Saturday, 16 August 2008

Find The Right Front Porch Stair Railings For You

When it comes to having railings installed within the home, the front porch is one of the most common place to have them.

Front porch railings come in all different colors, shapes and sizes and they really do help to create a more ‘homely’ feel to the house and garden. They provide a nice welcome to guests and can give you a sense of price in your home. So, just how do you choose the right ones to suit you and your home?

The Best Materials for Front Porch Railings

Railings can be created from a whole range of different materials and each creates its own unique look. Usually when it comes to porch railings either PVC or Vinyl railings work better. The reasons behind this include the fact that neither are slippery both when wet and when they are dry, and they both do not splinter.

Vinyl is definitely one of the best materials you can use if you want to use wood as it does not splinter compared to other varieties. It also does not require much maintenance and you will only have to add a coat of lacquer once every three years or so. There are a number of different colors to choose from also which gives you a good choice when it comes to purchasing the design for you.

If you would prefer to use PVC you will find that it offers UV protection and it is waterproof which means you will not have to spend time or money weatherproofing it.

Some people do use iron for their porch railings but generally it is always better to go with either vinyl or PVC.

What to Think About When Choosing the Right Design

Once you have selected which material you would like to use, it is then important to decide upon a design. You can have your porch railings as high or as low as you would like them, but when it comes to the design you should always follow with a theme that matches the home and garden. For example, if the home has a modern feel to it choose a design which is modern not contemporary. Same goes for if the home has a contemporary feel, choose something a little more elegant.

Overall front porch railings should give a welcoming feel and they should match with the style of the house. It is essential to plan everything from the measurements right down to the design, that way you will end up with railings that best suit your style.

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