Saturday, 23 May 2009

Considerations for Purchasing and Installing a Stair Lift

A stair lift consists of a seat which is mounted to a track and allows people to be moved up and down the stairs while remaining in a seated position. There are armrests and a footrest too coming with the seat. This setup proves to be a convenient alternative way of ascending and descending the stairs and does away with the need for physically walking up or down the stairs. However, the process of procuring and installing this setup of immense importance needs to be carried out with utmost care and alertness for ascertaining that the considerations of critical significance in the setup are duly made.

The stair lifts for carrying weak or disabled persons/persons with limited mobility (owing to some hindering circumstance) up and down the stairs should ideally have various features. Firstly, the stairs concerned in the home must be in a sound condition. The rail should be mounted to the stair treads and not to the wall. In case of narrow stairs i.e. those less than 37 choosing of the appropriate track distance from the wall will be of crucial importance alongside considering the height and leg length of the user of the stair lift residing in the home. Though both steel and aluminum rails are commonly used the aluminum rails are being perceived to be a better alternative especially because usage of aluminum renders the tracks easier to be re-configured for a different staircase.

Special consideration needs to be made with regard to the height of the user. This is to be made while deciding upon the seat height at bottom of stairs giving special emphasis on whether the person to use it is short. Also it is advisable to keep a suitably low height if it is difficult to transfer the person concerned to the seat of the stair lift. Depth of the seat is to be chosen with respect to the height of the person concerned too. In case of tall users a deeper seat is preferable.

It is advisable to confirm meeting of local governmental requirements and norms about the electrical plug of the stair lift setup. The stair lift track must importantly come throughout the way by the stairs to both the top landing and the bottom landing. This is important for ensuring a safe transfer of the user to the seat. Lastly, of crucial importance is the provision for having adequate lighting facilities installed at the top and bottom of the stairs.

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