Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Excel Stair Lifts - Safety, Comfort and Convenience

Excel stair lifts are designed for safety, comfort and convenience. These are engineered with multiple safety features, which include sensors that detect obstacles in their path, seat belts that enhance the security and brakes that will gently stop the system when something goes wrong with the drive system. Excel stair lifts from Access make moving around simple and enjoyable.

Excel stair lifts have outstanding features that make them different from other stair chair lifts. They have swivel seats that lock at 60° and 90°, and allow you to move up and down with confidence. The padded arm rest will give you a more comfortable ride. The folding arms make it easier to get on and off the lift, without extra help from others. These devices have operating control switches which can be placed on either side of the seat for ease of use. An optional joystick, hand held pendent, or control switch is provided for those with limited hand accessibility. These lifts also have a wireless remote control system that can be used whenever the user feels the need. Excel stair lifts come with elegant upholstery in different colors.

You can choose between Excel stair lifts that work on A/C and those that are battery operated. The A/C operated system employs a power cable that uses household current for its operation, and doesn’t work during power failure. The BOS model works on battery which automatically and continuously charges to provide uninterrupted service even when there is a power outage. Everyday advanced technologies are coming up that make riding on stair chair lifts more comfortable and easier. These advanced features include quality suspension system for removing jolts and vibrations, and lightweight frames to ensure excellent performance. These stairlifts can be customized in order to meet the special requirements of customer. The advanced models of stairway lifts have ideal center of gravity which assists the user to execute spins and difficult movements in an easier way.

Stairlifts are mounted on tracks, these tracks have rack and gear arrangement that offer a smooth ride. The optional folding track clears the track out of the landing way and hence maximizes the living space. The track is narrow, low profile and easy to clean. Excel stair lifts are designed for smooth, gentle and stable ride, providing safety, comfort and convenience. These stair chair lifts ensure easy accessibility for your dear ones who find it difficult to move around in the home.

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