Monday, 16 March 2009

What Kind of Non Slip Stairs Do You Need?

Non slip stairs can be found in a variety of settings. Some are used on job sites while others are found in stores and public buildings. Even private homes may be equipped with non slip stair treads. Where your stairs are found and how they will be built are both factors in what kind of non slip surface you will need.

In a home, there are literally hundreds of ways to improve stair safety. The most obvious way to make your steps into non slip stairs is simply to carpet them because carpet is more slip-resistant than wood steps.

On the other hand, if you do not want to completely cover your wood steps, you can buy non slip stair treads. Some of these are designed to look like small braided rugs, but they have a sticky backing that keeps them securely attached on each step. You can also get glow-in-the-dark non slip treads for added safety.

One choice for non slip stair treads that can be used in almost any environment is rubber or vinyl stair tread tapes. These stick to the steps and grip the sole of the shoe or foot so that there are no slips and falls. They can be put on stairs in a home, business, or public facility. Some of them can be made to look attractive enough for most decorating schemes too.

For industrial or construction uses, non slip stair tapes are designed using special materials. Abrasive granules are incorporated into the surfaces of some of the tapes, making them rougher and harder to slip on. Their basic substance is usually made of some kind of polymer that will hold up to all kinds of chemical, moisture, and pressure stresses.

Some heavy industrial applications require heavy metal non slip stairs that meet OSHA standards. These stairs must be able to withstand use in all kinds of weather. They must be able to hold the weight of heavy objects that might be carried up the stairs. Some of these stairs are made of different types of steel such as stainless steel and galvanized steel. Others are made of aluminum or other metals.

One of the keys to the non slip surface of metal stairs is in the shape of the design. Diamond plate is one of the older varieties of industrial use non slip stairs. It definitely provides more stable footing than a slick flat surface. However, some of the newer, non slip stairs are generally flat surfaced, but with an abrasive finish.

When you are getting ready to buy steps for your own purposes, determine what will work best for you. Think about whether cosmetic value is important and how much wear and tear the stair will need to be able to withstand. In the end, you can find your perfect set of non slip stairs to suit your needs.

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