Sunday, 22 February 2009

Creating a Safe Stair Climbing Experience

For some people, it might seem like it is necessary to completely avoid the stairs in their home. This is because for many climbing the stairs is very difficult and it is also one of the leading causes of serious injury in the home. However, avoiding the stairs is not something that is practical, nor is it something that is necessary if you own a stair lift.

A stair lift is a device that helps to make the stairs safe by carrying a person up the staircase. This way there is no need to try to walk up the stairs and potentially falling. Instead, it is only necessary to sit in the stair lift's seat and the lift will do the rest. Remote controls are also usually included, or available, with most lifts. They can be mounted on the wall and used as call buttons or they can be used to allow caretakers to operate the lift.

Most people will be better off going with a sitting stair lift. These devices are very safe and to increase safety a seat belt is included or available for almost all models. There are some people, however, who might not be able to easily use a sitting stair lift. This is often due to an injury like knee replacement surgery, which can prohibit a person from bending their knees enough to safely sit down. For these people, a standing stair lift called a perch lift can be used.

Perch lifts, while still greatly reducing the risk of a fall, are not quite as safe as a sitting stair lift. This is because the occupant must remain standing as they are carried up the stairs when using a perch lift. This means a much higher level of balance will be required, making this a poor choice for most people. There are some that will not be able to use a seated stair lift, so for these individuals, a perch lift is a good choice.

The first stair lift was actually developed over eighty years ago and today still look, in some ways, similar to this first stair lift. However, from a performance and safety standard they are much improved. Today's lifts are more powerful, last longer, and are much more durable as well.

One safety feature that all quality lifts have is a special sensor built into the footrest. This sensor can detect items on the stairs that could interfere with the movement of the lift. If something is detected, the lift will stop moving. A swivel seat is also essential for safety and included in most lifts. The swivel seat allows the chair to be turned away from the staircase. This allows an individual to exit or enter the lift off of the staircase. The lift will not move until the seat is swiveled back in place though.

There are many stair lifts available, so it is never a problem to find one that will provide safe support, while still matching the houses furnishings. These devices can greatly increase staircase safety.

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