Monday, 4 May 2009

Straight Stair Lifts for Your Individual Needs and Budget

Straight stair lifts with different features for your individual needs and budget are now introduced in the market by world class lift manufacturers such as Bruno, ThyssenKrupp Access, and Savaria Concord. Many of the houses and commercial buildings have straight stairways. Straight stair lifts have straight rails, and these are easy to fix and more economical than curved chair lifts. Curved chair lifts often need careful measurement, designing and manufacturing.

Straight stairway lifts for indoor and outdoor use are available. Electrically operated straight stair lifts are the commonly used variety. Many of these lifts feature battery powered operation to function even during power failure. Battery powered operation avoids additional installation of electrical outlets. The seat, arms and footrest of some lifts can be flipped to provide enough space for others to use the stairway.

Some stair lifts can be fitted on both sides of the stairways. In some stairway lifts, the rails are elegantly covered and this keeps the rail free from dust and also gives an attractive look. Start/stop feature in some lifts offers smooth riding. The rail of some lifts can be flipped up. This feature can be used as a safety measure when there is any obstruction in the path of the stairway lift. Many straight stair chair lifts have wireless control options that ensure simple and comfortable operation. Apart from ordinary and practical straight stair chair lifts, there are luxurious stairway lifts that have superior aesthetics with different selections of upholstery. Straight chair lifts are provided with all the necessary safety devices to guarantee full security to the user. Therefore you can use this equipment with a feeling of confidence and security.

Outdoor straight stair chair lifts which are meant for outdoor use are well designed for better durability. Outdoor straight stair lifts of branded companies have special features such as:

• Unique design for outdoor use
• Weather-resistant cover to protect the lift from adverse weather conditions when the lift is idle
• Can be operated at extreme temperatures
• Electrical enclosure for protection from spraying water
• Powder-coated paint finish for durability

Many of the branded lift manufacturers have nationwide dealers, which makes it easy for you to purchase straight stair chair lifts catering to your individual needs and budget. These dealers also provide quality installation and maintenance services. Visit your nearby dealer and get a dream stair lift within your budget.

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