase. Before you go ahead and purchase your stair lift make sure you use a professional and approved company with experience in this field.

Here is a quick and easy stair lift buying guide:

-- If you are unsure about what kind of stair lift is suitable for your home get some independent advice from the Occupational Therapy Department of your local social services.

-- Ask questions about the models that a company sells.

-- Read sales literature and brochures, find out about the different brands of stair lifts and the models available.

-- Get several quotes from different companies, but make sure they are for the same or ‘like for like’ models before comparing the prices.

-- Make sure the quote covers the supply AND fitting of the stair lift.

-- If you have a curved staircase, ask the company to assess your staircase and give you a personalised quote.

-- Compare also the after sales service. What happens if your stair lift breaks down? Are you covered for repairs and maintenance or do you have to pay out extra for a service contract?

-- If you are thinking of purchasing from a non-manufacturer, check that the company is an approved supplier, otherwise they may not be able to obtain spare parts.

-- And never buy a stair lift from someone who tries to make you buy that day or is pushing a certain stair lift on you. Salespeople are paid to clench deals and will often discount the price heavily to secure the sale – but the model they want you to buy may not be right for you.

If you are considering having a stair lift in your home the website below contains free information and impartial advice on this topic.

You will find that installing a stair lift will give you access to the whole of your home with ease, comfort and convenience. It is also a much more cost effective when compared to the cost of converting your existing home having or having to relocate to a single storey accommodation.

Elizabeth Longbourne writes about stairlifts on behalf of Associated Stairlifts One of the UK’s leading independent specialists and suppliers, established for over 15 years, of stair lifts and mobility products.

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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Home Stair Lifts – Advantages of Home Stair Lift Systems

When it comes to finding a perfect solution to home accessibility, home stair lifts are the best. They not only bring convenience when moving up and down stairs but also give the safeness and effortless function to the user.

Home stair lifts are tools that add value to the lifestyle of its users. Since most of the physically disabled and elderly people find it hard to participate in some occasions and public events, with these stair lifts, there’s nothing you cannot do.

Innovative products and modern technology comprise the stair lift in the market today. So it is really a blessing to its users.

Basically, the main function is to lift physically disabled or elderly people from a lower plane going to the next higher plane and vice-versa, this is primarily used in homes with staircases. The modern home stair lift available in the market today now have various functions of unfolding, folding, raising, and lowering through the aid of a switch—adding tons of functionality to current models.

There are two models preferable for home stair lifts and these are the DC and the AC models. The DC models are more expensive than the AC models but come with battery back-up when purchased. Although AC models are considerably less expensive they do not usually function well in cases of power failures. There are additional models that are designed for wall mounting as well.

They can also easily be installed both outside and inside of the house. With straight stairways, the stair lifts are easier to install than that of the curved stairways—as you might imagine.

Despite the many various models available, they can be customized as well accordingly to the preferences of the users and needs of the situation.

With the proper installation, the risks of accidents such as falling and slipping down will be prevented tremendously. Also, with the many features that home stair lifts have to offer such as sensors, seat belts, footrests and armrests, the safety and comfort will always be valued.

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Monday, 25 May 2009

Handicap Stair Lifts – Advantages of Handicap Stair Lift System

Handicap stair lifts are often being used by people who are physically handicapped. These are helpful tools that help physically handicapped people to move around or from one place to another within the vicinity of their house or living area.

They can be used both for outdoor and indoor purposes. For outdoor purposes, handicap stair lifts are provided with better weather proofing to make them more durable. It is a great tool for physically handicapped people. It helps them with stressful activities that they are not capable of performing, like climbing to the steps of the stairs or carrying their own body weight up the steps.

In many cases these handicap individuals have to seek the help of other people to help them climb the stairs or carrying their things.

There are different kinds of stair lifts available in the market that can be purchased to make life a bit easier. There are those that are made for curved and straight stairways. Even for more complex stairways there are available models available for any type of stair case you have in your home. There are also ones that come with infrared remote controls as well as obstruction sensors for maximum safety for users and children.

The chair, or seat, is the main part that is used to carry the physically handicapped person. It is usually called the carriage and comes with foot and arm rests. A rail is also another main component in most handicap stair lifts that is mounted on stairway steps and connected to the carriage as well.

