Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Where to Buy a Used Stair Lift

When you purchase a product used you often have little recourse if it does not work. This is true of many products like used cars and used power tools, which seldom come with an extended warranty. This means that if anything happens to the product than you must pay for the repairs on your own. When you are considering purchasing a piece of home medical equipment used you have the health and wellbeing of yourself or a person you love to think of as well. Buying used items can be a gamble, but when you buy a used stair lift it doesn't have to be a gamble at all.

A stair lift is a device that moves a chair or small platform along a set of tracks that is attached to the stairs. Stair lifts, or stair chairs as they are often called, can be a very big help to people who have difficulty traversing the stairs in their home. When purchased new stair lifts are incredibly reliable and will provides many years of relatively maintenance free service. There is a large potential for abuse and misuse with these kinds of devices so you want to be incredibly careful when you buy one used, but when you buy one from a reputable dealer you can save money without worrying about the condition of your stair lift.

If you decide you wish to purchase a used stair lift, then there are several things you should look for. It is possible to save a good deal of money this way, but you can't just buy them from anyone. First ensure that you are purchasing the stair lift from a reputable dealer. If you make the mistake of buying a used stair lift from an individual you have absolutely no assurance that the device was used, maintained, and assembled properly. With a device that carries the great responsibility that a stair lift does, several times a day up and down the stairs, then you do not want to take any chances. A reputable dealer that carries used stair lifts will thoroughly inspect, refurbish, and then test all products before they ever leave their door. In addition to a warranty of at least 6 months, you are guaranteed that your stair lift will be in the same condition as if it was brand new. This guarantee of course only applies to used stair lifts bought from reputable dealers.

When you purchase a used stair lift from a reputable dealer, you are getting a completely refurbished unit that is like a new model. The other great advantage of buying a used stair lift from a reputable dealer is that the dealer will custom fit your stair case with a set of rails. This will save you money and ensure that your stair lift will be a safe addition to your home. When you purchase a used stair lift from an individual there is a good chance you will need to order or cut your own track. This is because everyone's stair case is a little different, so it is very unlikely that you will find someone who had a stair case that has the same dimensions as yours.

A stair lift is a big investment that has a lot riding on it. Rather than take a chance by buying a used stair lift from a private individual, you should seek a quality distributor of used stair lifts. By finding a reputable dealer you will ensure that your used stair lift is as new as if it had just left the factory.

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