Thursday, 30 July 2009

Guide to Different Types of Stair Lifts

With the development of modern sciences, many new inventions have been introduced to the world to make life easier. Since the dawn of humanity man has always been in search of discovering different ways to make life easier - and that quest is still going on. In recent years, many new innovative machines and tools have been introduced to the market, which are specifically designed to help the disabled and allow them more freedom of movement and independence. One such innovative machine is the stair lift, which is used to help the disabled in climbing stairs without the help of another person.

There are different kinds of stair lifts to fulfil the needs of different people with different conditions and disabilities. They can be installed on almost any type of stairway, regardless of the length of the stairway. Whether the stair case is spiral or straight, a stair lift can be installed even in the most toughest spots. They are generally intended for indoor use, however there are lifts that have been specifically designed for out door use.

There are generally two main types of stair lift - standing stair lifts and seated stair lifts. Standing ones are those that can be used by people who have no problem in standing or walking but are unable, or experience difficulty in, bending their legs. These people include those with medical disorders that prevent them from bending their legs. This type of stair lift does not need a lot space to be installed and therefore can be used in tight and narrow spaces with ease. The seated stair lifts are those which are generally used by people who have a problem with standing for long periods, or are completely disabled and cannot stand at all (for example, people in wheel chairs). These stair lifts consist of a seat that runs along the stairs, thus allowing the user to climb up and down the stairs without having to stand at all. Some companies even offer seats with foldable arms to provide maximum support to the physically disabled.

Another type of stair lift is the wheelchair lift, which is designed for those people who cannot get up from their wheelchair with ease. It consists of a mechanism that transports the entire wheelchair along the stairway, thus there is no need to get up from the wheelchair at all. Yet another type of stair lift is the one called preaching stair lift which is designed for those who need just a little support while standing. It is almost the same as the standing lift but with an added support for the back of the disabled person.

It would be difficult for an ordinary person to determine which type of stair lift would be best for him/her, therefore the companies that provide stair lifts also have well trained working staff which can help the consumer choose the right stair lift for an individual. Also, it would be advisable to consult a doctor or therapist as they know the condition of the patient and will therefore be able to give a better suggestion as to which stair lift should be installed. As the stair lifts are machines, the ones with maximum warranty should be considered first to make sure the investment does not go to waste.