Wednesday, 24 December 2008

How Hard Is It To Build Straight Stairs

Thinking of doing it yourself. wondering if you can do it. The Contractor down the street made it look easy. But how am I going to build a set of stairs for my house. It starts with a little information, maybe a book, I know I will surf the net and get the info. Why bother with spending the time looking on the internet for a article or book on how to build stairs. I have done it and that's why I wrote a book and their are more books coming on how to build stairs.

My goal is to write a book on every way of building stairs. I am going to make the stair building books easy to follow with lots of simple illustrations. I understand that getting one book on stair building that explains how to build 500 different types of stairs with 3000 illustrations might not apply to you. These books are nice for a building professional or a master carpenter but are difficult to understand.

I have made these books easy to follow with the use of illustrations that only apply to the set of stairs you will be building. The book "How to Build a Strait Set of Stairs" is a complete stair building guide for a strait set of stairs with a 2 x 4 handrail. In this book you will have access to formulas for decimal conversions to fractions. Then you will be able to locate the exact mark for certain measurements. It isn't hard to build a straight set of stairs with this book and the website links provided for you.

If you feel comfortable with a hammer, tape measure and a circular saw. You will be amazed with the results. I have been helping people build stairs for almost 30 years with this easy to follow stair building system. I have trained other carpenters to build stairs with most of them telling me the same thing. How easy it was to build but they thought you had to be a master carpenter in order to build a set of stairs. The main reason for this way of thinking was that when it was time to build the stairs on the job guess who would build the stairs. The Master Carpenter of course.

You can do it with a little help from a friend. Get some help from the best home improvement contractor in California.

Greg Vanden Berge is working on the internet to promote the education for creating simple to follow guides and home building books to help professional building contractors as well as the weekend warriors. He is currently working on more building stairs books and adding useful content to help solve problems created by the lack of construction knowledge in the building industry.

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