Wednesday, 12 August 2009

What Are the Main Differences Between Cheap and Expensive Stair Lifts?

One of the greatest inventions of modern times is the stairlift. Stair lifts are becoming increasingly popular in the modern age due to their utility and benefits. Stair lifts have restored the freedom to the disabled and elderly that they once possessed. They are now able to move about their homes with as much freedom as that of any healthy member of the family.

However, as beneficial as these stair lifts may be, they certainly are very costly, and you have to plan to invest in these stair lifts with great care. The task of choosing a stair lift that fits well in the budget and also provides all the necessary features for the needed period of time requires great consideration.

Different factors make the price of one stair lift different from the other. The most obvious factor is their design. Some stairlift designs are more expensive than others. For example, circular or round stair lifts are more expensive than straight stairlifts. Similarly, stair lifts equipped to lift heavy weights are more expensive than those designed to lift standard weights.

The quality of the material of the stair lift also affects its price. Naturally, the better the quality of material used in a stair lift, the higher would be its cost. In certain cases, better quality material can be avoided and a stair lift with cheap material would be sufficient. Better quality material ensures a long life and smooth running of the machinery and its various parts. On the other hand, a cheap stairlifts compromises durability and long life for a reduction in price.

Those who are looking for a stair lift for a short span of time are better off with a cheaper stair lift, as it would be pointless for them to buy something for short term use that has been designed for long term use. It would increase the cost of the investment without any reason.

Another difference between expensive and cheap stairlifts might be the after sales service of the company selling the stairlifts. Again, those who are concerned with long term use of the stair lift might need to worry about after sales servicing and maintenance, whereas those who intend to use them for a short span of time need not pay much heed to after sales services provided by the company.

The installation of the stair lift and the area or conditions in which it has to be installed might also create a price difference in the stairlifts. Not all stairlifts can be installed in every location, and thus more complicated stair lift designs are required to fit in tight spots. Thus, the price of these stairlifts is generally higher than that of normal stair lifts.

Expensive stair lifts generally have better finishing and more features than their cheaper alternatives. Many companies throw in a few extra features with their products to justify their higher price. Nevertheless, some of these features might actually be useful and might be among the main requirements of the consumer. Expensive stair lifts also generally provide more safety features than the cheaper alternatives available in the markets.

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