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A Review Of The National Wheel-O-Vator and Stannah Wheelchair Stair Lift

Very few companies make genuine wheelchair stair lifts; Wheel-O-Vator and Stannah are two that make excellent stair lifts for wheelchairs. Both are have very similar features with some minor differences.

Just about all stair lifts comprise a mechanized chair that travel along a track that is mounted on to the stairs. These handicap stair lifts have improved the lives of many people who are handicapped or who have difficult walking up and down stairs. However, these stair lifts require that the person using them has the ability to lift themselves on and off the chair unaided. Unfortunately, for those who are wheelchair bound this is not usually possible and so chair stair lifts don't provide the solution to home mobility.

Wheelchair stair lifts can provide access to all floors but there are a number of issues and most domestic homes are unsuitable for these lifts. Most domestic stairways are too narrow to accommodate the platform and secondly, the track must be fitted on to a load bearing wall. But if the house is suitable then two companies provide inclined wheelchair stair lifts.

Features of the Pegasus inclined wheelchair stair lift from Wheel-O-Vator.

1. The bi-directional safety ramp sensors not only provide protection for the user of the Pegasus Handicap stair lifts, but also for other people on the stairway.

2. Each platform is custom measured and built for the exact requirement of the user.

3. The platforms folds up to clear the stairway using only a space of 12 1/2" from the wall.

4. The platform can turn inwards and outwards to fit all stairways shapes.

5. Access to the platform is from either the front or side.

6. The side access ramps on the platform lift up to secure the wheelchair.

7. The safety barrier arms and access ramps are mechanically locked and electrically monitored during travel.

Features of the Stairiser CR wheelchair stair lift from Stannah

1. The stair lift is fully automatic, with electrically controlled folding platform and barrier arms that lock into position when in use.

2. The platform will stop immediately when any obstruction is encountered.

3. Access to the platform is from either the front or side.

4. The side access ramps on the platform lift up to secure the wheelchair.

5. The platform folds away against a smooth rail when not in use, leaving ample room to allow others to use the stairway.

6. Fold down seats are available as an option.

7. The Stairiser CR can be used internally and externally.

8. The platform can turn both inwards and outwards.

9. There is a choice of 4 platform sizes.

10. The platform can carry a maximum weight of 225kg

Both the Wheel-O-Vator and Stannah wheelchair stair lifts require an onsite inspection. Installation can be quite quick depending on the stairway; a wheelchair stair lift can be fitted in 3-4 days on a straight stairway.

The features offered by both companies are more or less the same. Choosing which wheelchair stair lift to buy will ultimately come down to price and 'extras' that your local dealer offers you. Whether you eventually choose the -O-Vator and Stannah wheelchair stair lift you can rest assured you'll be buying an excellent product.

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Summit Stair Lifts - For Those On A Budget

A home stair lift can give someone back their house and independence. But stair lift prices can be very high and beyond the reach of many. Some stair lift manufacturers make money by selling their products that have 'many features'. Having a plethora of features may be good for some people but many who really need a stair lift have a very small budget. Summit specializes in making no-fuss cheap stair lifts that are reliable.

Although Summit stair lifts are considerably cheaper than other brands you still get many features as standard. The most important of these features are the safety systems on the stair lift. The Summit stair lift comes with constant-pressure controls to stop the lift the instant the control is released. There are limits that ensure the carriage will stop at both the top and bottom of the stairs. And, like most top brands of stair lifts, there are sensors on the footrest to stop the carriage if any obstacles are encountered.

Unlike most other brands the Summit stair lift uses a cable system, rather than a rack and pinion one, to move the chair along the rack. Most companies feel that rack and pinion gives a smoother ride, especially when starting and stopping. This is possibly true but rack and pinion stair lifts need to be cleaned and lubricated regularly to prevent damage to the components. Cable systems require far less maintenance.

Also, the cable used in the Summit stair lift is aircraft cable rated for 4,200 lbs. This means the chair can carry a maximum weight of 350 lbs - the more costly Stannah stair lift can carry a maximum load of less than 300 lbs.

All in all, the cable system used in the Summit stair lift might not give you the perfectly smooth ride but it needs less attention and can carry a hefty load.

The Summit stair lift operates on standard household AC current, 115 VAC, 15 AMP minimum grounded circuit. Most stair lifts on the market today use DC rechargeable batteries. Again, the argument is that DC power gives smoother starts and stops than does AC electric power. This may be true, but there are also disadvantages to battery units. They need to be replaced every so often - there isn't this additional expense with an AC mains powered stair lift. Also, rechargeable batteries need charging after about 20 round trips of the stairs. If a stair lift is going to be used many times during the day or if more than one person will be using it, then AC mains powered stair lifts really are the better option.

The simple design of the Summit stair lift makes it easy to install, even someone with basic DIY skills is supposed to be able to fit one. However, it is always recommended that a customer never self-installs a stair lift.

Apart from the ride being a little less smooth than other brands, are there any other drawbacks?

Well, today there is quite a large market in used stair lifts. Later, should you want to sell your stair lift, you'll find that it may not be in so much demand as other used stair lifts.

