Friday, 17 April 2009

Affordable Home Stair Lifts

Affordable home stair lifts help the elderly and disabled negotiate stairs safely and move about independently. If one trips while ascending or descending staircases, it is likely to result in fatal or serious falls. A stair lift seats an individual and travels at a measured pace through rails fixed to the side of the staircase. It’s powered by electricity and is a safe accessibility option for the aged and the disabled.

Stair Lifts Available for Straight and Curved Staircases

Home stairlifts are available at affordable rates. Electric versions are the most common among stairlifts while battery-powered units are also available. Staircases are typically straight or curved. Rails for straight stair lifts are simpler to build but affordable lifts for curved stairs are also available. Technological advancements have made stair lifts safer than when they were first introduced in the 1930s. Stair chair lifts have the following important features:

• Rechargeable battery-powered movement during power failure
• Obstruction sensors
• Folding up facility for better space management when not in use
• Wireless controls

Variety of Models Available in the Market

ThyssenKrupp Access and Savaria Concord are two of the popular major elevator and stairlift manufacturers for residential and commercial purposes. A wide variety of stair lifts are available to suit the homes and needs of various customers. Apart from the common ones, there are wheelchair-specific stair lifts consisting of a platform where the disabled individual can move in with his wheelchair. This kind requires a considerable amount of space, though.

Standing and perching models are ideal for narrow staircases. In the former, the individual needs to stand on the platform holding a guardrail, while the perching stair chair lift allows for a mild seating posture.

Depending on the budget of customers and the kind of individuals using them, affordable stair lifts for the home are easily available.

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