Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Getting Ready For Your Stair Lift

limbing the stairs is something that is difficult for many, or at least it can be if you are over the age of sixty-five or if you are a sufferer of mobility diseases like arthritis. It is very easy to hurt yourself if you fall while on the stairs, so many people choose to hire someone to help them on the stairs, or simply avoid areas that require stair access.

The process and expenses associated with hiring a nurse or caretaker to help on the stairs can be great. Many times people will rely on a loved one to help on the stairs, but this can put a burden on your relatives and can also put you both at an increased risk of falling.

A stair lift is a much better alternative for maintaining safety and security while moving up and down the stairs. A stair lift can be easily and quickly installed to most straight staircases and will instantly and drastically reduce the risk of injury.

Stair lifts are personal lifting devices and owning one ensures that you will always be able to easily climb the stairs safely and without having to rely on a friend, relative, or paid nurse to help on the stairs. They usually use a chair to carry the user up and down the stairs, but some people are not able to sit without pain, so for these people a small platform is used in place of the chair. The platform stair lift, or perch lift as it is usually called, works well for some people, but because it requires you to remain standing as you move up the stairs, a perch lift is not as safe as a stair lift that uses a chair.

To install a stair lift, you must first obtain the proper measurements of the stairs. The total length of the staircase is one of the major measurements, but you will also need to measure the height, width, and depth of an individual step. You, or the dealer, can actually use the measurement of the individual step to help double check the total length of the stairs. You will also need the overall width of the staircase and the distance the top and bottom step are from the closest wall. Stair measuring services are available, but if you have a straight stair lift, the dealer should be able to walk you through the steps on the phone.

The measurements will then be used by the dealer to ensure that the stair lift is appropriate for your stairs and the track will be cut to fit your stairs. The track refers to a metal rail system that is secured directly to the stairs. A car is then sent up and down the track carrying the user of the stair lift. The car consists of the electric motor, the chair or perch, and in the case of a battery powered lift, the battery pack will also be in the car.

A stair lift is one of the best ways to stay safe and still retain independent use of the stairs.

Sean Noughtly is a writer who is very familiar with Stair Lifts and many other types of mobility lifting aids. To learn more about stair lifts or other types of home mobility equipment, visit AmeriGlide.