Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Residential Stair Lifts

Many Americans whether due to age or disability are not able to use large portions of their homes because they can not safely navigate the stairs. This can be very hard on the individual and their family. A stair lift, using a remote control or set of mounted buttons, carries an individual up and down the stairs. Most stair lifts work by mounting an aluminum track to the stair case and then sending an attached chair up and down the distance of the stairs. For individuals that have trouble sitting, there are models available with small platforms as well. For most though the stair chair is going to provide the most comfort and stability.

When you are in the market for a stair lift there are several things to consider. As long as you have a straight stair case the installation is fairly easy and inexpensive. A curved stair case will usually require a completely custom made track and is a good deal more expensive and needs to be professionally installed. If your stair case is not straight there may still be a way to use a standard stair lift and save money. A common design for stair cases is an L shaped curve. These L shaped staircases are really just 2 straight stair cases with a landing in between. In these instances it is usually considerably less expensive to purchase 2 traditional stair lifts and install them on each stair case. Incredibly narrow stair cases can also prevent problems because if it is too narrow than the stair lift must be mounted to the wall instead of the steps. Wall mounted stair lifts are more expensive and harder to install, so it may be necessary to get it professionally installed. There are a good many low profile stair lifts that do not take up much stair space, though, unless your stair case is very narrow you should not have any problems finding one that will fit perfectly.

Whether you plan on buying a new stair lift or a used stair lift it is never a good idea to buy one second hand from a private individual. When you purchase a used stair lift from a private individual, there is no way to tell if the unit has been completely abused or is unsafe. Stair lifts are made using incredibly reliable and high quality materials, such as high test aircraft cable, but like anything if you misuse it there is no way to guarantee the safeguards will hold up. Instead of taking this incredible risk with yourself or someone you loves life, you should purchase the stair lift from a reputable dealer. A reputable dealer will fully inspect, refurbish, and then test any stair lift they sell you. When you purchase a used stair lift from a reputable dealer it is in complete factory working condition and compliance. In addition they will offer a minimum 6 month warranty. You get not such guarantees from a private individual and could be very well inheriting a headache or an extreme safety hazard.

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