Thursday, 26 June 2008

General Information on Outdoor Stair Lifts

Outdoor stair lifts can help you gain independence in your own home. Do you have outdoor steps which you have to use to get into your front door or back door and struggle to get up and down them.

You can get an outdoor stair lift which will give you not only independence but safety as well especially if it has been raining or a frost the steps can be dangerous and you could slip.

The stair lifts have been designed to be fitted outside and withstand the outdoor elements. They are designed to be waterproof with most components made from aluminum which are powered coated for protection. If there are plastic components they should be treated to also protect them from the weather. You can purchase a cover for extra protection if needed.

To ensure your stair lift has a longer life you need to carry out regular servicing which will keep it in good working order and decrease the risk of a faulty stair lift.

Features you can get on the inside stair lift can be found on the outside as well, for example safety stop sensors, soft start/stop and lockable box for the controls.

If you decide to purchase an outside stair lift it might be necessary for the company to visit your home so they can check the conditions and measure to ensure you order the correct stair lift and is fitted correctly. When buying a stair lift always check the price, warranty and what are you covered for i.e. is there a backup service.