Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Stair Lifts and Residential Elevators

It can be very difficult for some people to climb the stairs safely. This is especially true of people who are sufferers of diseases like arthritis, but also those who suffer from cognitive disorders, like Alzheimer's. In order to allow for complete access of a home, many people decide to install personal elevators, but this can quickly get pretty expensive. A stair lift is a much more affordable way to allow complete access to a home.

A stair lift is a device that is designed to carry a person up and down the stairs. For a straight staircase, there are several easy to install do-it-yourself kits available. These kits consist of a metal track, which is attached directly to the stairs, and a car, which is sent up and down the track. Usually a chair will be attached to the car, but sometimes a small platform, which is referred to as a perch, is used. Perch lifts will require that the user remain standing as they are carried up and down the track, so this option is generally only used by people who, for medical reasons, can not use a traditional chair lift.

These do-it-yourself kits can generally be installed in only a few hours, but due to the important nature of the work, it is important to carefully install the lift and follow all instructions, so it is better to take longer to install the lift then it would be to rush through it. Most dealers also have a trained installation team available, so those that do not feel comfortable doing the installation can have it professionally installed at an affordable rate.

While a personal elevator can be a nice touch, it requires a great deal of construction to the home, which can be quite expensive. The cost of the elevator is also fairly high, which is one of the main reasons a stair lift is often the best choice. A stair lift that is designed for a straight staircase is also installed much more quickly than an elevator would be. However, if you have a curved stairway, you will probably be better off installing a residential elevator.

People who have a curved staircase, might be able to install two straight stairway lifts onto the stairs, so it is a good idea to talk with a straight stair lift dealer first. Installing two stairway lifts will still save you considerable time and money when compared to a curved stairway lift, which costs at minimum 1000% more than a straight stairway lift.

If you can not install a straight staircase lift, then you might want to consider installing a personal elevator, which many times can be installed for the same price or even less than a curved stairway lift would be. Residential elevators can also usually be installed sooner than a curved staircase lift could be. Since the price of a personal elevator and a curved staircase lift is about the same, it is usually best to install a residential elevator as opposed to a curved stair lift.

A residential elevator will also retain its value and add value to the home, so much of the cost of the elevator will be retrieved when you sell your home. A curved stairway lift on the other hand does not have much value after it is sold, because it will only work on identical staircases.

For a straight stairway or an 'L' shaped stairway, a stair lift will be much less expensive than a personal elevator, but those that have a curved stairway, would probably be better off installing a residential elevator, because it will be about the same cost as a curved stair lift.

Sean Noughtly is a writer who is familiar with stair lifts and elevators. If you care to learn more about residential elevators or straight stair lifts, visit or call AmeriGlide.com

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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Having a Good Staircase Should Have a Great Stair Parts

Many people wanted to beautify their own houses just to stand out and be unique to other houses and most of the time, interior and exterior designs really matters for most. Nowadays, houses are built according to the desires of the homeowner. Most of the time one level or more than one level is much preferred which have at least one staircase.

The kind of staircase vary in different kinds and differs mostly of the materials to be used, general shape and design, construction methods and the number of features you wanted for your staircase. Beforehand, of course you need to provide the stair parts in order to have a good stair case.

Staircase is considered to be a central part of anyone's home. It could be steep or gradual, and narrow or wide; it's a matter of your own choice. Most of the time, people prefer their staircase to be built in place by stair makers, finish carpenters, and others prefer those factory manufactured, and woodworkers. It is best to get an expert finis carpenter to install your stair parts and other materials so that you can instruct him whether you wanted some changes for it.

You have to bear in mind that your stair's design is profoundly affected by its function, so better choose the best and consider the functions as well. Whether you wanted an entry stairway or a spiral stairs, it is really up to your own desire. Entry stairway are usually build straight to the second floor when you have a two level house, while spiral stairs are usually build in going to terraces of your house; it is a good stylistic stairs ever for most. In spite of its type, all stairs has the same primary parts in which many people really love to have for their own home.

Bear in mind that all stairs are built according to principles that is intended for safer use. So if you want the best stairs for your home, then find the best stair parts that have the best style and purpose. More people nowadays are looking for stair parts that are unique compared to others. Unique is such a manner that you are the only one that has this style and no any other owns like your style. For many, staircase design really matters most because for them it gives a large impact for the overall outlook of the house and at the same time staircase design and stair parts can really mean something to look upon by any guest that you will have in your house.

