Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Stannah Stair Lifts - The Most Stylish On The Market

Stannah stair lifts are the world's most popular with over a quarter of million homes having one. The functionality and safety features are what have made the Stannah the most popular of home stair lifts. But they are also the most stylish.

Stannah is a UK stair lift manufacturer that now exports to over 40 countries. The company has a wide network of dealers who will advise, sell and carry out installation. The price of a chair lift is high and Stannah tend to be more expensive than most, so how can the company justify the price? But when looking at stair lifts you shouldn't just look at price; sure, other makes are cheaper buy you won't be getting everything you would if you bought a Stannah. They come with far more features than most, helping to give the customer a more comfortable and safer ride. The company also makes stylish machines so let's review them in terms of its style.

Stair lifts have been on the market for quite some time and they serve their purpose. However, many people who want one are also looking for something that is aesthetically pleasing and will complement rather than down-grade the look of a staircase. The ' baby boomer' generation is more design-conscious than their parents were and want to buy products that not only work well but look contemporary and stylish.

Most companies were oblivious to this but Stannah realized the need for change. The company worked with the internationally renowned design consultancy, SeymourPowell, on a new line of machines. The result was the introduction of the Stannah Solus and Stannah Sofia stair lift. These new models have the look of other household products instead of the industrial machine look of most other brands.

The two new stair lifts from Stannah are available in both straight and curved configurations. The two models were designed to appeal to two different tastes.

The Solus stair lift from Stannah is modern, stylish with a more minimalist look. The seat is shorter and more discreet with a cut-out to give a greater feeling of light and space. Its look is urban modernity with its chic leather upholstery that comes in a neutral color range including cocoa, oyster and slate. For those who don't like leather there is a soft woven fabric option in fawn and flame.

The Sofia stair lift from Stannah has a more classic look. The seat is comfortable and supportive and is generously upholstered with a soft fabric seat. New colors have been introduced to appeal to a wider audience while still being attractive to consumers with more traditional tastes. Colors include soft woven, woolen fabric in flame, conifer, melon and fawn or modern new vinyl in sand or lavender.

The company also reviewed the track. The new Stannah stair lift still uses a rack and pinion system to pull the chair (the industry norm) but it employs a unique double rail. This double rail track really complements the modern look of the Solus. By the way, not only does this innovative rail look stunning, it actually takes up less space; its mounted around 5" off the wall as compared to 7-8" of the Bruno curved stair lift.

Since their launch, the Solus from Stannah has received the Gold Trophy of Design at the Batimat Exhibition in Paris - this is a prestigious construction industry exhibition. Stannah appreciates that it makes products that help those with mobility problems but it hasn't forgotten that its customers also appreciate style and elegance like everyone else.

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