Friday, 15 May 2009

Outdoor Straight Stair Lifts

Outdoor straight stair lifts are ideal products for business firms, tourism facilities, hotels, hospitals and other establishments where service to the common public is given utmost importance. These are used on straight or vertical stairways. These straight chair lifts are less costly compared to expensive elevators and are designed to operate in a wide variety of outdoor settings. Outdoor straight stair lifts, as the name suggests, are intended for outdoor access to higher levels in your home or workplace. These are meant especially for disabled and aged individuals.

Outdoor straight stair chair lifts are highly flexible in their operations and the easy to use controls can be operated by anyone regardless of their age, size or physical disability. The installation processes of these lifts are also much simpler, as no costly maintenance or modification of your existing premises is required. The main installation component in the outdoor straight stair lift is a rail which can be easily fixed on the stairs

Outdoor stair lifts are available in both battery powered and direct A/C models. Battery operated models come with rechargeable batteries which can be directly charged from the mains supply and are best suited in places where frequent power outages are likely to occur. Other features commonly found in outdoor straight stair lifts include:

• Swivel seats
• Wireless call/send controls
• On-board diagnosis tools for making service easier and more precise

All outdoor units are built with highly durable materials which are capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. Most models have weather-resistant cover systems intended to protect them from the elements of nature, when not in use. One of the best selling outdoor straight stair lifts is the Bruno Electra-Ride Elite model which is tested to operate at temperatures ranging from 25ºF to 125ºF.

Outdoor stair chair lifts are provided with standard security features for trouble free operation and have company warranties which cover all potential problems associated with their operation and maintenance. With the increasing demand for stair lifts, most companies offering outdoor straight stairway lifts are introducing a number of innovative models suited to the budget requirements of clients. These straight lifts can add value to the services of your firm and help earn a good reputation for your firm.

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