Sunday, 22 June 2008

Stair Lift Prices

Stair lifts allows aged and disabled people to live a normal life. It is a pretty new technology that has surfaced recently that allows people who have difficulty walking up and down the stairs. An electric rail is installed along the side of the stairs and the disabled can sit on the seat and with a press of a button, it will bring the person up the stairs. It’s similar to how a monorail works except on a smaller scale.

Of course, installing a stair lift is not cheap and before purchasing or renting a stair lift, there are a couple of points you need to take note.

Type of Stairs

The prices of stair lifts will depend on the type of stair lifts you plan to purchase or rent. And this will depend on the type of stairs you have in your house. Generally speaking, curved stair lifts are more expensive than straight rail stair lifts. Other types of stair lifts such as wheelchair platform stair lifts, outdoor stair lifts and goods stair lifts are also available.

What You Need

It can be difficult to determine the best type of stair lifts for your house. In this case, I would highly recommend you speak to the stair lift company first before purchasing one. Get quotations from different stair lift manufacturers before deciding which is the best. Also factor in the warranty period, cost of installation etc as it can be quite costly to repair or install a stair lift.

Stair lifts prices are dropping tremendously as more and more people start to realize the benefits of stair lifts. If you can’t afford to purchase a stair lift, most stair lift companies also provide stair lift rental service. It is much more affordable and the cost of installation and warranty is already accounted for.

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