Thursday, 14 August 2008

Some Help Choosing The Perfect Stair Lift

Stair lifts serve the purpose of moving individuals up and down the stairs with ease and comfort. They are utilized by people who are in a wheel chair or have bad knees and other medical concerns that make climbing stairs a big dilemma. Stair lifts are ideal for older people and women in their pregnancy stage as well. They can be found in different locations such as shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, or other establishments that have several floors.

Wheel chair lifts are the most prominent found in public places. Depending on the make of the lift being used by the establishment, there are various ways that these lifts work. The most popular kind of wheel chair lift is one that has a chair on the lift. This is one of the most difficult lift to use because it demands that the individual be mobile enough to transfer from the wheel chair to the chair on the device. Here, another person should assist the handicapped in transferring to the top of the chair or back which will depend on their need. Likewise, another person will have to carry the wheelchair in moving to different levels of the stair in order that they can return to the wheelchair.

In addition, home stair lifts can provide ease to a person who has become tied to a wheel chair but prefers to stay at home. They are easy to set up and can be attached to a wall socket just like a lamp. Unfortunately, not many homes do not have back power supply so in case of a power failure, this kind of lift becomes useless. Most of these products are warrantied and can be utilized by individuals weighing three hundred pounds.

Another variety of lift provides convenience in pushing the wheelchair to the lift platform. It comes with a safety gate which will close behind them. Once they have reached their destination, the front end of the lift will open, letting them roll the wheelchair out of the stair lift. This kind of stair lift requires no assistance from another individual.

For people who have mobility problems, stair lifts come as a welcome relief. By doing so, this will allow them to live a normal life.

Second hand home stair lifts can be acquired for a percentage of the amount from a home owner who does not require it anymore. The setback of this kind of lift is that they are not yet installed and does not have a warranty. That is why most stair lift manufacturers are beginning to offer refurbished second hand stair lifts at a reduced price. Buying this kind of lift from a manufacturer provides short term warranty and installation support.

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