Eliza Maledevic Ayson writes for Jump2top - SEO Company

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Friday, 26 December 2008

Excel Stairlifts - Move Effortlessly Upstairs and Down

Mobility challenges can occur at any stage of your life, due to various factors such as old age, severe impact of diseases like arthritis, or accidents. Mobility problems can seriously affect the day to day activities of individuals. In such situations, climbing stairs can be a real problem. Excel stairlifts are efficient equipments which are designed for helping physically challenged people move effortlessly upstairs and down stairways in their homes. The advantage of using stair lifts is that they decrease the chances of weakening of ankles, knees and hip joints which may occur as a result of climbing stairs.

One of the important features of the Excel stairlift is its solid design with folding facility towards the wall, which is a real advantage because a lot of space can be saved when the lift is not in use. The stair lift can be loaded up to 300 pounds and is operated on home power system. When considering the controls, the stair lift is designed with wireless remote control buttons and an optional joystick to suit the requirements of those persons who are experiencing hand mobility problems. Taking into account the safety of the users, the Excel stairlift is provided with seat belts and swivel cut off switch. It also has automatic obstruction sensors, which stops the lift when it encounters an obstruction on its path. This helps to avoid any harm to the user, the lift as well as the object. The Excel stairlift is featured with covered gear rack and power cable which ensures the user a smooth and quiet ride.

As far as the price factor is considered, Excel stairlifts are available at affordable prices and are also less expensive than residential elevators. In addition, stairlifts are available in different models so as to suit any specification of stairways.

Installation of a perfect stairlift is a practical and reasonable solution when it comes to helping people with mobility issues stay active. With Excel stair lifts, move effortlessly upstairs and down the stairs in your home and enjoy life in all its essence, ignoring your physical disabilities.

At DAY, we focus on eliminating several accessibility challenges you face at home and in your business premises, with the help of premium products such as platform lifts, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts and so on. Excel stair lift is one of the best stair lifts available in the market.

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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

How Hard Is It To Build Straight Stairs

Thinking of doing it yourself. wondering if you can do it. The Contractor down the street made it look easy. But how am I going to build a set of stairs for my house. It starts with a little information, maybe a book, I know I will surf the net and get the info. Why bother with spending the time looking on the internet for a article or book on how to build stairs. I have done it and that's why I wrote a book and their are more books coming on how to build stairs.

My goal is to write a book on every way of building stairs. I am going to make the stair building books easy to follow with lots of simple illustrations. I understand that getting one book on stair building that explains how to build 500 different types of stairs with 3000 illustrations might not apply to you. These books are nice for a building professional or a master carpenter but are difficult to understand.

I have made these books easy to follow with the use of illustrations that only apply to the set of stairs you will be building. The book "How to Build a Strait Set of Stairs" is a complete stair building guide for a strait set of stairs with a 2 x 4 handrail. In this book you will have access to formulas for decimal conversions to fractions. Then you will be able to locate the exact mark for certain measurements. It isn't hard to build a straight set of stairs with this book and the website links provided for you.

If you feel comfortable with a hammer, tape measure and a circular saw. You will be amazed with the results. I have been helping people build stairs for almost 30 years with this easy to follow stair building system. I have trained other carpenters to build stairs with most of them telling me the same thing. How easy it was to build but they thought you had to be a master carpenter in order to build a set of stairs. The main reason for this way of thinking was that when it was time to build the stairs on the job guess who would build the stairs. The Master Carpenter of course.

You can do it with a little help from a friend. www.stair4u.com Get some help from the best home improvement contractor in California.

Greg Vanden Berge is working on the internet to promote the education for creating simple to follow guides and home building books to help professional building contractors as well as the weekend warriors. He is currently working on more building stairs books and adding useful content to help solve problems created by the lack of construction knowledge in the building industry.

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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Stannah Stair Lifts - The Most Stylish On The Market

Stannah stair lifts are the world's most popular with over a quarter of million homes having one. The functionality and safety features are what have made the Stannah the most popular of home stair lifts. But they are also the most stylish.

