Friday, 26 December 2008

Excel Stairlifts - Move Effortlessly Upstairs and Down

Mobility challenges can occur at any stage of your life, due to various factors such as old age, severe impact of diseases like arthritis, or accidents. Mobility problems can seriously affect the day to day activities of individuals. In such situations, climbing stairs can be a real problem. Excel stairlifts are efficient equipments which are designed for helping physically challenged people move effortlessly upstairs and down stairways in their homes. The advantage of using stair lifts is that they decrease the chances of weakening of ankles, knees and hip joints which may occur as a result of climbing stairs.

One of the important features of the Excel stairlift is its solid design with folding facility towards the wall, which is a real advantage because a lot of space can be saved when the lift is not in use. The stair lift can be loaded up to 300 pounds and is operated on home power system. When considering the controls, the stair lift is designed with wireless remote control buttons and an optional joystick to suit the requirements of those persons who are experiencing hand mobility problems. Taking into account the safety of the users, the Excel stairlift is provided with seat belts and swivel cut off switch. It also has automatic obstruction sensors, which stops the lift when it encounters an obstruction on its path. This helps to avoid any harm to the user, the lift as well as the object. The Excel stairlift is featured with covered gear rack and power cable which ensures the user a smooth and quiet ride.

As far as the price factor is considered, Excel stairlifts are available at affordable prices and are also less expensive than residential elevators. In addition, stairlifts are available in different models so as to suit any specification of stairways.

Installation of a perfect stairlift is a practical and reasonable solution when it comes to helping people with mobility issues stay active. With Excel stair lifts, move effortlessly upstairs and down the stairs in your home and enjoy life in all its essence, ignoring your physical disabilities.

At DAY, we focus on eliminating several accessibility challenges you face at home and in your business premises, with the help of premium products such as platform lifts, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts and so on. Excel stair lift is one of the best stair lifts available in the market.

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