You won't get many of the extras that are available with more expensive stair lifts, even if you request them. For instance, you only get a manual swivel seat; you can't get a motorized one like you can with a Stannah stair lift. You can't get the range of safety belt options like some other brands. The look of the Summit stair lift is very basic, but if you're on a budget, how it looks, won't be top of your list of requirements.

Many consumer reviews of stair lifts concur that the Summit stair lift may not be the best of the market in terms of style or functionality but it's as safe as others however the price of the Summit stair lift is its biggest selling point.

Things To Consider When Buying A Curved Stair Lift

A curved stair lift is your only option if your stairs have a curve, intermediate landing or have some sort of obstruction. If you are going to buy one you need to be aware of some of the issues with price, length of installation, operating costs and more.

Installing a stair chair lift can greatly improve quality of life. Even if you're not technically disabled, walking up and down stairs can be demanding, frustrating or downright intimidating. Mobility and access to all areas of a home can greatly restore a person's independence and peace of mind.

If you are considering the installation a curved stair lift you should be aware of a few things before you buy.

The purchase and installation price is expensive. The reason for the high price is because it's custom built on site and the materials used are more expensive than for a straight stair lift. The track on a straight stair lift is usually made from aluminum. Aluminum is used because of its interchangeability and it's cheap. Tracks used on curved stair lifts are usually made using both steel and aluminum. Steel is used to provide strength and because it is malleable. Installation of a curved model accounts for the largest proportion of cost and installation can take anything from 3 weeks to 3 months.

Buying a used curved stair lift is really to be avoided unless you buy one from a reputable dealer who will install it for you. Make sure the track being provided is new and not re-conditioned track. This is not considered to be safe and a reconditioned track will not conform to International Safety Standards.

Should you decide at a later date to replace or get rid of your lift and want to sell it, you may find this difficult. Because it is custom made, the stairlift made for your home isn't going to fit someone else's. At best you probably will only be able to sell the chair, motor and controls; the track, which constitutes the majority of cost, will be useless to someone else.

Curved stair lifts usually require more servicing than any straight stair lift. Additional stress is caused by the chair having to move along the track around corners. You may find that the ongoing maintenance costs will be higher than those for a straight one.

Not all manufacturers make curved stair lifts. The companies that do are market leaders who make stair lifts of excellent quality. You'll pay for this excellence though. Companies that do make curved stair lifts include Stannah Stair Lifts (the Stannah 260 stair lift) and Bruno Stair Lifts (Electra-Ride III Custom Curved Rail Stairlift).

Finally, before buying, discuss warranties and after sales service with the retailer. As mentioned these lifts do require maintenance and you'll need to budget costs for this.

Don't let the above stop you from buying a curved stair lift. The benefits of installing one lift can't be understated but you should be aware of the issues before you buy one so you can discuss them with your dealer.

Following the links for curved stair lifts and get stair lift reviews on leading brands like the Stannah stair lift.

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Shopping For a Stair Lift

People who are mobility challenged, but still able to walk often struggle when it comes time to use the stairs. As a result, the stairs are often avoided or only accessed when another person is there to help. Some people even go so far as selling their home and moving to a facility that does not have stairs or has an elevator. This solution is not always practical though and can greatly affect your independence. A stair lift is one type of device that can be used to help make it safe to use the stairs again.

A stair lift is a medical device that is used to carry a person up and down the stairs. It is a tracked system and in some ways similar to an escalator. In most settings a metal track is securely bolted directly to the steps. A chair or small platform is then sent up and down the track. Most use a chair, which is why you often hear people call them stair chairs.

The stair lifts that use a platform are mostly for individuals who have severe knee problems that make it impossible or very painful to sit. These types of stair lifts are called perch lifts and require a lot more balance then a regular stair chair.

When deciding on which model stair lift to get, the weight capacity is very important. Often the more weight a stair lift can support directly affects the length of stairs that it can ascend. For instance some stair lifts can support 300 pounds over distances of 18 feet, but only 250 pounds over distances of 32 feet. You will need to have detailed measurements before you order your stair lift and most dealers can walk you through the steps, but it is a good idea to have a general feel for how long your staircase is and the weight of the rider.

When considering the weight capacity of a stair lift, it is a good idea to always allow for any expected weight growth. Usually for every 100 pounds, you will want to add an extra 20 pounds to your clothed weight. This ensures that the device will never be overloaded and that you can use it to carry personal belongings with you. For instance if you weigh 200 pounds, you would want to find a stair lift that can at least support 240 pounds.

The width of the stair case is also important to consider when you are deciding on a stair lift. They usually do not take up too much space, but if your staircase is too narrow, you might have to install the track onto the wall, which greatly increases the cost. In most cases though, a stair chair with a folding seat is small enough to fit on even narrow stairs. The footrest of these models also folds up, so they have a really small foot print.

A stair lift is a very good way to keep you or someone you care about safe. They can easily be operated with only a finger and can be configured for left hand or right hand use.

Brad Brubaker is an author and user of mobility products like stairlifts If you would like to learn more about stair lifts or other lifting aids visit AmeriGlide today.

