Sunday, 17 August 2008

The Contemporary Wrought Iron Stair Rails

Wrought iron stair rails have proved the time wrong. Times have gone and come, but wrought iron stair rails have always found a place for themselves. These rails always stayed and will continue to stay for generations to come. In addition to being useful, these give you a feel of conventional approach to your house.

Some people tend to hold on to something while climing up and down from stairs. The rails used in stairs provide support. If the rails are bulky and occupy a lot of space in the stairs, it leaves less space for climbers. Wrought iron stair rails are not only provide excellent hold, these do not take too much space and are not too big.

Sometimes people are puzzled whether to buy wrought iron stair rails or not because these cost little more than wooden stair rails, but one must bear in mind that wrought iron stair rails would need less maintenance and they are more lustrous.

The other designs e.g. vinyl railings, available in stair rails provide very little options, in terms of styles and designs. Maintenance of these railings is a cumbersome process. Wrought iron railings definitely stand superior to any other material because of its durability, selection and maintenance-free characteristic.

We had to decide between iron and wood. What made me puzzled was that d├ęcor of my porch and landscape had been made in wood. I was more keen to go in for wood because it would be in compliance with the outside of our house.

Our wooden features had been done in white and it was just best for the cottage-style house. I wanted to keep consistent with the wooden accents on the butter yellow home. Wrought iron stair rails seemed misfit with the yellow and white colors on the house and painting the beautiful iron did not really appeal me at all.

Being puzzled, I left the decision to my husband. He opted for wrought iron stair rails. The contrast of black wrought details with white and yellow house looked great. We had fitted stain glass in the doors and a combination of black wrought iron stair rails and black glass was just great.

I have learnt a quite a bit gtom this experience. I recognize the fact that imagination is the key to your confusion and the more imaginative you are, the more good results you will see.

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