The carriages usually have electrical, manual or curved powered swivels. The swivels are provided with a seat that can rotate from 45 to 90 degrees to make getting in and out more comfortable and much easier.

One disadvantage of such stair lifts is the power failure. Because of this, modern handicap stair lifts are now built with chair lifts that can also be powered with rechargeable batteries aside from direct current.

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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Stair Lifts for Curved Staircases

Climbing stairs at the home or office can be rather difficult for the physically handicapped and aged people. With a view to enhance the lifestyle of such individuals, accessibility equipments such as stair lifts for curved staircases are now made available in the market. By installing stairlifts for curved staircases, it is possible for the aged and physically challenged individuals to access all the areas of their residence or office without any difficulty.

Customizable Stair Lift

Curved stair lifts can be placed on either side of the stairway. These models can be customized to any required size and shape so that they suit the curves and landings of the particular stairway. In order to ensure the users a safe travel, these are provided with

• Seat belts and swivel lock system
• Obstruction sensors which detect the obstructions and stop the lift automatically
• Constant pressure controls

Moreover, the track of this model of stair lifts is made up of aluminum and steel, which provides added strength and durability. These can be operated using AC or DC power.

Choose the Best in the Industry

When considering the cost factor, installation of stair lifts for curved staircases is much more expensive and it depends on the total number of curves along with the angle of bends, length of the staircase, labor charges and many more. Stairlifts for curved staircases require more maintenance than the other straight stairlift models as these include more mechanical intricacies.

Before planning to buy stair lifts for curved staircases, it is important to properly identify your requirements. It is also essential to have a fine understanding about the various models available in the industry, about the company and the dealer so as to benefit by superior quality services. Today curved model lifts are available in a variety of models from the leading manufacturers such as Bruno and ThyssenKrupp Access with adequate warranty.

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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Considerations for Purchasing and Installing a Stair Lift

A stair lift consists of a seat which is mounted to a track and allows people to be moved up and down the stairs while remaining in a seated position. There are armrests and a footrest too coming with the seat. This setup proves to be a convenient alternative way of ascending and descending the stairs and does away with the need for physically walking up or down the stairs. However, the process of procuring and installing this setup of immense importance needs to be carried out with utmost care and alertness for ascertaining that the considerations of critical significance in the setup are duly made.

The stair lifts for carrying weak or disabled persons/persons with limited mobility (owing to some hindering circumstance) up and down the stairs should ideally have various features. Firstly, the stairs concerned in the home must be in a sound condition. The rail should be mounted to the stair treads and not to the wall. In case of narrow stairs i.e. those less than 37 choosing of the appropriate track distance from the wall will be of crucial importance alongside considering the height and leg length of the user of the stair lift residing in the home. Though both steel and aluminum rails are commonly used the aluminum rails are being perceived to be a better alternative especially because usage of aluminum renders the tracks easier to be re-configured for a different staircase.

Special consideration needs to be made with regard to the height of the user. This is to be made while deciding upon the seat height at bottom of stairs giving special emphasis on whether the person to use it is short. Also it is advisable to keep a suitably low height if it is difficult to transfer the person concerned to the seat of the stair lift. Depth of the seat is to be chosen with respect to the height of the person concerned too. In case of tall users a deeper seat is preferable.

It is advisable to confirm meeting of local governmental requirements and norms about the electrical plug of the stair lift setup. The stair lift track must importantly come throughout the way by the stairs to both the top landing and the bottom landing. This is important for ensuring a safe transfer of the user to the seat. Lastly, of crucial importance is the provision for having adequate lighting facilities installed at the top and bottom of the stairs.

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Monday, 18 May 2009

Stair Lifts Opening Up Your Home

One of the hardest things for us to do as we get older is to climb the stairs. Often, particularly when the stairs are very narrow, curved, or very steep, climbing the stairs can be an incredibly scary task. A missed step at the top of the stairs can lead to disaster, if you live by yourself this is especially true. Since the stairs present such an ominous and large obstacle, often when you get older you simply stop using the upper half of your house. In the recent years the home medical equipment industry has grown and undergone a complete change. Devices that used to only be found in hospitals or were otherwise very expensive are now very affordable and easy to use and install. A stair lift is such a device that can open up a whole new world to you.