Stannah is a UK stair lift manufacturer that now exports to over 40 countries. The company has a wide network of dealers who will advise, sell and carry out installation. The price of a chair lift is high and Stannah tend to be more expensive than most, so how can the company justify the price? But when looking at stair lifts you shouldn't just look at price; sure, other makes are cheaper buy you won't be getting everything you would if you bought a Stannah. They come with far more features than most, helping to give the customer a more comfortable and safer ride. The company also makes stylish machines so let's review them in terms of its style.

Stair lifts have been on the market for quite some time and they serve their purpose. However, many people who want one are also looking for something that is aesthetically pleasing and will complement rather than down-grade the look of a staircase. The ' baby boomer' generation is more design-conscious than their parents were and want to buy products that not only work well but look contemporary and stylish.

Most companies were oblivious to this but Stannah realized the need for change. The company worked with the internationally renowned design consultancy, SeymourPowell, on a new line of machines. The result was the introduction of the Stannah Solus and Stannah Sofia stair lift. These new models have the look of other household products instead of the industrial machine look of most other brands.

The two new stair lifts from Stannah are available in both straight and curved configurations. The two models were designed to appeal to two different tastes.

The Solus stair lift from Stannah is modern, stylish with a more minimalist look. The seat is shorter and more discreet with a cut-out to give a greater feeling of light and space. Its look is urban modernity with its chic leather upholstery that comes in a neutral color range including cocoa, oyster and slate. For those who don't like leather there is a soft woven fabric option in fawn and flame.

The Sofia stair lift from Stannah has a more classic look. The seat is comfortable and supportive and is generously upholstered with a soft fabric seat. New colors have been introduced to appeal to a wider audience while still being attractive to consumers with more traditional tastes. Colors include soft woven, woolen fabric in flame, conifer, melon and fawn or modern new vinyl in sand or lavender.

The company also reviewed the track. The new Stannah stair lift still uses a rack and pinion system to pull the chair (the industry norm) but it employs a unique double rail. This double rail track really complements the modern look of the Solus. By the way, not only does this innovative rail look stunning, it actually takes up less space; its mounted around 5" off the wall as compared to 7-8" of the Bruno curved stair lift.

Since their launch, the Solus from Stannah has received the Gold Trophy of Design at the Batimat Exhibition in Paris - this is a prestigious construction industry exhibition. Stannah appreciates that it makes products that help those with mobility problems but it hasn't forgotten that its customers also appreciate style and elegance like everyone else.

Follow the links for the Stannah stair lift and the Acorn stair lift as well as stair lift reviews of other leading brands.

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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Increasing Mobility and Safety With a Stair Lift

Many people do not think twice about climbing the stairs, but for lots of people, it is very difficult to go up the stairs. Some diseases, like arthritis, can make bending the knee exceedingly painful, which makes keeping balance a chore. To help decrease the risk of a fall on the stairs, lots of people choose to use a stair lift.

Stair lifts are a type of mobility lifting aid, which is used to transport a person upstairs and down. In most cases where the staircase is straight, a stairway lift will only take a few hours to install and is relatively expensive.

Many times you will hear people call these devices stair chairs. This is because a chair is most commonly used to transport the individual up or down the stairs, but in some cases the individual is not physically able to bend their knees enough to use the chair. In these cases it might be better to use a perch lift, which transports the individual on a small platform, called a perch, up and down the stairs. While for medical reasons a perch lift might be a good choice, since the rider will stay standing as they move up the stairs, this type of lift is a little riskier than a stair chair.

Usually the unit that consists of the perch or chair, electric motor, and batteries is referred to as the car. The car is sent up and down the stairs and is attached to a metal track. In most cases, whether perch lift or stair chair, the metal track is secured directly to the steps.

Many of today's lifts use battery power, but traditional lifts are still quite popular as well. The major advantage of a battery powered lift is that it will continue functioning if the power goes out, but they do cost a little more and have the extra maintenance cost, usually around $60, of replacing the batteries periodically. AC powered lifts are less expensive and will require maintenance, but in the event of a power disruption, an AC lift will cease to function. Both of these types of lifts are still plugged directly into a normal electrical outlet.

