Saturday, 27 June 2009

Comfort and Safety With Stair Lifts

The invention of stair lifts has made the life of old, sick and physically disabled people very comfortable. They no more have to struggle to climb up or down the stairs. In order to maximise the security and function of a stair lift, you must buy a well established brand.

A stair lift not only provides comfort to the disabled but also gives him independence. He can comfortably go up or down the stairs without being a burden on anyone. In the modern living, in particular, stair lift has become a crucial part of building with many floors or homes with more than one storey.

When you seek to buy a stair lift, you must look for safety features. All good brands of stair lifts will include the obstruction sensor system. It makes the stair lift stop if any hindrance come sin its way. You should also seek to have the stair lift with a seat belt. A seat belt ensures security of the user and makes user he or she does not fall in case of any mishap.

Another feature to look for is the automated brakes. They are very useful since they control the stair lift from moving further in case of any malfunctioning of the device. Seat locks are also essential as they give added safety to the user. Additionally, stair lifts have adjustable speed control function. You can also find battery powered stair lifts which means that they will continue to work even if power breaks down. They also have call buttons which are useful in time of emergency.

There are many different kinds of stair lifts. Each type is designed for particular requirement and with special functions. One of the best and most comfortable things about these stair lifts is that you can find them inline with your particular needs and requirements. They can be installed anywhere regardless of the style or size of your stair case.

Stair lifts have particularly been designed in order to give maximum safety and comfort to the users. You can also find features which enable it to function even in case of power failure.

Stair lifts can be installed indoor or outdoor, keeping in view your particular need. You can also find standing or stair lifts with seats. The seat allows utmost comfort and security to the user and ensures that they are transported to one floor to another without any likelihood of injury or fall.

Some of the well established brands of stair lifts are:

1. Citia
2. Flow
3. Stair Glide stair lifts
4. Electra-Ride III curved rail
5. Electra-Ride II

In order to know as to which stair lift to buy, you should also consult the professionals available at the stores. They will visit your place and only after analyzing your requirement and space available will they recommend you the right brand and the sort of stair lifts. Lastly, you should get the stair lift from a reliable company so that you get warranty as well as most desired features.