Sunday, 21 September 2008

How To Measure A Straight Stair Lift

Installing a straight stair lift is easy and most people with a small amount of DIY experience can install one in only a few hours. However, many people are unsure about purchasing a straight stair lift because they don't know how to accurately measure their stairs so that they can feel confident when ordering one. However, measuring is not that difficult and can be done in about 5 minutes.

You can save a great deal of money is you buy and install a straight chair lift yourself. Even if you have the dealer install it for you, you can still sometimes save money if you give them the measurements beforehand; some agents make a charge for a pre-sales, on-site inspection.

Taking measurements is quite straight forward; there's not that much to it. The measurements are few and very easy to take. These machine are specifically designed to tolerate slight differences, meaning that things like carpet runners will not make a difference, so don't worry. Just follow the measurement instructions step by step and you'll be fine. You'll need a pen, paper and a measuring tape that can extends to the full run of your stairs.

Stand at the bottom of the stairs, look up, and decide which side of the stairs the lift will be mounted on. Most staircases run along a wall and most people prefer that the track also run on that side of the stairs: the track is actually fixed to the stair tread and never the wall. Small obstructions like handrails shouldn't be a problem as stair lifts are designed to clear these obstacles. This is the first and most important measurement.

For the next measurement, stand at the top of the stairs, and extend the measuring tape so that it lies on each of the stair treads - it should run parallel to the skirting board. You may find this easier to do if someone lends a hand. Take note of the measurement when the measuring tape touches the floor at the bottom of the stairs.

The next step is to measure from the edge of the top step to the edge of the first step - the tread. The next step is also simple enough. You just need to measure the width of the staircase. If there is a wall or door at the bottom of the stairs, measure the distance form the bottom step to the wall or door. This will tell the stair lift company how much clearance is needed.

The above measurements are the basic requirements that a stair lift company will need to supply you with the correct straight stair lift. Certain brands and models of may require more specific measurements to get a sense of space. If this is the case, the stair lift company will have instructions for any additional measurements needed. The company will usually supply you with graphs or easy to follow instructions, making measuring for your new straight stair lift an easy and simple process.

If you have any doubts you can request a survey from a reputable stair lift company. You can find these companies on the web and many will make no charge for an onsite survey regardless of whether you buy a straight stair lift or not.

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