To save space it is common for the seat of the stair chair to fold up. Not all lifts have this feature, but if space is an issue, then you would probably want to make certain this feature is available. Sometimes a perch lift is used when space is an issue. This is because a perch lift takes up less space on the stairs, but the extra risks associated with a perch lift, usually outweigh the space benefits.

The chair also usually swivels, but rather than save space, this is a safety feature. The seat swivels away from the stairs, which allows the rider to enter or exit the lift safely and away from the stairway.

If you are trying to increase mobility and reduce the risk of falls, then a stair lift is often the best and most economical way. They are easy to use and quite frequently easy to install, so using one really is usually the best way to keep safe.

Sean Noughtly is a writer that has experience working with stair lifts. Using a lift will go a long way to reducing the risk of a fall and increasing an individuals overall mobility and a battery powered stair lift is often the best choice. If you would like to learn more about these types of lifts visit AmeriGlide, which is also a source of many other types of home medical equipment and lifting aids.

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Monday, 15 December 2008

How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Buying A Used Stair Lift

A seemingly simple thing as walking up and down stairs can be impossible for those who are disabled or handicapped. Installing a handicap stair lift can give a person a real sense of independence - perhaps for the first time in years. But they are very expensive. It is possible to save hundreds of dollars by installing a used stair lift however before doing so, you should first be sure that the second hand one is going to be right for you.

There are two types of stair lift; straight and curved. Both types can be powered by either mains electricity or by rechargeable batteries. Before you consider buying a used stair lift you should be aware of the issues in installing and using an electric or battery model for both straight and curved chair lifts.

A curved lift is for stairways that have turns or mid-level landings. Curved models are custom made and can take anything up to 3 months to install. They are also considerably more expensive than straight models. If your stairs require a curved lift you should think long and hard about buying a used model. A used one will have been custom made for another staircase and will almost certainly not fit yours. Therefore a used curved stair lift will require that the track - on which the chair travels - be modified substantially; in fact, you may not be able to modify it at all and have to buy a new track for your stairs.

Buying and installing a used curved chair lift is a specialized skill. Unless you are very experienced at this sort of work, you will need to buy this sort of lift from a supplier, who will install and provide a warranty. The suppliers are not hard to find, a quick look on the web will quickly help you locate a dealer near you.

To buy and install a used straight stair lift is less problematic. There's no need to modify the track; you simply have to fit it to your stairs. However, there are one or two things to check before you buy this type of second hand chair lift. If your stairs require that the rail be fitted on the right-hand-side then make sure the used model you buy is suitable for the right and not the left side. If you're going to install it yourself you should make sure that the track is the right size for your stairs. Tracks come in various lengths - usually between 16 and 20 feet - so make sure the track length is long enough for your stairs.

Most new models are battered operated - makes like Stannah and Bruno Stair Lift - and there are many advantages with battery powered models. Ones that use rechargeable batteries generally have a smoother ride, are easy to install - requiring no wiring and the stair lift can be used during power outages.

Many older models are powered from mains supply. One or two manufacturers like the Summit Stair Lift still make a mains powered model. If you are going to buy a used stair lift that is mains powered you will need to do some wiring; unless you're a qualified electrician you will need a professional to do this work. Also, it was quite common for these types to have the electric cable trail behind the chair, which does present the possibility of someone tripping over it.

Other things you should check before you buy a second hand stair lift are the general condition of the chair; does it swing out smoothly; does it have a seatbelt - if you need to wear one you will have the problem of trying to buy a seatbelt for a model of stair lift that may no longer be made. If it's a battery powered model check that the batteries and charger are in good working order. The same applies to all the controls.

Finally, you should think about a warranty. If you buy a used model and fit it yourself you won't have any guarantee that it will be safe and work properly. If you buy from a specialist supplier then you should get some guarantee about safety and will get after sales support. As stated, there are many reputable suppliers of used stair lifts - you can find many of them online - and they sell many leading brands like Acorn, Stannah and Bruno stair lifts.

Follow the links for used stair lifts and get stair lift reviews on leading brands like the Bruno stair lift.

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Friday, 12 December 2008

A Review Of The Ameriglide Stair Lift

The Ameriglide stair lift has been built to be an inexpensive but reliable product. The low, affordable price of it enables many who are on a small budget to purchase a home stair lift. However, with its low cost you'll still get many features that compare with other brands, but you'll also have to forgo on others.

