Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Stair Lifts By AmeriGlide

A stair lift is a home medical aid that is used to carry an individual up and down the stairs. The first stair lift was developed in the 1920's and since then they have earned the respect of those in the medical and home care fields time and time again. One of the most common causes of injury among the elderly is related to falls down the stairs, which many times results in injury to the hips or back. A stair lift greatly reduces this risk of fall and allows mobility challenged individuals to use the stairs without any other outside assistance.

There are several different manufacturers of stair lifts and one of the most reliable and dependable is AmeriGlide. Their stair lifts are some of the most trusted in the industry and are all backed by a very comprehensive warranty. Only the strongest and most reliable materials are used. This includes high strength aircraft cables and specially reinforced aluminum.

A great deal of engineering and testing is behind all of their units and before any product is ever sold to the public, you can be sure that it has been comprehensively tested. Their AC and DC stair lifts are designed to provide over 16 years of service and are covered by a 10 year drive train warranty. The Ultra series utilize a rack and pinion design and feature a 5 year drive train warranty.

One of the major advantages of a stair lift made by AmeriGlide is the ease of installation that is standard with all of their products. Using common household tools, it is possible for a single individual to install a stair lift in an afternoon. Once installed the units require very little maintenance. All that is required is that you remember to lubricate the device every 4 to 6 months. The sealed drive train does not require any added oil and does not leak.

To improve safety stair lifts by AmeriGlide have several built in safety features. One feature that can be found on all of their stair lifts is a special sensor on the foot rest, which stops the device from moving if it detects anything in its path. The seats also swivel, which makes it much safer to get on and off of the device. These features coupled with the fact that only the finest materials have been used, results in perhaps the safest way of traversing the stairs.

Stair lifts have been used for well over 80 years to allow people to safely traverse the stairs. Currently the models available are some of the safest and most reliable stair lifts that have ever been designed. Some are built to support well over 500 pounds, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are also very affordable and when you consider the cost of a fall down the stairs, there is no need to not to invest in one When you invest in a stair lift you are investing in safety.

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