Sunday, 10 May 2009

Rustic Stairs – Enhancing The Insides Of Your Home

If you are planning to renovate the stairs of your home, rustic stairs could be the right option to go for. Their rough and rugged exterior can render your monotonous interiors with the much needed dynamic facelift. No wonder, with style-conscious homeowners worldwide, rustic stairs are fast becoming the most popular choice.

Rustic staircases – an ‘addition’ to the long admired list of rustic furniture

The wide range of rustic furniture has enjoyed a long list of fan following amongst homeowners worldwide. Rustic staircases come as a perfect add-on to a house occupied by rustic wooden and metallic furniture. For a home with furniture embellishing the rugged and classic beauty of rustic moveable/immovable articles, the elegance and the natural look of a rustic stair railing adds up to accentuate the beauty of the insides.

Rustic staircases – plenty to choose from

There is a huge range of rustic stairs designs from where you can choose the one of your choice. Rustic stairs are made from various kinds of woods. The intricate designs are normally supported by molded iron (or wrought iron) railings. The woody construction allows different shape conformation and helps a staircase to fit to the shape of a house.

Presence of several online retailers and furniture houses adds to the comfort of having a fitting set of rustic stairs installed in your house. Now, all you have to do is to make some search on the Internet and locate a retailer who specializes in selling rustic furniture. Choose the model of your choice and place your order.

Thankfully almost all of these online sellers allow custom designed stair threads, rustic balusters, rustic railings with hand hewed finish and rectangular stocks to be ordered for. Evidently, there are various stair items (and accessories) available for you to have a go at.

Rustic staircases – the construction

Rustic stairs are made from a wide variety of woods including pine, cedar, cherry, hickory, oak, maple, walnut, ash and many other wood species. If you want your staircase or the railings to be strong, zero in on the rustic stair items that are made from pine wood.

Pine is highly durable and is believed to be resistant to damages caused by water and insect infestations. Evidently, stairs made from pinewood are found to last longer than those made of other wood types.

Is ‘maintenance’ the topic that troubles you? Easy! You can clean most of rustic stairs (as other rustic furniture as well) by simply using some water and a little soap. A little regular waxing can help them retain their glow for more times to come.

So, if you are thinking to let your home get the look of the past with a touch of the modern zing, installing rustic stairs in your home can be just the right option. They are comparatively cost-effective and ready to last for long!

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