A stair lift raises or lowers the user along a track that is affixed to the side of the stairs. Depending on the model, these devices can support over 500 lbs of weight and provide a smooth and jerk free way of traversing the stairs. Generally installation can be done in as little as 2 hours using common household tools.

Most stair lifts utilize a chair that can swivel 180 degrees to allow the user to easily and safely mount and dismount the device. For those who have trouble sitting a perch system is also available. The perch system allows the rider to stand on a platform and has a built in hand grip and back rest. This allows the rider to lean against the backrest for added support. When not in use the stair lifts take up little space and still allow for normal use of the stairs.

Stair lifts are not only for interior stairs. There are several available outdoor models which are completely weatherproof. This means you do not have to feel like a prisoner in your own home. With the push of a button you can easily navigate the once scary concrete steps that separate you or someone you love from the outside world.

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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Basic Stair Lift Terminologies

A stair lift is a mobility aid that gives relief to disabled users as well as the aged. It removes away the worries and thoughts about them being safe. The stair lift will give you peace of mind as well as a new sense of independence. The following are some advantages in having a stair lift.

1.The user can now roam almost every corner of the house with much ease and comfort. They get to enjoy the house they love for many years.

2.The stair lift will also make the life of the user and everyone's lives easier because it makes transporting them from one place to another safer and faster.

3.This can be a less expensive option when the staircase becomes the hindrance because having another room on the lower floor can also be more expensive. It is also a big help because sometimes some big furniture or heavier bags need to be moved and stair lifts can do all these work.

4.Even when the elderly can still walk statistics shows that a leading cause of death for the elderly is falling from the stairs. It also lessens the pressure that they experience on their joints.
Before buying a stair lift you need to consider different brands first which will suite your needs and your budget. Reading a product brochure may not be easy for everybody. The following are some of the basic terms you can encounter.

1.FPM - This is an abbreviation for feet per minute. This represents the speed which that lift can travel measured in minutes.

2.Lifting Capacity - This indicates the load or how much weight the lift can carry while going up and going down.

3.Drive System - This is the technology applied and which makes the unit run. Most stair lift manufacturers apply the pinion and rack mechanism.

4.Incline Limit- This represents either the maximum level or the minimum level of an angle in degrees the stair lift can travel.

5.Rail or track - This is where the stair lift runs on while it is in operation.

6.Riser - This is the terminology used for the tool used when measuring the stairs. The riser can represent how many steps from the top area up to the landing portion.

7.Tread - another term for a level or a step on the staircase.

8.Nose - This represents the tip of the step on a stairs.

9.Operator Controls - Device the user or passenger uses to control the unit. It can be made of buttons, pendant controller or a joystick.

10.Send - This is the remote for calling and sending the lift either to the top or on the landing.

11.BOS - This tells the reader that the unit is powered by a battery.

12.Soft Start or Slow Stop - This is the motor that assures the passenger of a smooth start or a smooth landing.

13.Folding Up Dimension- This represents the complete width measurement of the unit when it is folded after usage.

14.Unfolded Dimension - This represents the complete width measurement of the unit when it is being used.

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Friday, 15 May 2009

Outdoor Straight Stair Lifts

Outdoor straight stair lifts are ideal products for business firms, tourism facilities, hotels, hospitals and other establishments where service to the common public is given utmost importance. These are used on straight or vertical stairways. These straight chair lifts are less costly compared to expensive elevators and are designed to operate in a wide variety of outdoor settings. Outdoor straight stair lifts, as the name suggests, are intended for outdoor access to higher levels in your home or workplace. These are meant especially for disabled and aged individuals.

Outdoor straight stair chair lifts are highly flexible in their operations and the easy to use controls can be operated by anyone regardless of their age, size or physical disability. The installation processes of these lifts are also much simpler, as no costly maintenance or modification of your existing premises is required. The main installation component in the outdoor straight stair lift is a rail which can be easily fixed on the stairs

Outdoor stair lifts are available in both battery powered and direct A/C models. Battery operated models come with rechargeable batteries which can be directly charged from the mains supply and are best suited in places where frequent power outages are likely to occur. Other features commonly found in outdoor straight stair lifts include:

• Swivel seats
• Wireless call/send controls
• On-board diagnosis tools for making service easier and more precise

All outdoor units are built with highly durable materials which are capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. Most models have weather-resistant cover systems intended to protect them from the elements of nature, when not in use. One of the best selling outdoor straight stair lifts is the Bruno Electra-Ride Elite model which is tested to operate at temperatures ranging from 25ºF to 125ºF.

