Monday, 2 February 2009

Stair Lift Rental - 3 Tips Before Deciding

A stair lift rental is a great option when you are confined to one floor of your home. However, there are features of this option one must consider. How you respond to these questions can help you further determine if renting is for you.

  • Are you planning for short term usage?
  • Are you using renting as a financing option?
  • Is your stairway suitable for renting?

Stair lift rentals are intended for short term use.

There really are only a couple of times that a rental makes sense. First is if you or a loved one are confined to a wheelchair or to not using stairs for a limited time. Examples of this might be that you have a broken leg or have had hip replacement surgery. The other is if a relative or friend is coming to visit for more than a couple of days or weeks. Both are short term and ideal for renting the proper equipment.

Rent payments may add up more than financing.

If you believe that you may need the stairlift for longer than a few months then you may need to work with the sales department of your chosen lift company for other financing options. Typical payments on renting are around $100 or greater plus additional up front fees. With that payment you could have a $3000 lift paid off in slightly over 2 years at 5% interest. Rentals are not meant to be paid off so why continue paying on something you won't return for some time? Also loans, credit cards, and other forms of funding may bring a lower payment therefore helping with your budget.

Rentals are primarily for straight stairwells.

Due to the complexity and variety of stairwells straight stairlifts are the easiest for companies to rent. If your staircase is curved, meaning a straight run with no landings or curvature, you may have difficulty finding a rental stair lift. Renting two lifts is a possibility if your stairs are straight with a landing in between but then you may be looking at higher payments.

Another item to consider is that most rented stair lifts are used. These should be checked out by the company you have hired prior to and after installation.

These are great devices to have in your home for lifting you or your loved one from floor to floor. As long as you are planning for short term usage and have straight stairs then renting could be a very attractive option for you.

Stone Dupree has been active in repairing and maintaining medical devices in the hospital and clinical environment for nearly twenty years. He loves to share tips from his experiences with others through his websites. Visit to learn more about if a curved stair lift is for you. You'll find many other tips and advice on finding and purchasing a stair lift for your home too.

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