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Used Stair Lifts - Saving Money Safely

It is not always easy for people who are older and those that suffer from mobility related diseases to climb the stairs. Often the stairs are something that is avoided for these people, and for good reason. A fall down the stairs is the leading cause of hospitalization and accidental death among those who are over the age of sixty-five, so it is no wonder that many are wary around the stairs.

To improve the ability to independently use the stairs and reduce the risk of injury, a stair lift is commonly installed to the stairs. A stair lift is a mobility lifting aid that quite literally carries a person up and down the stairs. A track is secured to the stairs, then a chair, or in some cases, a platform is sent up and down the track carrying a single rider.

The decision to install a stair lift is often taken to allow for complete independent access to the stairs and when shopping online, you will likely find many options. You might consider purchasing a used stair lift in order to save money.

If you do decide to purchase a used stair lift, then it is important to follow some simple guidelines.

Find a Reputable Dealer of Used Stair Lifts: There are many online auction and classified sites that can put you in contact with a private person trying to sell their used stair lift. You never really know what you are getting when you purchase one this way though. You could be inheriting a stair lift that is broken, been misused, or is in otherwise poor or unsafe condition.

Instead if you purchase from a reputable dealer, you can still save money on your used lift, but you will get a product that has been completely refurbished to factory standards and in the same condition it was when it left the factory. You will also get a warranty on your lift. These are things that a private individual won't ever be able to guarantee you.

Compare Prices: Compare the price of a new stair lift and a used stair lift. If you purchase a rebuilt or refurbished stair lift, then likely the only difference will be the warranty and the price. Most new stair lifts are covered by very extensive warranties, but used stair lifts might only have a 6 months warranty. If the price difference is not too great, then it might be a good idea to pay a little extra to get the full 5 or 10 year warranty that most stair lifts come with. Make certain you contact the dealer if the length of the warranty of the used stair lift is not listed.

Consider Installing it Yourself: This actually applies to both new and used stair lifts. Most stair lifts that are made for a straight staircase can be installed fairly quickly and using only normal household tools. Talk with the dealer about the installation process and look at the installation instructions. If it seems like something you feel comfortable doing, you can save money by doing the installation yourself. If you don't feel comfortable though, don't do it and instead have the dealer arrange the installation.

Buying a used stair lift can save you money, but make certain you buy it the right way.

David Litel has used and installed stair lifts and other mobility aids. If you are interested in learning about used stair lifts or new stair lifts, visit A1 Medical Supplies

Specific Stair Lift Uses of Importance

The physical activity of moving up and down the stairs is done away with by advocating the use of stair lifts. This provides an alternative way to ascend or descend up or down the stairs without having to move from the seat. These lifts are considered to be a safe and convenient means of transportation from one floor to another.

The lifts have a seat with armrests and a footrest and are mounted to tracks. Such stair lifts have emerged as a great boon to all persons whose mobility have been limited or restricted due to various causes- diseases (like arthritis, Lou Gehrig's, Parkinson's etc.), accidents or old age.

There are a multitude of story uses to which the stair uplift can be put. Now there are also stair uplifts suitable for seminar outside requests disparate most models set up for interior procedure. The survival of insult differences in between the various models on submit allows users to effect a wise excellent among the models to expediently put them to use suiting particular requirements.

Points models of stair uplifts are there now which effectively help move person's precious with mobility warning conditions over parts of house and between different floors and require no maintenance even for some 5 living or so. Some other models have the array espouse story added. These can come of use even if there is a country closure and can hence agree to guarantee uninterrupted army. The batteries can get emotional when the stair uplift component is parked at the top or the foot of the stairs.

Then again there is the expedient outside stair uplifts stretch which has become current. There are some favorably functional yet affordable stair uplifts especially provided for outside goal which agree to submit a combination of comfort and wellbeing. These regularly have a secluded check too which assures that the stair uplift seat can be summoned when required.

Many such sets come accompanied with covers which guard the uplift from the effect of outside rudiments. There are stair uplifts expedient in being set up suiting the profile of the stairs- shipshape or arched and particular features of curve. A guardrail may also be expediently sited for espouse in stair uplifts.

The stair uplifts of story types proving to be expedient in seminar particular requests can be worn in transporting not only persons but also for running as conveyors of grocery, bundles of clothes advent from the laundry etc. inside the house part- between floors. Therefore, the stair uplifts stretch of the day can work many a story neediness and can come of use in more than one conduct while acting as a capable conveyor.

Jenny Jim writes for where you can find out more about stair lifts and other topics

Getting Ready For Your Stair Lift

limbing the stairs is something that is difficult for many, or at least it can be if you are over the age of sixty-five or if you are a sufferer of mobility diseases like arthritis. It is very easy to hurt yourself if you fall while on the stairs, so many people choose to hire someone to help them on the stairs, or simply avoid areas that require stair access.

The process and expenses associated with hiring a nurse or caretaker to help on the stairs can be great. Many times people will rely on a loved one to help on the stairs, but this can put a burden on your relatives and can also put you both at an increased risk of falling.

A stair lift is a much better alternative for maintaining safety and security while moving up and down the stairs. A stair lift can be easily and quickly installed to most straight staircases and will instantly and drastically reduce the risk of injury.

