Thursday, 24 February 2011

Get to Know the Basic Stair Parts

Before you plan on reconstructing or renovating a stair, you have to know the basic stair parts. You have to have a rudimentary knowledge at least so that the process of renovation or reconstruction will be easier. Also, if you hire a contractor or a professional, you won't be lost in the conversation. You will be able to contribute to the conversation by incorporating your ideas and such.

So what are the basic stair parts? Those are the parts you see and you use frequently in stairs.

These are the following stair parts:

Stair treads

The stair treads are the part of the stairs that you actually step on. It is perhaps the most abused part of the stairs. You'll find that the stair treads are often decorated with carpets and finished with varnishes. The carpets and varnish are decorations as much as they are protection. Since the stair treads are exposed to frequent physical and mechanical abuse they need all the protection they can get.

Hand Railings

This is another member of basic stair parts that you really have to get to know. They function normally to protect us from falling or slipping in stairs. This is the structure made of series of rods along the side of stairs. The hand rails are made for gripping. They support you as you go down or up in the stairs. Hand railings also have a dual purpose

You'd want to get to know hand railings because they serve to protect us but it also contributes to the whole look of the stores. There's so much you can do with hand rails in terms of design.

Additional tip: A lot of stair builders are loving how stainless cable railings look on their staircases. They are cheap, easy to work with and easy to maintain. They can easily swing from classic to vintage to contemporary, too. You can try using them if you are baffled about which material to use for your railings.

This is another stair part that ensures our protection. It is among the stair parts that have a dual purpose as well - protection and design. This is the part of the stair that holds the hand rails. It gives supports to the hand rails by 'carrying' the hand rails.

These three are the basic and most important parts of a stair. Having known its function, you will be able to fully appreciate its importance in your staircase. Also, you will be able to manipulate the said stair parts to your advantage - most especially in terms of design.

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