Outdoor stair chair lifts are provided with standard security features for trouble free operation and have company warranties which cover all potential problems associated with their operation and maintenance. With the increasing demand for stair lifts, most companies offering outdoor straight stairway lifts are introducing a number of innovative models suited to the budget requirements of clients. These straight lifts can add value to the services of your firm and help earn a good reputation for your firm.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Chair Lifts for Stairs – What are the Best Stair Lifts

One kind of aerial lifts for more mobility are chair lifts for stairs. Chair lifts for stairs may have many aspects and purposes depending on the user. These devices are normally used by people who find difficulties moving up and down flights of stairs.

Primarily stair chair lifts are designed for home use but they can be adapted for office or other facilities. It is previously called a stairway lift, stairway elevator, stair glide, chair lift, and stair chair. With these many given names, the name "chair lift" is the most popular.

The installation of chair lifts for stairs is a very expensive proposition for any household. The equivalent costs of the installation can be compared to the cost of moving to a new house of single story.

In most cases only rich people can afford such installation but there are other options to take into consideration. Nowadays, there are four different kinds of stair lifts that are made available in the market.

These four kinds are the cable, chain, screw or worm, and pinion or rack dives. The pinion or rack dives are commonly seen in most households. In some models of chair lifts for stairs, the gear rack is clearly seen and located on the center of the track.

However, there are some models for chair lifts for stairs where the gear rack is not visible. Most of the manufacturers or retailers would prefer their chair lifts for stairs to be made of aluminum while some prefer the combination of steel and aluminum materials.

If you are in the market for chair lifts for stairs always do your in depth homework and examine the different competing brands, services and prices available at your disposal. Never purchase a previously owned chair since it can often wind up needing repairs which can cost just as much as purchasing a new chair lift.

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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Rustic Stairs – Enhancing The Insides Of Your Home

If you are planning to renovate the stairs of your home, rustic stairs could be the right option to go for. Their rough and rugged exterior can render your monotonous interiors with the much needed dynamic facelift. No wonder, with style-conscious homeowners worldwide, rustic stairs are fast becoming the most popular choice.

Rustic staircases – an ‘addition’ to the long admired list of rustic furniture

The wide range of rustic furniture has enjoyed a long list of fan following amongst homeowners worldwide. Rustic staircases come as a perfect add-on to a house occupied by rustic wooden and metallic furniture. For a home with furniture embellishing the rugged and classic beauty of rustic moveable/immovable articles, the elegance and the natural look of a rustic stair railing adds up to accentuate the beauty of the insides.

Rustic staircases – plenty to choose from

There is a huge range of rustic stairs designs from where you can choose the one of your choice. Rustic stairs are made from various kinds of woods. The intricate designs are normally supported by molded iron (or wrought iron) railings. The woody construction allows different shape conformation and helps a staircase to fit to the shape of a house.

Presence of several online retailers and furniture houses adds to the comfort of having a fitting set of rustic stairs installed in your house. Now, all you have to do is to make some search on the Internet and locate a retailer who specializes in selling rustic furniture. Choose the model of your choice and place your order.

Thankfully almost all of these online sellers allow custom designed stair threads, rustic balusters, rustic railings with hand hewed finish and rectangular stocks to be ordered for. Evidently, there are various stair items (and accessories) available for you to have a go at.

Rustic staircases – the construction

Rustic stairs are made from a wide variety of woods including pine, cedar, cherry, hickory, oak, maple, walnut, ash and many other wood species. If you want your staircase or the railings to be strong, zero in on the rustic stair items that are made from pine wood.

Pine is highly durable and is believed to be resistant to damages caused by water and insect infestations. Evidently, stairs made from pinewood are found to last longer than those made of other wood types.

Is ‘maintenance’ the topic that troubles you? Easy! You can clean most of rustic stairs (as other rustic furniture as well) by simply using some water and a little soap. A little regular waxing can help them retain their glow for more times to come.

So, if you are thinking to let your home get the look of the past with a touch of the modern zing, installing rustic stairs in your home can be just the right option. They are comparatively cost-effective and ready to last for long!

