Thursday, 28 May 2009

Home Stair Lifts – Advantages of Home Stair Lift Systems

When it comes to finding a perfect solution to home accessibility, home stair lifts are the best. They not only bring convenience when moving up and down stairs but also give the safeness and effortless function to the user.

Home stair lifts are tools that add value to the lifestyle of its users. Since most of the physically disabled and elderly people find it hard to participate in some occasions and public events, with these stair lifts, there’s nothing you cannot do.

Innovative products and modern technology comprise the stair lift in the market today. So it is really a blessing to its users.

Basically, the main function is to lift physically disabled or elderly people from a lower plane going to the next higher plane and vice-versa, this is primarily used in homes with staircases. The modern home stair lift available in the market today now have various functions of unfolding, folding, raising, and lowering through the aid of a switch—adding tons of functionality to current models.

There are two models preferable for home stair lifts and these are the DC and the AC models. The DC models are more expensive than the AC models but come with battery back-up when purchased. Although AC models are considerably less expensive they do not usually function well in cases of power failures. There are additional models that are designed for wall mounting as well.

They can also easily be installed both outside and inside of the house. With straight stairways, the stair lifts are easier to install than that of the curved stairways—as you might imagine.

Despite the many various models available, they can be customized as well accordingly to the preferences of the users and needs of the situation.

With the proper installation, the risks of accidents such as falling and slipping down will be prevented tremendously. Also, with the many features that home stair lifts have to offer such as sensors, seat belts, footrests and armrests, the safety and comfort will always be valued.

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