Sunday, 13 July 2008

Reliability and Safety of Stair Lifts

One of the inescapable realities in the life of every individual is that of getting old as years pass by. In old age, climbing stairs of one's own home can become a difficult task. As a solution for the mobility problems caused by physical challenges, one can opt for stair lifts designed for helping the elderly and disabled individuals to move up or down the stairs of their homes with ease. Chair lift is another name for stair lift, because a motorized chair is used to lift people up and down the stairs. It is highly reliable and safe and sans any risk of the user getting injured. There are different models of stair lifts suitable for straight, curved and spiral staircases.

The reliability and safety of stair lifts are considered with top priority, while they conform to the ASME standards. To ensure reliability and safety of stair lifts many additional safety-oriented facilities are incorporated apart from their inbuilt features; they include,

• Safety sensors to avoid the chances of the stair lift hitting the objects on its path and thus avoiding accidents
• Reliable and foolproof mechanism to prevent the lift from operation until the seating is correct
• Seat belts with locking facility, and
• Safety breaking system.

All AC and DC models of stair lifts are designed with armrests and footrests which are intentionally placed on tracks as an extra measure to ensure reliability and safety of stair lifts. Thanks to this safety feature the stair lifts can be used by the aged and the disabled without fear of getting injured by accidents. As an added measure to ensure reliability and safety of stair lifts, they are provided with protective covers to avoid damage when not in use. Stair lifts are highly reliable for residences because they require only little maintenance. When considering the cost-factor, stair lifts, apart from home elevators and platform lifts, are the least expensive mobility solutions. To provide the disabled with reliability and safety, many models of stair lifts are built with battery backups to tackle unexpected power breakdowns.

A stair lift helps you overcome your mobility problems. You can find stair lifts which can provide you with reliability and extra safety in a variety of models which can be customized according to your budget and needs.

Jaxon Rivera is working as a design consultant at Day Elevator & Lift, a premier provider of stair lifts, home elevators and wheelchair lifts for residential and commercial applications throughout the tri-state area, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.

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