This uses old fashioned technology inasmuch as it uses a cable system to pull the carriage along the track. Most other high-end models now use a rack and pinion system. It's been claimed that rack and pinion gives a smoother ride, however the motor in it has been improved and, traveling at a maximum speed of only 20 feet per minute, most users would not feel any difference in comfort between the Ameriglide and any other brand.

Another criticism of cable systems is that the cable drags behind the chair and can be a hazard as someone might trip over it. This has cleverly encased the cable inside the track so there is no visible trailing cable. It's also claimed that because the cable is in constant motion, the cable will quickly suffer the effects of wear and tear and will need to be replaced. But it uses a strong aircraft cable in the drive system that is rated at 4,200 lbs and should last many years.

Unusually, you can buy both a mains AC powered and a battery DC powered Ameriglide model. Most manufacturers switched from mains powered to battery some years ago (and only make battery models), but the company has retained its mains powered version.

There are inherent advantages to both types of stair lift. With battery the user gets noticeably smoother starts and stops. Also, the chair lift is easier to install as there is no wiring. Best of all, a battery powered stair lift can still be used during power outages.

A mains powered electric unit has a major advantage in that it can be used constantly. Batteries need recharging after a maximum of 20 round trips up and down the stairs. If the lift is going to be used a lot or, if there are going to be more than one user, then the main powered model may be a better option.

The Ameriglide stair lift comes with basic safety features. There is a sensor on the footrest to stop the stair lift when it touches any obstacle. Limit switches shut the unit off in the same place at the top and bottom of the stairs automatically. The seat comes equipped with a seat belt. But when you buy a cheap chair lift there are certain compromises that have to be made.

It doesn't come with two, wireless remote controls that are standard on other leading brands like the Bruno and Acorn stair lift. The best lifts have safety sensors, not only on the footrest but also on the carriage. Tis stair lift does not have sensors on the carriage. An object encountered on the track will not cause it to stop.

All stair lifts allow the user to manually swivel the seat at the top of the stairs, however, some brands come with an optional motorized swivel seat; this is an important consideration for those with severe mobility problems and, if this is the case, the Ameriglide won't be suitable.

Finally, the aesthetic appearance of this stair chair lift is not as appealing as more expensive brands but this won't be of major concern for those on a limited budget. The Ameriglide is a good stair lift; it isn't the best on the market but it serves its purpose of providing mobility that is affordable and reliable.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Wheelchair Stair Lifts - Features of Portable Wheelchair Lifts

When it comes to better and easier access for the disabled-wheelchair stair lifts are the best ways to get around. Aside from the reliable accessibility solutions it provides to physically handicapped or aged people, it also guarantees safeness while using any staircase it is installed onto.

Wheelchair stair lifts are designed for easier disabled access to going up and down stairs. People who are handicap or just have back problems find these devices extremely helpful. Additionally, it is easier for these people to move easily into and out of a standing position.

One size doesn't fit all, though. These wheelchair lifts are available in various designs and sizes where each typically has its own unique features or selling points.

With these aids, the physical and environmental barriers are never a problem where they used to be huge obstacles. With their assistance, any person with a disability can cope easily with either non-commercial or commercial settings.

For emergency situations in a home or building, wheelchair stair lifts can still be used in any multi-story building, since they can be installed easily along the sides of almost any stairway.

They are always available in curved and straight staircases-and a variety of others as well. They can be customized as well to match any particular situation or environment within the house or office.

They are not just easy-to-use pieces of equipment but they are also equipped with numerous safety features that are always available for the user to take advantage of. One of the best features is highly sensitive sensors that function to help prevent the damages caused during the lift's path.

Among some of the basic features of wheelchair stair lifts include the capacity to carry 750 pounds or 340 kilograms of weight, key locks for prevention of any unauthorized access, three drive systems of battery powered hydraulics, battery powered belt driven ball screw and the A/C powered belt driven ball screw.

They also have three non-skid platform sizes of 36"x60", 36"x56" and 36"x48". Optional remote controls and emergency stop button and alarm are also part of the basic features of wheelchair stair lifts.

Learn more about wheelchair stair lifts and where you can buy it. Visit my site to discover the best place to buy used electric stair lift.

