Monday, 1 December 2008

Preparing For a Stair Lift

Many people in the United States of America and across the world use stair lifts because of the many benefits they offer. Falling down the stairs is a very common type of accident and many times will result in a serious injury. The risk of a fall is not something that you need live with and by installing a stair lift, you can easily reduce this risk.

Stair lifts are a type of lifting aid that is often found in the home and also in commercial settings. Generally these lifts are installed easily onto most straight stairways, but people with curved stairways might not be so lucky. Usually a curved stair lift requires professional installation and is incredibly expensive.

People that have straight stairways will be able to easily install a lift and most times the homeowner is actually able to do the installation on their own. Teams of professional installers are available though, so if you are not comfortable doing the installation on your own, you can inexpensively have a straight staircase lift installed.

Before ordering or installing a stairway lift, it is important to get an accurate measurement of the stairs. Again as with the installation process, there are professional stairway measurement teams available, but it is something that most people do on their own.

You will need to measure the total length of the stairway and will also need to take the measurement of an individual step. The dealer will use the measurement of the step to compare and check your other measurements. It is best to have a helper during the measurement stage, because it is very important to make certain that the measuring tape does not sag. Usually the dealer can walk you through these measurements, but you can also download this printable measurement guide (pdf), which includes instructions, pictures, and a space to fill in the measurements of the staircase.

After you have a set of accurate measurements, the track of the stairway lift will be cut by the dealer and shipped to your house. Often this takes only a day or two and so from the time you order to the time the lift is installed is usually less than a week. Since they use your measurements to cut the track, obtaining accurate measurements are important and it is a good idea to double check your measurements before submitting them.

To install the lift, the metal track will first be attached to the stairs. Once the track is securely bolted onto the stairs and has been leveled, the car is attached to the track. The car is the part of the lift that does all the work and is sent up and down the track carrying the rider. Most use a chair that is attached to the car and carries a single seated occupant.

A well made stair lift from a reputable dealer will last for many years and most are backed by a five to ten year warranty. Using a stair lift is a surefire way to eradicate the risk of a fall and promote overall safety.

Sean Noughtly is a writer who is very familiar with stair lifts. Using a stair lift is a great way to reduce the risk of injury and accident on the stairs. They differ from wheelchair lifts, but both offer a similar service by allowing people to use the stairs safely and easily.

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