Tuesday, 10 February 2009

New Stair Lifts versus Old Stair Lifts

While purchasing the need for the old stair lifts is on the rise. Plausible reasons are viability and cost-effectiveness of an old stair lift over the brand new ones.

On the contrary still some people are buying the brand new stair lifts. They firmly believe that buying a new stair lift is recommendable as they say after a considerable period of time the stair lift companies will not make the parts. Then it would be impossible to get the parts, if needed.

So, from these two different views we can easily fathom out there exist certain pros and cons of both the stair lifts: new and old. The following comparative study will surely help you in determining which one to buy for.

New stair lifts offer certain facilities. Depending on the needs you can customize the stair lift and all of these have been possible due to the options that are available with a new stair lift. An approved dealer always gives a manufacturer guarantee with each new stair lift; the parts are instantly available in the market. New stair lifts can be available in the curved shapes. And you can enjoy post-installation services by the dealers at the convenient time.

Still they are also not without the shortfalls. New stair glide is obviously costlier than that is used in the old one. In case of a new model, the kinks are really the problematic ones. You have to wait possibly three to ten weeks to get the new curved stair lifts from the manufacturer; all the time the curved stair lifts may not come out to be the best as compared to the straight ones in respect of the service time required.

While a good branded second hand stair lift does not impose that much problems. It is less expensive than the new one. The old stair lift is available at $300 to $1500. But still it faces some difficulties: less warranty period, rarity in getting the crucial parts, more-service-calls phenomenon, unmatched curved parts, less manufacturer support and specific usage nature (Sides of the stairs, track length and users’ physical sizes).

Insurance companies and the state regulations have been very specific in case of the new stair lifts installation after 9/11, affecting the products given by the manufacturers. Though, track can be modified and some of the parts can be changed like the length and lift positions from right to the left in case of a second hand stair lift.

The population, another determinant, is proportionally related to the usages of the stair lifts, both the old and the new ones. In a populated area so many stair lifts are available than in case of an unpopulated zone.

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