Stair lifts are personal lifting devices and owning one ensures that you will always be able to easily climb the stairs safely and without having to rely on a friend, relative, or paid nurse to help on the stairs. They usually use a chair to carry the user up and down the stairs, but some people are not able to sit without pain, so for these people a small platform is used in place of the chair. The platform stair lift, or perch lift as it is usually called, works well for some people, but because it requires you to remain standing as you move up the stairs, a perch lift is not as safe as a stair lift that uses a chair.

To install a stair lift, you must first obtain the proper measurements of the stairs. The total length of the staircase is one of the major measurements, but you will also need to measure the height, width, and depth of an individual step. You, or the dealer, can actually use the measurement of the individual step to help double check the total length of the stairs. You will also need the overall width of the staircase and the distance the top and bottom step are from the closest wall. Stair measuring services are available, but if you have a straight stair lift, the dealer should be able to walk you through the steps on the phone.

The measurements will then be used by the dealer to ensure that the stair lift is appropriate for your stairs and the track will be cut to fit your stairs. The track refers to a metal rail system that is secured directly to the stairs. A car is then sent up and down the track carrying the user of the stair lift. The car consists of the electric motor, the chair or perch, and in the case of a battery powered lift, the battery pack will also be in the car.

A stair lift is one of the best ways to stay safe and still retain independent use of the stairs.

Sean Noughtly is a writer who is very familiar with Stair Lifts and many other types of mobility lifting aids. To learn more about stair lifts or other types of home mobility equipment, visit AmeriGlide.

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Used Outdoor Stair Lift - An Inexpensive Way to Keep Enjoying the Outdoors

A stair lift made for the outdoors has been invented to answer the needs of the disabled by allowing them to enjoy the beauty and fresh air of the outdoors.

Today most houses are made with patios and viewing decks so the resident(s) can step outside for a little recreational "breather." However, most homes fail to provide a feasible way for handicapped individuals to enjoy the same things.

In many cases, these individuals have a hard time utilizing the staircase, which adds hazard to inconvenience. That is why the outdoor stair lift was invented! There are many options to choose from in this day and age, so it's typically fairly easy to find one that best suits your needs.

All stair lifts are made up of 4 basic parts, including the train, which drives the lift, the actual track, the chassis and the chair. The drive trains can be found within the lift's chassis. These trains are made up of gears and pulleys as well, which cause it to move along its track. The drive trains are operated by either the pinion, cable or by a rack.

There are many different factors to be considered when one decides to install a stair lift. A few of these include the type of material in which the steps will be made of(ie. Concrete, wood etc.) and an accurate measurement of the length of the stairs.

You can usually get a good deal on a used or a pre-owned outdoor stair lift. In many cases you can find a stair lift, which still looks and operates like new for half price or better; you just have to look. They usually come with the remainder of the factory's warranty as well.

An outdoor stair lift is really a great investment for someone who is disabled and in a wheelchair. They will most definitely benefit from it and will no longer be limited to the confines of their home and their life in general will typically be happier!

Visit to learn more about if a used stair lift is for you. You'll find many other tips and advice on finding and purchasing a stair lift for inside your home too.

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Handicap Stair Lifts

When it comes to purchasing any kind of handicap stair lifts, there are certain factors which need to be taken into consideration in order that you make the right choice.

By choosing the wrong type of handicap stair lift could not only mean it is uncomfortable but it may well also be dangerous for the person who needs to use it. In this article I will be taking a closer look at some of the key points you should take into consideration when choosing the right kind of stair lift for a person with a handicap.

1. The extent of the person’s disability or handicap

First of all you need to look to see if the person who will be using the stair lift can actually lift themselves in or out of their wheelchair and on to the seat on the stair lift? Plus can they actually stand without placing too much weight on to their own two feet without too many problems? If the answer to either of these two questions is no and cannot actually independently transfer themselves from the wheelchair to the stair lift or the other way round, then you may want to consider purchasing something else instead, may be an elevator would be a better way of allowing them access to the upper floors in their homes.

2. Can they hold down a button?

A lot of modern handicap stair lifts need the person using it to be able to press and then hold down a button which then sends the device up an down the stairs. If they are not able to carry out this simple function, then you may need to look for another device which they can use instead of one of these kinds of stair lifts.

3. Do they have control over their upper body?

Anyone who wishes to use such a stair lift must have some kind of control over their upper body. If they do not then they will not be able to sit on the chair of the stair lift safely and may find that they begin to slip or slide as the lift begins to move.

4. Does it come with a safety belt system?

More of the newer models of handicap stair lifts that are available today are fitted with a safety belt. However if you are trying to safe money and looking to purchase a used one then you should check before you make your purchase that it comes with a safety belt system. If it does not, then see if you can get one fitted to it.

Yet even if the seat does already have a seat belt fitted to it is also important that you check it is in good condition and still works.

It is important you keep the above 4 points in mind when buying a handicap stair lift.

Ricky runs a stair lift information site. Visit his website today for more information on straight stair lift and handicap stair lift.

