Friday, 19 September 2008

Domestic Stairlifts - Most Practical Alternative For People

As there is an increase in the number of people in the US who are being affected with various types of physical disabilities, major elevator companies are active in the field with a wide range of accessibility products specially designed for the disabled. Among these accessibility products, domestic stairlifts are the most practical alternative for people as they offer better freedom of movement within the home.

Domestic stairlifts are actually smaller lifts designed to carry one person at a time from one floor to another in a multi-storied building or a high rise apartment. These stairway lifts do not require complex modifications to be made in your residence, as required by regular lifts. As the name suggests, stair lifts have close association with the stairs of your home, and the unit runs along a rail which is attached to your existing staircase. Today, domestic stairlifts come in varying prices and load carrying capacities.

Stair chair lifts have their main components which consist of a wall mountable or stair mountable rail, a comfortable swivel chair, control equipments and a motor which powers the unit to climb upstairs and downstairs. The two main categories based on power requirements is the direct AC powered unit and the battery powered unit; the latter uses a rechargeable battery and can be operated even during power failures.

Almost all domestic stairlifts come with a flexible chair with height adjustment features to suit the requirements of the rider. Most models have rotating seats which can swivel at various angles to enable easy entry and exit. The smooth operation of the motor gives a comfortable ride and all control buttons are handy and easy to use, which enables the rider to control the lift with ease. Advanced models which are capable of carrying freights are also available.

Domestic stairlift models are available for both indoor and outdoor requirements. All outdoor stair chair lifts are manufactured with highly durable materials which can withstand extreme temperatures and weather changes. Some popular domestic stairlifts available in the market include Bruno Stair lifts, ThyssenKrupp Access Stair lifts and Savaria Concord Stair Lifts. Features and specifications of stair chair lifts change according to the model and the manufacturing company. These stair chair lifts are also fitted with all safety features for a safer ride. Most stairway lift models can sense obstacles along their path, and can halt their operation until the obstacle is removed.

All major stair lift manufacturers are offering their products with company warranties which cover all types of manufacturing and functional defects during its warranty coverage period. These friendly stair chair lifts thus serve as the most practical alternative for disabled people who had to avail of manual assistance earlier for climbing steps.

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