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Friday, 8 May 2009

Specific Stair Lift Uses of Importance

The physical activity of moving up and down the stairs is done away with by advocating the use of stair lifts. This provides an alternative way to ascend or descend up or down the stairs without having to move from the seat. These lifts are considered to be a safe and convenient means of transportation from one floor to another. The lifts have a seat with armrests and a footrest and are mounted to tracks. Such stair lifts have emerged as a great boon to all persons whose mobility have been limited or restricted due to various causes- diseases (like arthritis, Lou Gehrig's, Parkinson's etc.), accidents or old age.

There are a host of specific uses to which the stair lift can be put. Now there are also stair lifts suited for meeting outdoor needs unlike most models set up for indoor usage. The existence of slight differences in between the various models on offer allows users to make a judicious choice among the models to gainfully put them to use suiting particular requirements.

Specific models of stair lifts are there now which effectively help move persons affected with mobility limiting conditions over areas of house and between different floors and require no maintenance even for some 5 years or so. Some other models have the battery backup feature added. These can come of use even if there is a power failure and can thus promise to ensure uninterrupted services. The batteries can get charged when the stair lift unit is parked at the top or the bottom of the stairs.

Then again there is the useful outdoor stair lifts range which has become popular. There are some highly functional yet affordable stair lifts especially provided for outdoor purpose which promise to offer a combination of comfort and safety. These often have a remote control too which assures that the stair lift seat can be summoned when needed. Many such sets come accompanied with covers which protect the lift from the effect of outdoor elements. There are stair lifts useful in being set up suiting the shape of the stairs- straight or curved and particular nature of curve. A handrail may also be usefully placed for support in stair lifts.

The stair lifts of specific types proving to be useful in meeting particular needs can be used in transporting not only persons but also for working as conveyors of grocery, bundles of clothes coming from the laundry etc. within the house area- between floors. Thus, the stair lifts range of the day can serve many a specific need and can come of use in more than one ways while acting as an efficient conveyor.

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Wheelchair Stair Lift From Stannah

Stannah is a market leader in the manufacture of stair lifts and is one of the few that make a genuine wheelchair stair lift. However, buying and installing one for a wheelchair user is far from easy. In fact, most homes are not suitable for this type of lift. So, first you must find out if your home is suitable.

A wheelchair stair lift differs greatly from a conventional model. But first, let's get one thing clear; we're talking about inclined wheelchair stair lifts. This type travels up and down stairs - unlike vertical wheelchair lifts that resemble an elevator.

A regular stair lift consists of a chair that moves along a track. The track is always mounted on the stair tread and not on the wall. An inclined wheelchair stair lift consists of a platform that moves along a track. Because of size and weight considerations, the track is always mounted on the wall. Also, the platform of a wheelchair unit is considerably larger than the seat of a conventional model therefore the stairway must be wide.

So before even looking at a Stannah wheelchair stair lift you must first satisfy two conditions; are your stairs wide enough to accommodate the width of your wheelchair and platform, and are your stairs against a load bearing wall. If the answer to either of these two questions is no then a wheelchair stair lift is not the answer to your problem.

Stannah currently offer two wheelchair stair lifts; the Stairiser SX for straight stairs and the Stairiser CR for curved or turned stairs.

Some of the key features you get with both of these models are;

1. Is easily operated using simple control by the user or companion.

2. The platform automatically folds away or in to position when required.

3. Barrier arms and platform lock down before the platform moves.

4. Sensors will immediately stop the stair lift when any obstruction is encountered.

5. The platform can be accessed either from the front or the side - the side flaps lock and secure the wheels when the platform moves.

Unlike some wheelchair stair lift companies, Stannah don't custom make the platform. This would be the best option, however you are offered a choice of four platform sizes; 750mm x 900mm, 810mm x 1050mm, 810mm x 1200mm and 810mm x 1250mm. So these platforms should accommodate just about all wheelchairs.

Installation can be surprisingly quick. A Stannah unit can be installed in as little as one day for straightforward situations; however you should expect the installation to take far longer than this if you have a curved stairway - sometimes many weeks.

The price of a wheelchair stair lift from Stannah - or from any other company - is going to be expensive. An onsite inspection is required before the cost can be given.