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Stylish Wrought Iron Stair Rails

Wrought iron stair rails have proved the time wrong. Times have gone and come, but wrought iron stair rails have always found a place for themselves. These rails always stayed and will continue to stay for generations to come. In addition to being useful, these give you a feel of conventional approach to your house.

Some people tend to hold on to something while climing up and down from stairs. The rails used in stairs provide support. If the rails are bulky and occupy a lot of space in the stairs, it leaves less space for climbers. Wrought iron stair rails are not only provide excellent hold, these do not take too much space and are not too big.

Sometimes people are puzzled whether to buy wrought iron stair rails or not because these cost little more than wooden stair rails, but one must bear in mind that wrought iron stair rails would need less maintenance and they are more lustrous.

The other designs e.g. vinyl railings, available in stair rails provide very little options, in terms of styles and designs. Maintenance of these railings is a cumbersome process. Wrought iron railings definitely stand superior to any other material because of its durability, selection and maintenance-free characteristic.

We had to decide between iron and wood. What made me puzzled was that décor of my porch and landscape had been made in wood. I was more keen to go in for wood because it would be in compliance with the outside of our house.

Our wooden features had been done in white and it was just best for the cottage-style house. I wanted to keep consistent with the wooden accents on the butter yellow home. Wrought iron stair rails seemed misfit with the yellow and white colors on the house and painting the beautiful iron did not really appeal me at all.

Being puzzled, I left the decision to my husband. He opted for wrought iron stair rails. The contrast of black wrought details with white and yellow house looked great. We had fitted stain glass in the doors and a combination of black wrought iron stair rails and black glass was just great.

I have learnt a quite a bit gtom this experience. I recognize the fact that imagination is the key to your confusion and the more imaginative you are, the more good results you will see.

Andrew Caxton contributes editing long articles on fences and handrails for Find more publications about wrought iron railings at his website.

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Stop Damage to Carpeted Stairs

Carpets can take a beating, but certain areas wear out faster. If your stairs are carpeted, they are going to wear out much faster than the rest of floor.

A carpet stair tread is a piece of fabric designed to be placed on a wooden stair to protect the wood from excessive wear and to provide additional traction. They differ from runners although both perform basically the same purpose. The runner however is a continuous piece of carpet that wraps up and over each stair step. The stair tread sits on an individual step. Each tread is a separate piece. The normal tread has less width than the step so that the wood of the step shows on each end.

Polished wooden stairways were common in older homes. The first stair treads were developed to protect the stair way on a temporary basis. These pieces of carpet were placed on the steps during cleaning or times of heavy traffic. They could also be used to protect the stairs during periods of inclement weather. When conditions were back to normal, the treads could be removed and the polished surface below was displayed again.

There are still some types of carpet stair threads that are backed with heavy vinyl. They can be placed on the stair and the non-slip vinyl holds them in place. They will not slide when stepped on, but can be picked up easily when they are not wanted or needed.

Most carpet stair threads today are designed to be permanently attached in the same manner as regular carpet. There are special carpet tacks designed to be used to fasten the carpet thread to the step. The permanent carpet threads no longer serve as merely a protection function. They become part of the overall decorating theme of the staircase and the home itself. Temporary stair treads are not overly concerned with color or style. They are more concerned with toughness and durability. The permanent ones come in a variety equal to floor carpeting.

One problem of carpet stair treads is cleaning. It is hard to drag a vacuum cleaner up a flightof stairs and often the vacuum cleaner head will be too wide to maneuver on the step. There are several products designed for cleaning carpet treads. Most of these are either hand held vacuum cleaners or attachments to a larger upright or canister vacuum cleaner. If you have treads on your stairs, it is important to make sure you have a good cleaning tool. Cleaning and upkeep on the carpet stair tread is as important here as on any other type of carpet.

Find professional carpet cleaning services at

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Where to Buy a Used Stair Lift

When you purchase a product used you often have little recourse if it does not work. This is true of many products like used cars and used power tools, which seldom come with an extended warranty. This means that if anything happens to the product than you must pay for the repairs on your own. When you are considering purchasing a piece of home medical equipment used you have the health and wellbeing of yourself or a person you love to think of as well. Buying used items can be a gamble, but when you buy a used stair lift it doesn't have to be a gamble at all.

A stair lift is a device that moves a chair or small platform along a set of tracks that is attached to the stairs. Stair lifts, or stair chairs as they are often called, can be a very big help to people who have difficulty traversing the stairs in their home. When purchased new stair lifts are incredibly reliable and will provides many years of relatively maintenance free service. There is a large potential for abuse and misuse with these kinds of devices so you want to be incredibly careful when you buy one used, but when you buy one from a reputable dealer you can save money without worrying about the condition of your stair lift.

If you decide you wish to purchase a used stair lift, then there are several things you should look for. It is possible to save a good deal of money this way, but you can't just buy them from anyone. First ensure that you are purchasing the stair lift from a reputable dealer. If you make the mistake of buying a used stair lift from an individual you have absolutely no assurance that the device was used, maintained, and assembled properly. With a device that carries the great responsibility that a stair lift does, several times a day up and down the stairs, then you do not want to take any chances. A reputable dealer that carries used stair lifts will thoroughly inspect, refurbish, and then test all products before they ever leave their door. In addition to a warranty of at least 6 months, you are guaranteed that your stair lift will be in the same condition as if it was brand new. This guarantee of course only applies to used stair lifts bought from reputable dealers.

