Monday, 25 May 2009

Handicap Stair Lifts – Advantages of Handicap Stair Lift System

Handicap stair lifts are often being used by people who are physically handicapped. These are helpful tools that help physically handicapped people to move around or from one place to another within the vicinity of their house or living area.

They can be used both for outdoor and indoor purposes. For outdoor purposes, handicap stair lifts are provided with better weather proofing to make them more durable. It is a great tool for physically handicapped people. It helps them with stressful activities that they are not capable of performing, like climbing to the steps of the stairs or carrying their own body weight up the steps.

In many cases these handicap individuals have to seek the help of other people to help them climb the stairs or carrying their things.

There are different kinds of stair lifts available in the market that can be purchased to make life a bit easier. There are those that are made for curved and straight stairways. Even for more complex stairways there are available models available for any type of stair case you have in your home. There are also ones that come with infrared remote controls as well as obstruction sensors for maximum safety for users and children.

The chair, or seat, is the main part that is used to carry the physically handicapped person. It is usually called the carriage and comes with foot and arm rests. A rail is also another main component in most handicap stair lifts that is mounted on stairway steps and connected to the carriage as well.

The carriages usually have electrical, manual or curved powered swivels. The swivels are provided with a seat that can rotate from 45 to 90 degrees to make getting in and out more comfortable and much easier.

One disadvantage of such stair lifts is the power failure. Because of this, modern handicap stair lifts are now built with chair lifts that can also be powered with rechargeable batteries aside from direct current.

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