Thursday, 25 September 2008

Wheelchair Stair Lifts For Easier Disabled Access

Wheelchair stair lifts are mainly designed to provide safe and reliable accessibility solutions for physically disabled and aged people who find it difficult to climb stairs. Wheel chair stair lifts are conceptualized for easier disabled access. They are also helpful for people with back problems to move easily to standing position. They are highly cost-effective and are available in a variety of sizes and designs.

Different models of wheelchair stair lifts are available in the market, each having unique features. With the help of vertical lifts you can overcome physical barriers in both commercial and non commercial settings. Depending on your requirement you can choose your desired color as well. Wheelchair stair lifts can be used in multi-storey buildings for emergency evacuation. You can install these stair chair lifts along the side of the stairway and there are models catering to both straight and curved staircases. They can also be customized to solve any particular challenge that you face in your home or office. This easy to use device is equipped with a number of safety features for immediate use. One of the main features is the highly sensitive sensor, which helps to prevent damages caused by obstacles in the lift's path.

Basic features:

• Emergency stop button and alarm
• Optional remote controls
• 3 non-skid platform sizes: 36"x 48", 36"x56", 36"x60"
• 3 Drive systems: A/C powered belt driven ballscrew, Battery powered belt driven ballscrew, Battery powered hydraulic
• Key lock to prevent unauthorized access
• Wheelchair stair lifts have the capacity to carry 750lbs (340 kg)

Vertical platform lifts also offer many entry/exit configurations. The door will not open until it has reached the appropriate landing. They are flexible and can be easily installed inside or outside your home or office. These stair chair lifts are designed to carry your manual wheelchair, power wheelchair, or mobility scooter.

Most manufacturers provide free maintenance services. They are staffed with well experienced and trained designers and technicians, who provide installation and maintenance services at affordable cost. They offer professional and committed services for a wide range of clients including builders, architects, developers and home owners. Before purchasing a wheelchair stair lift, you should make sure that the lift fulfills ADA requirements and is one that suits your budget and requirements.

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