Sunday, 22 June 2008

New Vs Reconditioned Stair Lifts

When looking at buying a stair lift maybe you should consider not only new but reconditioned ones as well. With both make sure you search the market.

With both new and reconditioned stair lifts there are advantages and disadvantages.

The new stair lifts will give you a greater choice of models and makes, also the manufacturers could be able to adjust the stair lift to suit your individual needs. With new stair lifts there should be at least one that will fit your stair case. Pristine condition and should have a manufacturers warranty. They are available to order and fitted when you are ready. With new stair lifts they could be expensive.

With the reconditioned stair lifts they should be a lot cheaper and come with a warranty. Good suppliers should offer a 12 month warranty. There is a limited choice of stair lifts and they may not fit your stair case, especially if you have an unusual stair case. The stair lift should be in very good condition but not pristine like a new stair lift.

If looking at a reconditioned stair lift make sure you go to a reputable supplier and be careful of any second hand stair lifts being advertised privately as it may not fit your staircase, you may also have an extra cost to get someone to fit it for you and you wont get the warranty that you would with a supplier. Most suppliers should thoroughly test the stair lift and offer a 12 month warranty at very reasonable prices.