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Monday, 8 December 2008

Stair Chair Lift - What To Look For When Buying

To buy and install a stair lift has become a popular choice for many handicapped or disabled people or for those who just find if difficult or tiring to walk up and down stairs. But deciding to buy one is the easy part; deciding on what is the best stair lift to buy is the hard part.

Prices vary greatly but don't make the mistake of buying the cheapest you can find. You should buy one that uses modern technology, has the features you want and comes with a good warranty.

But what to look for when buying a stair chair lift?

First, you should make sure that it uses modern technology and design. You should really only buy one that uses a rack and pinion system to pull the chair and it should also be powered by DC 24 volt rechargeable batteries. Older versions used a cable to pull the chair up and down the track. However, a cable system doesn't give the user the smoothest ride and you have the issue of the moving cable that is continuously being wound in and out as the chair travels along the track; a moving cable will suffer wear and tear and will need replacing at a future date.

Also, older lifts used mains AC electricity. This means that it needs an electrician to carry out the wiring. Modern stair chair lifts are powered by rechargeable batteries. This not only makes installation much easier but it's also safer as there is no possibility of someone being electrocuted when using the chair.

Most manufacturers of stair lifts like Bruno and Acorn make rack and pinion battery powered stair chair lifts. Summit stair lifts continue to make cable and mains powered unit.

The arms should lift up to allow easy access to the chair. The seat and foot rest should also be foldable so that when not in use, there is ample room for others to use the stairs.

Just about all models come with safety belts. But you should decide whether you want retractable inertia seat beats or 3-point fixed shoulder belts - not all stair lift suppliers fit these types.

Make sure the unit you buy comes with two wireless call/send remote controls.

As well as remote controls you need to decide on what other controls you need. Controls are usually fitted on the armrest and should always override the remote control. The most common types of controls are pressure rocker switches (the user must keep it pushed down when using) and a joystick. You must decide on what control type best suits your requirements.

Pay close attention as to what safety systems come as standard. There should be at least a footrest sensor to stop the chair if an obstacle is encountered on the stairs. Bruno stair lifts come with 5 sensor surfaces on the footrest and carriage, so that any obstacle encountered on either the stairs or the track will stop the chair.

A stair chair lift should come with governors to slow the carriage from travelling over a certain speed or will stop it completely if anything breaks.

What weight will the stair chair need to carry? Most, like the Acorn Superglide Stair Lift, can carry a maximum of 300 lbs whereas the Bruno Electra-Ride Stair Lift can carry 350 lbs.

You should check out the seat and determine if it can be adjusted (along with the footrest) so you feel comfortable when using it.

Finally, find out what warranties the supplier provides. Also, what after sales service is provided? Ideally you should find a dealer that provide 24/7 telephone support.

Installing a stair chair lift can greatly improve one's quality of life. But installing one that doesn't best serve you can be detrimental to your quality of life. Take your time when choosing a unit and carry out as much research as you can before buying.

Follow the links for more on buying a stair chair lift from makes like the Acorn stair lift and the Bruno stair lift and others.

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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Excel Stair Lift - 3 Features That Are Lessor Known

Part of the process of finding a stair lift is determining which safety features and aesthetics best meets your needs. The Excel stair lift series is one of the top selling lifts in the market and it's no wonder. This home elevator has many features that stand out but there are three that sometimes get glossed over.

These three lessor known features will keep you and others safe, make transport easier for all kinds of disabilities, and truly make the lift a part of your home.

Excel stair-lifts are equipped with multiple safety features. One of these features are safety sensors. These sensors detect objects that are on the stairs and in the way and will stop the lift until the object is moved. So if you have objects dropped on the stairway, a loving pet that wants in your lap, or a toddler that's fascinated with the whole machine you won't have to worry about running into or over them.

Stair lifts are designed for people who are still somewhat mobile but unable to climb steps. What about if other parts of your body are immobile as sometimes happens after a stroke. The controls on the Excel are fairly versatile. Control choices range from a remote control that others can use, to a joystick that you nudge the direction you want to go to push button controls on the seat. You can have the controls on either side therefore utilizing your strongest side if need be.