When you purchase a used stair lift from a reputable dealer, you are getting a completely refurbished unit that is like a new model. The other great advantage of buying a used stair lift from a reputable dealer is that the dealer will custom fit your stair case with a set of rails. This will save you money and ensure that your stair lift will be a safe addition to your home. When you purchase a used stair lift from an individual there is a good chance you will need to order or cut your own track. This is because everyone's stair case is a little different, so it is very unlikely that you will find someone who had a stair case that has the same dimensions as yours.

A stair lift is a big investment that has a lot riding on it. Rather than take a chance by buying a used stair lift from a private individual, you should seek a quality distributor of used stair lifts. By finding a reputable dealer you will ensure that your used stair lift is as new as if it had just left the factory.

Brad Brubaker has years of experience in the home medical equipment field. is a reputable dealer of used stair lifts and more. Visit their site or give them a call to find out more.

Stair Runner Rugs For Beautiful Stairways And Cozier Feel For You

Stair runners provide the unique look of your stairway and the comfortable feel for your feet while climbing it up and down. Enhance the beauty of your stairway and make it cozier for you.

If you are really looking for information on how to choose the perfect stair runner carpet then you should read on and will find out many interesting facts and useful tips.

As most stair runners have pretty unique shape and size, you will be very nicely surprised to see how beautifully they’ll look when property installed on your stairway.

Installing stair runner

As I mentioned installing stair runner (like an Oriental stair runner), I must say it’s not for everybody. Despite my sincere efforts to do it right, I’ve failed many times, so I find it sometimes impossible even for the handiest housewives. You should just let the professionals do their job, because they are the people who really know how to install a runner on stairs.

As for installing a braided stair runner, this is a completely different thing. It’s like playing with dolls. I’ve done it successfully for a few stairs in my home and it’s easy and fast. The result is very satisfying – beautifully looking stairs full of bright colors and lovely patterns, and the most important - comfortable feel under your feet – just perfect.

Benefits of having a stair runner rug:

- Stair runner rugs soften your foot steps
- Protect your stairs from scratches and spills
- They are perfect against dirt and also
- Very easy to clean
- Enhance the look of your stairway when properly installed

When it comes to choose the perfect stair runner carpet for your home you should consider many things:

- Braided or oriental stair runner is cheaper - depends on the brand, but usually the braided stair runners are cheaper and cover more area of your stairs.

- Rectangle or oval braided stair runner – depends only on your decision. My advice - I prefer rectangles because they cover more area.

- The wide range of color combinations and beautiful patterns can complement any décor – what you need to do is choose the ones that will match your decor. And if you combine your braided stair runners with a matching braided rug for your entrance – it will be perfect combination.

Oriental stair runners at affordable prices

Well, the authentic Oriental stair runners are more expensive, starting sometimes from $300 to $500 (the shortest styles). As for Oriental inspired stair runner rugs – they are made from synthetic materials (such as polypropylene) and are at very affordable prices that you will love. And that is not all, the synthetic material makes them stronger and more durable, their life is extended for years without fading or wearing out.

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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

An Overview Of Bruno Stair Lifts

Michael R. Bruno and his wife Beverly founded Bruno Stairlifts over 20 years ago. The company is now one of America's leading manufacturers of mobility aids. Today, Bruno manufactures over 50 different products, ranging from stair chair lifts, vehicle lifts and turning automotive seating. The company makes straight and curved stair lifts for indoor and outdoor use.

The company has been awarded the ISO-9001 certification, which means that Bruno Stair Lifts are recognized for product excellence worldwide. Indeed, the company occupies the high-end of stair lifts. Most companies don't have the technical expertise to produce outdoor stair lifts or curved stair lifts; Bruno and some others like Stannah Stair Lifts do.

All stairlifts are sold, installed and serviced by Bruno's factory trained network of dealers. Bruno stair lifts come with a 2 year warranty on all parts and a 5 year warranty on the gear box, motor and rail system, which is as good as any warranty in the industry.

Bruno makes 3 home stair lifts; the Electra-Ride LT, the Electra-Ride II and the Electra-Ride Elite. It also makes an outdoor model called the Outdoor Electra-Ride Elite and is the first in the industry that can carry a pay load of 400 lbs.

All of the straight stair lifts made by Bruno can operate up to a maximum incline of 45 degrees and to a minimum stair case width of 32". Other companies can offer better specifications; the Stannah 120 stair lift can handle an incline of 52 degrees and the Acorn Superglide Perch stair lift can be fitted on narrower stairs. However, most domestic staircases can be fitted with a Bruno stair lift.

Bruno also makes a curved stair lift called the Electra-Ride III Curved Rail. Again what's impressive about this stair lift is that it can carry up to 350 lbs. The Stannah curved stair lift carries less than 300 lbs.

