Saturday, 18 October 2008

Wheelchair Stair Lifts And Other Assistive Devices Can Increase Your Mobility

For people with a disability there are many different concerns over daily tasks that others take for granted. Assistive devices such as wheelchair stair lifts make it possible to have a home that is not a single story ranch house. Increasing opportunities and choice availability to those who are wheelchair bound is more than just picking out a few assistive devices; having wheelchair stair lifts installed in a home opens worlds of possibilities to people who are having limitations set upon them at every turn.

For people who have difficulty with stairs and do not have either of the budget or the space for an elevator, wheelchair stair lifts are an option that allows them access to other floors in the house. These lifts come in a few different styles.

First, for those who are not wheelchair bound but still have difficulty getting up a straight flight of stairs, there are straight stair lifts or 'stair chairs'. These lefts attach to the stair treads and rail. There is an adjustable swivel type seat that you set yourself in and a safety belt to keep you from falling out while the chair moves. These are powered by rechargeable batteries much like electric wheelchairs are.

This type of wheelchair stair lift is quite simple, it just moves along the rail up or down the stairs. You simply sit in the chair and ride slowly one way or the other. These are best if there is only one person in the home using this lift as it sits at the end of the stairs where you last used it. Since the place it was last used is the floor where you are you are able to ride it up and down as needed.

Second, there is this basic same type of lift made for people who are wheelchair bound. These platform lifts are used in the same manner except instead of having a chair that you sit in there is a platform that you park your wheelchair on. The rest of the mechanism works in about the same way.

A third type of lift would be a wheelchair shower lift. These are lightweight and fairly easy to manage lifts that assist a wheelchair bound person into the bathtub. With push button controls disabled people are able once again to take a nice, long, hot and luxurious bubble bath without having to have someone physically pick them up and place them in the tub or physically remove them from the bathtub.

The different types of assistive devices beginning with wheelchair stair lifts and continuing through wheelchair shower lifts and other high tech assistive devices are available to improve the life quality of disabled people around the world and allowing them to put more 'ability' back in their lives again.