Saturday, 4 October 2008

Prevent Falls with Stair Treads for Your Carpet

Millions of people are injured each year from falls in the home, but you can help prevent them in your home by using carpet stair treads. Protect your family from dangerous falls and slip related injuries. Stair treads are one easy and inexpensive way to keep your family safe.

Stair treads should be a must in your home if you have children or elderly adults living with you, as these two groups have the greatest risk for fall related injuries. For older adults, a fall can have devastating consequences if it breaks a hip bone or creates another injury. Of fall injuries, a significant number happen on a home's stairs and a study on insurance costs found that only car accidents created more insurance costs than fall injuries.

Many people overlook their stairs when they are making their homes safer. They install alarms and locks, buy mats for their bathtub, and put in smoke detectors. While these safety features are all important, protecting your family from falls is also important. We often take for granted that hand railing will keep everyone safe on the stairs, but this just isn't the case.

Stair tread should provide a non-slippery surface on your stairs. Whether your stairs are concrete, wood, or carpet, you can add additional protection to them. You can find stair treads made out of rubber, metal, or braided materials. You can also use carpet treads on wood floors to stop people from slipping on them.

You'll find that buying carpet stair treads is cheaper than installing full carpet on your stairs. The treads will also look attractive next to wood flooring. Look for treads that will not only look great but will also allow you to see the depth and width of the steps. This will also help individuals walk up and down safely.

In addition to the stair treads, encourage your family to turn on the lights when they need to go up or down the stairs. Many people try to navigate in the dark and either slip or they trip on items that have been left on the stairs. Using the lights will help you see any obstacles and help you see where you need to place your feet to safely make it up or down.

Installing carpet stair treads will help you keep your family and guests safe from unintentional falls. They are easy to install and will cost you less than fully carpeting your stairs. Don't forget to make your stairs safer as you add safety items to other parts of your home.

An often overlooked safety feature for your home is carpet stair treads

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