Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Wheelchair Stair Lifts - Features of Portable Wheelchair Lifts

When it comes to better and easier access for the disabled-wheelchair stair lifts are the best ways to get around. Aside from the reliable accessibility solutions it provides to physically handicapped or aged people, it also guarantees safeness while using any staircase it is installed onto.

Wheelchair stair lifts are designed for easier disabled access to going up and down stairs. People who are handicap or just have back problems find these devices extremely helpful. Additionally, it is easier for these people to move easily into and out of a standing position.

One size doesn't fit all, though. These wheelchair lifts are available in various designs and sizes where each typically has its own unique features or selling points.

With these aids, the physical and environmental barriers are never a problem where they used to be huge obstacles. With their assistance, any person with a disability can cope easily with either non-commercial or commercial settings.

For emergency situations in a home or building, wheelchair stair lifts can still be used in any multi-story building, since they can be installed easily along the sides of almost any stairway.

They are always available in curved and straight staircases-and a variety of others as well. They can be customized as well to match any particular situation or environment within the house or office.

They are not just easy-to-use pieces of equipment but they are also equipped with numerous safety features that are always available for the user to take advantage of. One of the best features is highly sensitive sensors that function to help prevent the damages caused during the lift's path.

Among some of the basic features of wheelchair stair lifts include the capacity to carry 750 pounds or 340 kilograms of weight, key locks for prevention of any unauthorized access, three drive systems of battery powered hydraulics, battery powered belt driven ball screw and the A/C powered belt driven ball screw.

They also have three non-skid platform sizes of 36"x60", 36"x56" and 36"x48". Optional remote controls and emergency stop button and alarm are also part of the basic features of wheelchair stair lifts.

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