Saturday, 4 April 2009

Curved Stair Lifts for Virtually All Curved Stairways

Moving up the stairs can be rather demanding for disabled and aged individuals. Installing accessibility equipment like stair-lifts can greatly enhance the quality of life of the disabled. Stair lifts are mechanical equipments that are used to take people up and down a flight of steps. They enable physically handicapped people and the elderly to access all areas of the home or office with ease.

Curved stair lifts are the ideal options for curved staircases. These lifts can be tailor-made to any desired size and shape to cope with the bends and landings of virtually any curved stairway, so it doesn’t matter what the configuration of your staircase is. The track of these lifts is made in such a way as to aid movement around the bends of the stairs. Aluminum and steel are used for making the tracks of these lifts so that they stay strong and durable. Curved chair lifts can be mounted on either side of the stairways. Stair chair lifts can be operated using AC as well as DC power. The battery powered device can be used even during power outages.

Curved stair lifts are usually provided with a seat belt and a swivel lock system to ensure the safety of the individuals while they are on the move. These also have sensors to detect obstacles along the path. On sensing an obstruction, the lift will stop automatically to prevent any damage. These lifts can be controlled using constant pressure controls. You can place these lifts either indoors or outdoors as per your requirement. However, professional assistance is essential when installing them.

Curved stair lifts are costlier than straight stair lifts. The cost may depend on several factors such as the amount of bends, length, flexure angle, labor cost and much more. Its installation process is also a lengthy one. Because of its mechanical complexity, these types of lifts require more servicing than straight stair chair lifts. As they are custom built for individual needs they may not be suitable for another user’s staircase, hence their resale value is low.

Curved stair lifts for virtually all curved stairways are easily available nowadays. Bruno Electra-Ride III Custom Curved Rail Stairlift, Flow and Stair-Glide from ThyssenKrupp Access are some of them. Most of the manufacturers provide warranty as well. It will be ideal to look around and compare the various models available, before purchasing a curved stair lift for your personal use.

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