Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Wheelchair Lifts Help Free You From Mobility Barriers

Wheelchair lifts are the best options that will help free you from mobility barriers. Physical disability and old age are factors that contribute to lack of mobility. Without a wheel chair lift, most of the aged and the physically challenged will have to depend on caretakers to reach the different floors of their house or office for their basic needs. The presence of caretakers constantly at one's side is an intrusion into individual privacy. Therefore, physically disabled people consider wheelchair lifts a real blessing.

Nowadays you can purchase different models of wheel chair lifts with a variety of value added features depending on the needs of the users. As the manner of using the lift differs in residential and commercial buildings, different models are available for residential and commercial purposes.

Wheelchair stair lifts are commonly used in residences where there are old or disabled family members. As there are houses with straight and curved stairways, straight stair lifts and curved stair lifts are available in the market. Most of these stair lifts are provided with safety measures to ensure the safety and comfort of the users. Some stair lift models are provided with obstruction sensors. These sensors detect obstructions on the path of the lift and avoid damages. Most of these stair lifts are provided with rechargeable batteries. Therefore these lifts can be used even at the time of power failures. Hydraulic wheelchair lifts are also available in the market. Hydraulic lifts are more expensive than electric lifts.

Vertical platform lifts are used to move along a straight stairway. These lifts normally have a lifting capacity of 750 lb or 340 kg and are available in different colors to suit the interiors of homes and workplaces. Most of the reputable vertical platform lift manufacturers provide 1-2 year warranty for the main parts of the lift.

Automobile wheelchair lifts are helpful for physically challenged persons to get in and out of vehicles without much effort. There are many branded companies such as Bruno, ThyssenKrupp Access, and Savaria Concord who provide quality vertical lifts. These companies have dealers in major locations of the country. The dealers are provided with qualified technicians to offer quality wheel chair lift installation and maintenance services for the lifts.

At DAY, we focus on eliminating several accessibility challenges you face at home and in your business premises, with the help of premium products such as platform lifts, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts and so on. We have an extensive range of Inclined and vertical platform lifts.

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