Saturday, 27 September 2008

Stairlifts - Mobility Solutions That Have Revolutionized Lives

Stairlifts are the revolutionary accessibility products of the late 20th century designed for the aged and the disabled. These products were developed to address the need for an affordable equipment which could provide easy transportation from one floor to another within a building. The stairlift, since its arrival, has evolved through a lot of major and minor functional enhancements and the products available today are the best with more user friendly features, and also guaranteeing a smooth and comfortable ride for a long time.

The advantages of stairlifts over conventional elevators are that stair lifts are easier to install and maintain, and require only lesser modifications to your home or workplace. The installation is simple with only a rail required to be fitted on your stairs or stair wall, and the lift runs through this rail with a comfortable seat provided for the user. For easier operation, controls are mounted on the chair itself. Stairlifts are now available for both curved and straight types of staircases.

With advancements in technology, stair chair lift manufacturers are providing many models for both residential and commercial purposes. Commercial stairway lifts are more advanced and are intended for daily commercial use in hospitals, medical care centers, and offices, and are the best for those who are not able to afford elevators which are more expensive. These commercial stairway lifts are designed to withstand rough usage and can ultimately add to the value of the services provided by your firm.

Regarding the mode of operations, stairlifts are available as battery operated units and direct AC powered units. Battery operated stair chair lifts come with rechargeable batteries and are the ideal products for those who want to use the lift even during power outages, and are best suited for commercial establishments.

Some of the leading stair lift manufacturers include Bruno, Savaria Concord and ThyssenKrupp Access which have many authorized dealers and service centers throughout the US. Almost all major manufacturers have stair chair lifts for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Outdoor stair lifts are designed for all types of outdoor uses and are built with high quality materials which are capable of withstanding constant changes in temperatures and weather conditions.

Stairway lift models come with all safety features and have a minimum one-year manufacturer warranty for covering all maintenance and performance related issues. From the valuable services that these affordable stair chair lifts are giving to the disabled and the aged, we can see that stair lifts are the ideal mobility solutions that have revolutionized the lives of the common people.

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