All of Bruno's stair lifts are powered by DC 24 volt rechargeable batteries. Just about all modern stair lifts now use batteries rather than mains power. There are many advantages to using batteries; they're safe with no possibility of electrocution; they provide smoother starts and stops; and you can still use the stair lift during power outages. What is particularly impressive about Bruno stair chair lifts is the length of their battery life. The company claims that the battery will last an amazing 3-4 days or 15 trips up and down the stairs. The battery itself is built to last 3-5 years and replacements can easily be bought from your local hardware store.

Bruno's products have been awarded accreditations and awards, including the Today's Caregiver Magazine's "Caregiver Friendly" product award and the Da Vinci new product award for a lift-up power mobility seat.

So, are Bruno stair lifts the best on the market? Well, we have to say that there stair lifts on the market that offer more features as standard and look more stylish; the Stannah Solus stair lift being one. Also, other manufacturers supply stair lifts at a lower price; the Ameriglide stair lift being an example. However, in the price range of the Bruno stair lift, it probably does offer the best product. You can get more features from other brands but you pay more, or you pay less for another brand stair lift but you'll get fewer features than the Bruno.

Following the links for the Bruno stair lift and the Stannah stair lift and read stair lift reviews.

Vertical Platform Lifts: The Safe Stair Elevator

For those in a wheelchair one of the most difficult things to do can be to enter and exit our home. Often times the front stairs are much steeper and narrower than the inside steps and this can make it harder or impractical to build a ramp to enter your home. For others it puts too much strain on the body to use a ramp. There is a solution and that solution is vertical platform lifts.

Vertical platform lifts are often referred to as wheelchair lifts. They are in essence an elevator, usually installed outdoors, that raises the individual on a small reinforced steel platform. Most residential units utilize an electric motor to lift the unit using a very efficient gear system called a worm gear. Usually very little maintenance is required, but it is important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Vertical platform lifts are generally designed to be permanent fixtures in that they should be bolted to a sturdy base made out of concrete or lumber. There are some exceptions to this however. Some units are available that are portable and can be moved very easily and require little installation or setup. The unit is on wheels, but can be securely bolted to a base if they are not going to be moved or depending on the lifting height. These types of units are great for churches, schools, and restaurants.

With certain units it is possible to create a temporary base. This is ideal if you need to quickly set up your new vertical platform lift or if you are about to move to a new home and do not want to install your new vertical platform lift twice. It is imperative that you consult your manufacturer’s installation instructions to see if your unit is compatible with this type of installation, but a temporary installation can be done on certain units by burying two pieces of rough cut lumber in 2 inches of sand or gravel so that the top of the boards are level with the ground. The distances and measurements of the boards will be provided by your manufacturer if this type of installation is possible with your vertical platform lift. Most units should also be secured to the side of the stairs or house if they are lifting a distance greater than 52 inches.

Whether you are purchasing a new vertical platform lift for your self or for a friend or family member it is imperative that you honestly access the expected weight load. If you are going to be using the wheel chair lift with two people than access the max weight that of the heaviest people that could be on the lift at any given time as well as the weight of the wheelchair. Generally most lifts will support at least 500lbs and it is possible to upgrade the lifts so that they hold more weight.

A vertical platform lift is a great investment and can let you establish a normal everyday routine.

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Monday, 18 August 2008

How To Lose Unwanted Weight With Stair-Sprinting Exercises

You can lose weight if you really wanted to. You just need to make a commitment to yourself to eat less and exercise more. Most people think that exercising will take up a lot of their time because they always think in terms of going to the gym and burning 2-3 hours while trying to burn some calories.

But it does not have to be like that.

You don't have to go to the gym on a regular basis to lose weight. Really? Well, provided you think out of the box and do some aerobic type exercises near your home - like sprinting up your stairs!

Stair Sprints are perfect for sculpting the legs and back. If you're looking to build a shapely bum and strong thighs, then you should really try this exercise. The muscles in your feet also get a good workout from this and gain more endurance.

On top of that, you get an excellent aerobic workout without wasting precious time travelling to the gym and back.

Here's how to do this simple yet effective and time saving exercise the right way:-

1) Find a save and airy stair case to start your exercises.

2) Run up and down the flights of stairs between several floors; the more stairs you cover, the better your workout will be.

3) Start small, even if you’re in a good physical condition. Do four floors twice up and down. If you're very overweight or are doing it for the first time, this will do for starters.

4) Give yourself time to build up to two repetitions. Try to do two repetitions every other day for two weeks.

5) After the first two weeks, increase to three or four repetitions. Don't push yourself too hard though. If you can’t do four at first, then do three. Then, as time passes, you should gradually increase the repetitions in your routine. This is how you can increase your endurance and to work your muscles progressively harder.

Just a word of caution : be real careful going up and down the stairs. You don't want to trip up or miss a step and end up spraining your ankle or get other serious injuries.

Most of all, do this in moderation until you get the hang of it. It is no doubt one of the best exercises you can get for free!

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Treading Carefully: Choose The Right Wood For Stair Treads

You’ve been going up and down those stairs in your house for years, so it’s tempting to think they’re just the same as they always were. But nothing lasts forever, not even the things we most take for granted. If you’re starting to hear creaks, or seeing cracks in the wood or discoloration, it might be time to change out the treads.