All in all, a wheelchair stair lift is not a viable for the vast majority of wheelchair users, which is a shame. However, if you're one of the lucky few then the Stannah wheelchair stair lift is one model should take a look at. But, as buying anything else, shop around and get the best one for your needs.

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Laminate Flooring on Stairs

Laminate flooring on stairs is equally very helpful just like it is helpful on floors. You will have great looking stairs with all the admirable qualities that come with laminate flooring. It is a great way to upgrade your stairs in a very affordable way. You do not have to worry about your stairs being a different color from your floors. Also, you will eliminate the bothersome noise that is constantly experienced when people are going up and down the stairs. Also, it will not take a lot of material to transform your stairs. However, in another view, laminate flooring on stairs is highly discouraged. The main reason for this is that the finish is too slippery.

Also, according to some people, the labor required to install the laminate flooring is much more than is called for. It has been suggested that other enhancements can be made to reduce this slippery nature and many have done so. The bottom line is that people have different perceptions and opinions. What you need to do however is to make sure you get all the necessary information that will assist you make the right decision. Before you make any decision, you must consider whether you have the budget to do so and whether you are willing to be flexible for any other costs that may occur above the budget. You need to know the advantages and disadvantages that come with laminate flooring on stairs. You must consider the kind of traffic in your home.

Very young children who are fond of going up and down the stairs constantly are a factor to consider. Also, look at the lives of people who have installed the laminate flooring on stairs. They might have found the stairs to be helpful or the opposite. You need to know what to expect so that you do not regret your decision. Also, it will be vital to know what the manufacturers recommendations are. The are best placed to direct you on what to add to slippery stairs so that the problem can be solved. The best thing about laminated stairs is that they stay clean with that very attractive shin. There are several things that go into installing the stairs with lamination.

There is no major difference when installing floors only that more care and precision has to be observed. It has been found to take more work but the results will be breathtaking. It it therefore vital to consider having lamination on stairs if you find that they will serve you in the right way. For more information on this topic you can visit sites that will seek to explore both the pros and cons in detail. There is no doubt that more light will be shed and you will be less confused when faced which the option to laminate or not to laminate stairs. If you have installed the lamination on stairs, it will be helpful for you to share with many concerned people on how your life has changed if at all.

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Monday, 4 May 2009

Straight Stair Lifts for Your Individual Needs and Budget

Straight stair lifts with different features for your individual needs and budget are now introduced in the market by world class lift manufacturers such as Bruno, ThyssenKrupp Access, and Savaria Concord. Many of the houses and commercial buildings have straight stairways. Straight stair lifts have straight rails, and these are easy to fix and more economical than curved chair lifts. Curved chair lifts often need careful measurement, designing and manufacturing.

Straight stairway lifts for indoor and outdoor use are available. Electrically operated straight stair lifts are the commonly used variety. Many of these lifts feature battery powered operation to function even during power failure. Battery powered operation avoids additional installation of electrical outlets. The seat, arms and footrest of some lifts can be flipped to provide enough space for others to use the stairway.

Some stair lifts can be fitted on both sides of the stairways. In some stairway lifts, the rails are elegantly covered and this keeps the rail free from dust and also gives an attractive look. Start/stop feature in some lifts offers smooth riding. The rail of some lifts can be flipped up. This feature can be used as a safety measure when there is any obstruction in the path of the stairway lift. Many straight stair chair lifts have wireless control options that ensure simple and comfortable operation. Apart from ordinary and practical straight stair chair lifts, there are luxurious stairway lifts that have superior aesthetics with different selections of upholstery. Straight chair lifts are provided with all the necessary safety devices to guarantee full security to the user. Therefore you can use this equipment with a feeling of confidence and security.

Outdoor straight stair chair lifts which are meant for outdoor use are well designed for better durability. Outdoor straight stair lifts of branded companies have special features such as:

• Unique design for outdoor use
• Weather-resistant cover to protect the lift from adverse weather conditions when the lift is idle
• Can be operated at extreme temperatures
• Electrical enclosure for protection from spraying water
• Powder-coated paint finish for durability

Many of the branded lift manufacturers have nationwide dealers, which makes it easy for you to purchase straight stair chair lifts catering to your individual needs and budget. These dealers also provide quality installation and maintenance services. Visit your nearby dealer and get a dream stair lift within your budget.

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