Sunday, 31 August 2008

A Review Of The National Wheel-O-Vator and Stannah Wheelchair Stair Lift

Very few companies make genuine wheelchair stair lifts; Wheel-O-Vator and Stannah are two that make excellent stair lifts for wheelchairs. Both are have very similar features with some minor differences.

Just about all stair lifts comprise a mechanized chair that travel along a track that is mounted on to the stairs. These handicap stair lifts have improved the lives of many people who are handicapped or who have difficult walking up and down stairs. However, these stair lifts require that the person using them has the ability to lift themselves on and off the chair unaided. Unfortunately, for those who are wheelchair bound this is not usually possible and so chair stair lifts don't provide the solution to home mobility.

Wheelchair stair lifts can provide access to all floors but there are a number of issues and most domestic homes are unsuitable for these lifts. Most domestic stairways are too narrow to accommodate the platform and secondly, the track must be fitted on to a load bearing wall. But if the house is suitable then two companies provide inclined wheelchair stair lifts.

Features of the Pegasus inclined wheelchair stair lift from Wheel-O-Vator.

1. The bi-directional safety ramp sensors not only provide protection for the user of the Pegasus Handicap stair lifts, but also for other people on the stairway.

2. Each platform is custom measured and built for the exact requirement of the user.

3. The platforms folds up to clear the stairway using only a space of 12 1/2" from the wall.

4. The platform can turn inwards and outwards to fit all stairways shapes.

5. Access to the platform is from either the front or side.

6. The side access ramps on the platform lift up to secure the wheelchair.

7. The safety barrier arms and access ramps are mechanically locked and electrically monitored during travel.

Features of the Stairiser CR wheelchair stair lift from Stannah

1. The stair lift is fully automatic, with electrically controlled folding platform and barrier arms that lock into position when in use.

2. The platform will stop immediately when any obstruction is encountered.

3. Access to the platform is from either the front or side.

4. The side access ramps on the platform lift up to secure the wheelchair.

5. The platform folds away against a smooth rail when not in use, leaving ample room to allow others to use the stairway.

6. Fold down seats are available as an option.

7. The Stairiser CR can be used internally and externally.

8. The platform can turn both inwards and outwards.

9. There is a choice of 4 platform sizes.

10. The platform can carry a maximum weight of 225kg

Both the Wheel-O-Vator and Stannah wheelchair stair lifts require an onsite inspection. Installation can be quite quick depending on the stairway; a wheelchair stair lift can be fitted in 3-4 days on a straight stairway.

The features offered by both companies are more or less the same. Choosing which wheelchair stair lift to buy will ultimately come down to price and 'extras' that your local dealer offers you. Whether you eventually choose the -O-Vator and Stannah wheelchair stair lift you can rest assured you'll be buying an excellent product.