Not to be confused with tire treads, stair treads are the boards across the top of the stair that your feet steps on as you walk up or down. The vertical kick plates between stairs are known as risers, and the saw-tooth shaped pieces supporting the stairs from beneath are stringers. All these pieces need to be fitted tightly together to avoid creaking as the stairs are being used.

If it’s time to address some squeaks, cracks or other stair problems, it’s a great opportunity to increase their beauty as well. Hardwood stairs with a decorative runner can increase the graciousness of your home. Ranging in price to fit any budget, stair treads can be matched to any décor.

Economical Hardwood

• Poplar Stair Treads: Lightweight, and somewhat soft for a hardwood, poplar is fine-grained in white to yellow-brown. It paints well and is easy to cut.

• Beech Stair Treads: Stronger than oak or maple, beech is typically a reddish-brown wood that is fairly straight grained.

• Ash Stair Treads: Quite strong, ash is grayish-brown in color and grows all over USA and Canada.

• Red oak stair treads: Hard, strong, rigid with a pronounced open grain, red oak resists warping. Its reddish color finishes well but is moderately hard to cut.

• Hickory Stair Treads: Very strong, hickory is known for its distinctive look and sharp contrast in light and dark color.

Mid-priced Hardwood

• White Oak Stair Treads: Hard, strong, white oak is open-grained, but not as pronounced as red oak. It resists shrinking and warping, has a golden color, and finishes well.

• Hard Maple Stair Treads: Extremely hard, hard maple pieces with bird’s-eye or wavy grains are highly prized. Its color ranges from reddish to nearly white in color, and it finishes well.

• Cherry Stair Treads: The beautiful markings in cherry have long fascinated woodworkers. The heartwood varies from light brown to a reddish brown and will gradually darken over time with exposure to light.

• Walnut Stair Treads: Hard, heavy, extra strong with a fairly pronounced, straight grain, walnut resists warping and shrinking. It is light to dark brown in color and finishes well.

Luxury Hardwood

• Mahogany Stair Treads: Durable and fine-grained, mahogany resists shrinking, warping, and swelling. It finishes well and is easy to cut.

• Birch Stair Treads: Hard, strong and fine-grained, birch resists shrinking and warping. It is similar in color to maple and finishes fairly well.

Some other issues to consider in choosing your stair treads:

Diversity: If you want your home to have a unique flair, try hickory, cherry, walnut, white oak, or maple for your stair treads. Go to flooring retailers or search the Internet to compare and contrast.

Prefinished: Order your stair treads prefinished, and you won’t have to deal with having to stay away from the stairs for a few days while the finish seals. Factory finished pieces can generally be installed in one day with very little mess. Also, prefinished pieces can move independently with humidity changes in your home. This decreases the risk of seasonal separations that cause those creaks.

Color: Some species of flooring are so beautiful in their natural color, they do not require any added color. Compare hickory, cherry or walnut stair treads to get a sense of the possibilities.

Texture: Hardwoods do not have to be smooth. Hand scraped, distressed and reclaimed pieces are becoming more and more available. These pieces have a classic look and add great value to upscale homes.

Turn those irritating squeaks into an occasion for more beauty with restored stair treads. The “ups and downs” in your life will suddenly become a lot better!

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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Disability Living Aids – Stair And Bath Lifts

Tripping down or falling are some of the problems faced by the elderly and the partially immobilized. The injury from the falls in turn leads to further disability and limits independent and active life. Simple changes in the environment and life styles can stop the likelihood of tripping down or falling.

The barrier of stairs can be removed by using a stair lift. These electrically operated devices are easy to use and not very expensive.

Stair lifts are also known as stair gliders, stair chairs or chair lifts. They carry the disabled or the elderly gently and safely up the stairs. Ensure that the stair lift can swivel at the upper landing and turn away from the stairs to provide a confident and safe method to get off. If the stair lift comes with a remote control, it will assist the caregiver in case the individual could not operate the controls themselves.

When selecting a stair lift ensure it can maneuver curved and narrow stairs. It should also negotiate corridors and intermediate landings without any problem. There should be a battery back-up available in the stair lift so that during power outages, the lift should continue to operate.

One of life’s pleasures is to relax in the bath easing away the aches, stresses and pains. To assist the disabled and the senior citizens lacking easy mobility to enjoy the therapeutic value of a bath, a bath lift can be used.

Bath lifts have a seat, which in turn fitted in the bath, and it moves up and down. The user can slide from the side of the bath into the seat and the lift lowers the user gently into the bath. Similarly, after the bath, the seat lifts the user to the top of the bath.

Batteries power most of the bath lifts and the lifts can also work from the mains. The batteries are a safe back up in case of power outage.

Bath lifts are not suitable for users who cannot get on and off the seat of the lift and who cannot lift the legs over the rim of the bath. Persons with such acute disabilities, a hoist or a fixed lift are more suitable than the portable bath lift.

Most of the bath lifts available on the market fit in the standard shaped baths. In order to hold its place the bath lifts are provided with a sucker at every corner of its base.

Ensure that the bath seat can go deep into the bath so that a deeper bath with less water is assured.

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