Who wants some gawky looking piece of equipment lined up and down your steps? With choices in colors and materials and a design that is stylish you can have your lift looking as if it was designed as part of the home.

No one want to have to use a stairlift. But with safety features, versatile control and interior d├ęcor options offered from the Excel line it makes owning and using one more bearable.

Visit http://www.stairliftinfo.info to learn more about if a stair lift is for you. You'll find many other tips and advice on straight stair lifts, curved lifts, and new and used lifts, too.

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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Buy Stair Lifts Online

Stair lifts – all sorts

No stair lifts and 18 years of full time caring of my disabled sweetheart (she died Sept 2004) I can barely walk because of serious arm and back pain. Had I taken more time and good advise from folks around me I'd be in much better condition today for sure.

Years ago when all this started I couldn't afford the various devices that were available. I wish I could've had a stair lift and medical equipment support for transporting and lifting along with proper training. Shopping for these items and buying online now days is easy.

Medicare didn't and still in most cases doesn't help much financially and the H.M.O's don't seem too interested in helping either. I felt as though their mission was to get rid of me and not spend any money. Nevertheless, today you can purchase all sorts of products for the disabled including wheelchairs, electric, manual, curved, handicapped home lifting equipment.

Moving around the home has never been easier with stair glide lifts. You're even shown on website's how to measure a person, so ordering the right size is no mishap.

With great money back guarantee's you needn't be worried about refunds if you're not satisfied with your purchase. That's really a great feature putting us at ease especially where the money is a major issue to start with.

You'll also be able to call an 800# for free professional help - better than by going to the medical office for sure. These people make it their business helping the care providers, patients, professional medical providers get the proper lift for your needs.

Ramps, wheelchairs, beds, walkers, bath safety make up a range of marvelous support tools that are a serious absolute must not matter the expense.

Power mobility equipment can be a life saver for sure and a stair lift should be on top of everyone's list. As I age, the probable medicare and insurance supplement expense for me could've been minimized with a little better sensitivity to plight of the average caregiver.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Preparing For a Stair Lift

Many people in the United States of America and across the world use stair lifts because of the many benefits they offer. Falling down the stairs is a very common type of accident and many times will result in a serious injury. The risk of a fall is not something that you need live with and by installing a stair lift, you can easily reduce this risk.

Stair lifts are a type of lifting aid that is often found in the home and also in commercial settings. Generally these lifts are installed easily onto most straight stairways, but people with curved stairways might not be so lucky. Usually a curved stair lift requires professional installation and is incredibly expensive.

People that have straight stairways will be able to easily install a lift and most times the homeowner is actually able to do the installation on their own. Teams of professional installers are available though, so if you are not comfortable doing the installation on your own, you can inexpensively have a straight staircase lift installed.

Before ordering or installing a stairway lift, it is important to get an accurate measurement of the stairs. Again as with the installation process, there are professional stairway measurement teams available, but it is something that most people do on their own.

You will need to measure the total length of the stairway and will also need to take the measurement of an individual step. The dealer will use the measurement of the step to compare and check your other measurements. It is best to have a helper during the measurement stage, because it is very important to make certain that the measuring tape does not sag. Usually the dealer can walk you through these measurements, but you can also download this printable measurement guide (pdf), which includes instructions, pictures, and a space to fill in the measurements of the staircase.

After you have a set of accurate measurements, the track of the stairway lift will be cut by the dealer and shipped to your house. Often this takes only a day or two and so from the time you order to the time the lift is installed is usually less than a week. Since they use your measurements to cut the track, obtaining accurate measurements are important and it is a good idea to double check your measurements before submitting them.

To install the lift, the metal track will first be attached to the stairs. Once the track is securely bolted onto the stairs and has been leveled, the car is attached to the track. The car is the part of the lift that does all the work and is sent up and down the track carrying the rider. Most use a chair that is attached to the car and carries a single seated occupant.

A well made stair lift from a reputable dealer will last for many years and most are backed by a five to ten year warranty. Using a stair lift is a surefire way to eradicate the risk of a fall and promote overall safety.

Sean Noughtly is a writer who is very familiar with stair lifts. Using a stair lift is a great way to reduce the risk of injury and accident on the stairs. They differ from wheelchair lifts, but both offer a similar service by allowing people to use the stairs safely and easily.

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